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  1. Maurushat, Alana and Vaile, David, The Aftermath of Mandatory Internet Filtering and Section 313 Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth), [2014] 19:3 Arts and Medial Law Review [forthcoming]
  2. Lindsay, David F. and Clarke, Peter and Vaile, David and Greenleaf, Graham and Arnold, Bruce and Waters, Nigel, Serious Invasions of Privacy: Final APF Submission on ALRC Discussion Paper 80 (May 12, 2014). Available at SSRN: or
  3. Vaile, David, Online censorship: is Australia’s ISP-level Internet ‘filter’ wired or tired? (2014) Internet Law Bulletin
  4. Vaile, David, "Piracy" or "the customer is always right"? Challenges for business models in the online content industry (15 May 2014) Paper for Licensing Executives of ANZ (LESANZ) forum, Minter Ellisons, Sydney.
  5. Bennett Moses, Lyria, Vaile, David, Cater, Daniel and Maurushat, Alana, Submission on ALRC's Serious Invasions of Privacy in the Digital Era Discussion Paper 80 (12 May 2014). or
  6. See also Bennett Moses and Vaile, Submission on ALRC's Serious Invasions of Privacy in the Digital Era Issues paper 42, Novermber 2013.
  7. Bennett Moses, Lyria, Vaile, David and Cater, Daniel, Submission to Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee inquiry on the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Amendment (Classification Tools and Other Measures) Bill 2014) (1 May 2014) or
  8. Bennett Moses, Lyria, and Vaile, David, If the web wants rules, who will make them? (14 March 2014) The Conversation.
  9. Vaile D, The Cloud and Data Sovereignty post Snowden [2014] 2:1 Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy (March 2014)
  10. Vaile, David, Data sovereignty and the Cloud – a structured bibliography [2013] 1:1 Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy (November 2013)
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  12. Vaile, David and Kalinich, Kevin P. and Fair, Patrick V. and Lawrence, Adrian, Data Sovereignty and the Cloud: A Board and Executive Officer's Guide (December 16, 2013). UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2013-84. Available at SSRN: or {C}or [2013] UNSWLRS 84,
  13. Vaile, David, Maurushat, Alana, and Bennett Moses, Lyria, Submission on Privacy Amendment (Privacy Alerts) Bill (20 June 2013) Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. {C}
  14. Vaile, David, Social Media and Privacy (13 June 2013) Paper for Privacy Compliance and Reform Forum, Sydney.
  15. Vaile, David, You don’t care about Facebook privacy if it means staying a peeping Tom (18 May 2013) Crikey.
  16. Vaile, David, Bennett Moses, Lyria, Maurushat, Alana, and Au, Jacqueline, Submission to ALRC's Copyright and the Digital Economy review (30 November 2012)
  17. Vaile, David, Re-training a generation of perpetual "naughty teens" about the joys of compliance?, Paper for ATO Cash Economy International Revenue Conference (16 May 2012) Sydney.
  18. Connolly, Chris and Vaile, David, Drowning in Codes of Conduct: An Analysis of Codes of Conduct Applying to Online Activity in Australia (March 1, 2012). UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2013-23, [2013] UNSWLRS 23, and as report from Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre. Available at SSRN:
  19. Vaile, David, Resources on Orphan Works (21 September 2011). Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre/Australian Law Reform Commission workshop working paper.
  20. Vaile, David, Shifting Sands? The Moderate Impact of Australia’s 2006 Copyright Exceptions (December 2, 2010). Access to Knowledge Consumers: REPORTS OF CAMPAIGNS AND RESEARCH 2008-2010, Malcolm J. ed., Consumers International, Kuala Lumpur, 2010 ; UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2010-60. Available at SSRN:
  21. Connolly, Chris and Vaile, David, Communications Privacy Complaints: In Search of the Right Path (November 22, 2010). Australian Communication Consumer Action Network’s Grants Scheme, 2010; UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2010-57. Available at SSRN:
  22. Vaile, David and Watt, Renee, Inspecting the Despicable, Assessing the Unacceptable: Prohibited Packets and the Great Firewall of Canberra (September 22, 2009). Telecommunications Journal of Australia, vol. 59, no. 2 (2009), p. 27.1-27.35. ISSN 1835-4270 or UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2009-35. Available at SSRN:
  23. Vaile D, 'Internet filtering and young people - an annotated bibliography', Telecommunications Journal of Australia, Volume 59, No. 2 (July 2009) p. 28.1-28.42. ISSN 1835-4270
  24. Greenleaf, G. and Vaile, D. "National and Global Dimensions of Public Rights in Copyright" , (2009) 6:2 SCRIPTed 197, August 2009 [guest editorial in 'Unlocking IP 2009: National and Global Dimensions of the Public Domain' conference special edition.]
  25. Vaile, David, Cyberstalking and what you can do about it, keynote for Stalking conference (6 March 2009) Central West Women's Health Centre, Bathurst (6 March 2009)
  26. Vaile, David, Internal measures for risk management: Keeping data safe, and Dealing with a failure (2009) Paper for Online Fraud & E-Crime Forum, Sydney.
  27. Greenleaf, Graham and Maurushat, Alana and Vaile, David and Bond, Catherine and Paramaguru, Abi, Not a Fair Trade: Australia's TPM Protection and AUSFTA-Inspired Reforms (March 2007). UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2007-19. Available at SSRN: or
  28. Paramaguru, Abi and Vaile, David and Waters, Nigel and Greenleaf, Graham, Distinguishing PETs from PITs: Developing Technology with Privacy in Mind (May 12, 2008). UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2008-35. Available at SSRN: or
  29. Graham Greenleaf, David Vaile, Catherine Bond, Sophia Christou, Making Victoria’s Public Sector Information More Useful (5 September 2008) Submission to the Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee, Victoria, Inquiry into Improving Access to Victorian Public Sector Information & Data.
  30. Yu, Ron and fast, sharron and Vaile, David, Office Open XML and the Promise Not to Sue: Opportunity or Minefield? (December 20, 2007). UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2007-71. Available at SSRN: or
  31. Paramaguru, Abi and Vaile, David and Bond, Catherine and Maurushat, Alana, Copyright Infringement Notices Scheme: A Submission to the Attorney-General's Department (October 22, 2007). UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2007-62. Available at SSRN: or
  32. Paramaguru, A. and Vaile, D. “GPLv3 and Australia issues paper”, GPLv3 Symposium, Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, University of New South Wales, November 2006.
  33. Greenleaf, G., Vaile, D. and Chung, P. Unlocking IP - National dimensions of public rights and the public domain in Australian Copyright (October 2005) Canada-Australia Comparative IP & Cyberlaw Conference, University of Ottawa, Canada.
  34. Vaile, David, Gillespie, Julian, Fair, Patrick, and Lawrence, Adrian, Coping when everything is digital: Digital Documents and Issues in Document Retention, Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, Sydney, 2004.
  35. Vaile D, ‘New Spam laws: risks and compliance issues?’, paper at AusCERT conference, Gold Coast Australia, 26 May 2004.
  36. Vaile, David, Spam Canned (June 2004) Internet Law Bulletin, 6 (2004) 6 (9) INTLB 113.
  37. Cameron, Julie, and Vaile, David, The War on Terrorism versus Cyber Liberties, paper for Risks and Challenges of the Network Society conference (4–8 August 2003) Karlstad University, Sweden Second IFIP WG 9.2, 9.6/11.7, 9.8. )

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