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Publications by Gabrielle Simm

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Sex in Peace Operations (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2013)

Edited Book

(with Andrew Byrnes) (ed) Peoples' Tribunals and International Law (in press, Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press, 2017/18) including Introduction and Chapters 1, 3 and 11

Refereed Journal Articles

'Disasters in Southeast Asia: The ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response' Asian Journal of International Law  

‘The Paris Peoples’ Tribunal and the Istanbul Trials: Archives of the Armenian genocide’ (2016) 29 Leiden Journal of International Law 24

(with Daniel Joyce), "Zero Dark Thirty: international law, film and representation" (2015) 3(2) London Review of International Law 295

(with Andrew Byrnes) 'Peoples' Tribunals, International Law and the Use of Force' (2013) 36 UNSW Law Journal 711

(with Andrew Byrnes) 'International Peoples' Tribunals in Asia: Political Theatre, Juridical Farce or Meaningful Intervention?' (2014) 4 Asian Journal of International Law 103

‘International Law as a Regulatory Framework for Sexual Crimes Committed by Peacekeepers ‘(2011) 16 Journal of Conflict and Security Law 473

‘Negotiating the UN Trafficking Protocol: Feminist Debates’ (2004) 23 Australian Yearbook of International Law 135

Book Chapters

'Peoples' tribunals, women's courts and international sexual violence crimes' in Andrew Byrnes and Gabrielle Simm (eds) Peoples' Tribunals and International Law (Cambridge University Press, in press)

(with Sarah Williams) 'Humanitarian Assistance to Disaster Victims in an armed conflict: the Role of International Humanitarian Law' in Giulio Bartolini, Federico Casolari, Emanuele Sommario and Flavia Zorzi Giustiniani (eds) Routledge Handbook of Human Rights and Disasters  (forthcoming, Routledge)

'Regulating Sex in Peace Operations' in Peter Drahos (ed) Regulatory Theory: Foundations and Applications (ANU e-Press, 2017)

Other Publications

'Zero Dark Thirty, International Law and Film: the Torturer as Feminist?' invited blog, Centre de Droit International, Université Libre de Bruxelles, 6 April 2016,

‘International Law and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Policy Symposium-Practicing Women, Peace and Security in Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Response to Aisling Swaine’ invited blog, International Law Observer, 8 September 2015

‘Peoples’  Tribunals’ Spring 2015, Issue 9, Stir to Action

‘Humanitarian Accountability’ April 2014 23 (1) Human Rights Defender 5-7

(with Gabriela Cuadrado Quesada), 'Peoples' Tribunals: a Progressive Mechanism to achieve Justice' April 2014 23(1) Human Rights Defender 21-23

‘Sex in Peace Operations’ Invited blog, Intl Law grrls 21 June 2013

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