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  • C Forster, “Gender and Federalism” Fifty Shades of Federalism 2018 1-5 -
  • J Sagade and C Forster, "Recognising the Human Rights of Female Sex Workers in India: Moving from Prohibition to Decriminalisation and a Pro-Work Model" (2018) 25(1) Indian Journal of Gender Studies 26-46
  • C Forster Advancing Gender Equality Within a Federal Governance Model in Myanmar UN Women, 2017 1-69.
  • C Forster & V Jivan, "Abortion Law in NSW: Shifting from Criminalisation to the Reporoductive Rights of Women and Girls" (2017) 24 Journal of Law and Medicine 850-863.
  • C Forster, Women's Rights in Constitutions:Global Good Practices in Advancing Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Constitutions (UNDP: New York 2016) 1-42.
  • C Forster, "Health and End of Life Decision-Making" in Elder Law NSW (LexisNexis, 2015).
  • C Forster, "Legislative Protection for Women's Right to Health in Australia" in Protection of Women's Social Rights: International and Domestic Law Perspectives Li Xixia & L Fleiner (eds) (Social Sciences Academic Press; Beijing China 2013) 887-903.
  • V Jivan & C Forster, "Fair Go for Fair Work? Gender, the Right to Request Flexible Work Arrangements and the Paid Parental Leave Scheme" in Sagade, Jivan & Forster (eds)  Feminism in the Subcontinent and Beyond: Challenging Laws, Changing Laws (Eastern Book Company: India, 2014) 309-331.
  • J Sagade, V Jivan & C Forster (eds) Feminism in the Subcontinent and Beyond: Challenging Laws, Changing Laws (Eastern Book Company: India, 2014).
  • C Forster, "Compensating for the Harms of Family Violence: Statutory Barriers in Australian victims of Crime Compensation Schemes" (2014) 22 Journal of Law and Medicine 188-208.
  • C Forster, "Transplanting Gender Equality Laws: Evaluating the Monitoring and Enforcement Mechanisms of Vietnam's Law on Gender Equality" (2013) LAWASIA Journal 61-73.
  • V Jivan & C Forster, Opportunity or Austerity: Gender, Australian Workplace Reform and the Global Financial Crisis" (2013-2014) 5(2) The Journal of Race, Gender and Poverty 26-52.
  • C Forster & V Jivan, "Gender Equality Laws in the Post Socialist States of Central and Eastern Europe. Mainstream Fixture or Fizzer?" (2012) 14(4) European Journal of Law Reform 444-466.
  • C Forster & J Engel, "Reinforcing Historic Distinctions Between Mental and Physical Injury: The Impact of the Civil Liability Reform" (2012) 19(3) Journal of Law and Medicine 593-609.
  • C Forster, "Ending Domestic Violence in Pacific Island Countries: The Critical Role of Law" (2011) 12(2) Asia Pacific Journal of Law and Policy 123.
  • C Forster, Advancing the Implementation of CEDAW in the Cook Islands: Good Practice Approaches to Civil Family Law Bill (Suva: UNDP Pacific Centre, Feb 2011)
  • C Forster, Sexual Offences Law Reform in Pacific Island Countries: Replacing Colonial Norms with International Good Practice Standards" (2010) 33(3) Melbourne University Law Review 833.
  • V Jivan & C Forster, "Reworking Sex: Prostitution in the Pacific and the Challenges of Law Reform" in Prostitution of Women, Men, and Children: A Global Perspective Volume I(Lanham: Lexington Books, 2011)
  • V Jivan & C Forster, "Achieving Real Pacific Solutions: The Challenge(s) of Realising Greater Legislative Compliance With CEDAW in the Pacific" (2009) 10 Melbourne Journal of International Law 1.
  • O Salem & C Forster, "Defensive Medicine in General Practice: Recent Trends and the Impact of the Civil Liability Act 2002" (NSW) (2009) 16(2) Journal of Law and Medicine 28.
  • C Forster & V Jivan, Gender Equality Laws: Global Good Practice and a Review of Five Southeast Asian Countries (Bangkok: UNIFEM, 2009).
  • C Forster & V Jivan, ‘Public Interest Litigation and Human Rights Implementation: The Indian and Australian Experience’ (2008) 3 Asian Journal of Comparative Law pp143-172.
  • V Jivan V & C Forster, ‘Making the Unaccountable Accountable: Using Tort to Achieve Corporate Compliance with Human Rights Norms’ (2007) 15 (3) Torts Law Journal, pp 263-282.
  • V Jivan & C Forster, “Translating CEDAW into Law: CEDAW Legislative Compliance in Nine Pacific Countries” UNDP Pacific and UNIFEM-Pacific, Suva, May 2007 (2nd edition), pp1- 422; (1st edition), pp1- 410.
  •  V Jivan & C Forster, ‘Sentenced to Life: Prisoners' Sperm and the Right to Life’ (2006) 15(3) Human Rights Defender 21.
  • C Forster, “Good Law or Bad Lore? The Efficacy of Criminal Injuries Compensation Schemes for Victims of Sexual Abuse. A New Model of Sexual Assault Provisions” (2006) 32(2) University of Western Australia Law Review 264.
  • C Forster & V Jivan, “Opportunity Lost: In Search of Justice for Victims of Sexual Assault” (2005) 28 University of New South Wales Law Journal pp758- 779.
  • V Jivan & C Forster, ‘What Would Gandhi Say? Reconciling Universalism, Cultural Relativism and Feminism through Women’s Use of CEDAW’ (2005), 9 Singapore Yearbook of International Law pp103-123.
  • C Forster, “Stolen Generations and the Victims Compensation Tribunal: The Writing in of Aboriginality to ‘Write Out’ a Right to Compensatory Redress for Sexual Assault” (2002) 25(1) University of New South Wales Law Journal 185.
  • C Forster, “The Failure of Criminal Injuries Compensation Schemes for Victims of Intra-Familial Abuse: The Example of Queensland” (2002) 10(2) Torts Law Journal 143.
  • C Forster & P Parkinson, “Compensating Child Sexual Assault Victims Within Statutory Schemes: Imagining a More Effective Compensatory Framework” (2000) 23 UNSW Law Journal 172.
  • C Forster, “Old Scheme. Old Stories. A Casenote on Chong v Chong” (1999) 4 (25) Indigenous Law Bulletin 25.



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