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Publications by Frances Gibson

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  • Gibson F Psychiatric disability and the practising lawyer in Australia. J Law Med 2012 Dec; 20(2):391-9.
  • Gibson F and Cody A ‘Experiential Education’ in Legg M The Future of Dispute Resolution (2012) Lexis Nexis Butterworths
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  • Gibson F The Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities:The Response of the Clinic  International Journal of Clinical Legal Education Summer 2011 ,11.
  • Gibson F Article 13 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities- A right to legal aid? (2010) 15 (2) Australian Journal of Human Rights 123.
  • Gibson F Dispute Resolution in Rural and Regional Victoria  (2010)  Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal
  • Gibson F Drugs Discrimination and Disability  (2009) 17 Journal of Law and Medecine 400.
  • Gibson F, Rochford F,Emerging Consumer Credit Issues for Older Australians (2008)  12 University of Western Sydney Law Review  73.
  • Gibson F, Legal Aid in Coroners Inquests (2008) Journal of Law and Medicine 587.
  • Gibson F, Financial and Consumer Credit Issues for Older Consumers in Victoria  (2008)
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  • Gibson F, Rochford F, When a Stranger Calls (2006) Lawasia Journal 29.
  • Gibson F  Extending Aid to the Unrepresented (2006) 80 Law Institute Journal 59.
  • Gibson F (2004) Legal Aid Advice and Assistance in New South Wales Lawyers Practice Manual Law Book Company Chapter 10.1.
  • Gibson Frances (2004) Representing Yourself in Court Law Handbook, Redfern Legal Centre Publishing, University of New South Wales Press 2004.
  • Gibson Frances (2004) Hangin' on the Telephone Conference Provision of telephone and email legal advice Conference Paper, National Association of Community Legal Centres Conference, Adelaide.
  • Gibson Frances (2003) A Decade After Dietrich, Law Society Journal Vol 41 Number 4 May 2003.
  • Lisa Pusey and Frances Gibson, Kingsford Legal Centre Christine Forster, Jill Hunter, Mehera San Roque, Sean Brennan, and Megan Davis (2003) .Two programs to improve first-year indigenous law student's retention rate and communication skills: clinical legal education and a focused tutorial program University of New South Wales Faculty of Law
  • Harvey D; Gibson, F, Supply and demand: the gaps in access to family law advice in NSW. On the Record (52) Spring 2003 : 3-4
  • Gibson Frances Editor, (1999-2004) Guide to Clinical Legal Education Courses in Australian Universities, Kingsford Legal Centre.
  • Gibson Frances (2002) Chinese Clinical Legal Education in the Year of the Horse, Newcastle Law Review Vol 6 No 2 (2002).
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