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Chisholm and Nettheim Understanding Law (1973, rev ed 1978, 2 ed, 1984, 3 ed, 1988, 4 ed, 1992, 5 ed, 1997, 6 ed, 2002)

Nettheim Out Lawed: Queensland's Aborigines and Islanders and the Rule of Law (1973)

Nettheim (ed) Aborigines, Human Rights and the Law (1974)

Nettheim Victims of the Law: Black Queenslanders Today (1982)

Nettheim (ed) Human Rights for Aboriginal People in the 1980s (1983)

Nettheim (General Editor) Pocket Guide to the Law. New South Wales (3 ed) (1989)

Nettheim (General Editor) Pocket Guide to the Law. Victoria (2 ed) (1989)

McRae, Nettheim and Beacroft, Aboriginal Legal Issues. Commentary and Materials, (1991)

McRae, Nettheim and Beacroft, Indigenous Legal Issues. Commentary and Materials (2 ed) (1997)

McRae, Nettheim and Beacroft, Electronic Supplement to chapters 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, Indigenous Legal Issues. Commentary and Materials (2 ed 1997) (2001)

Nettheim, Reconciliation, Hot Topics 33 (2001)

Nettheim, Meyers and Craig, Indigenous Peoples and Governance Structures (2002)

McRae, Nettheim and Beacroft, Indigenous Legal Issues, Commentary and Materials (3 ed) (200)

Title Editor (and author), Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in The Laws of Australia (Law Book Co Ltd, 1993, and updates)

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Major Articles, Chapters in Books etc

"The Power to Abolish Appeals to the Privy Council from Australian Courts" (1965) 39 ALJ 39

"Legal System of Australia" World Book Encyclopaedia, 1966

"Legislative Interference with the Judiciary" (1966) 40 ALJ 221

"The Privy Council, Natural Justice and Certiorari" (1966-67) 2 Fed L Rev 215

"The Right to be heard: from Jaffna to Warringah" (1968) 42 ALJ 303

"The Place of the Declaratory Judgment in Certiorari Territory" (1969) 6 Sydney L Rev 184

"The Legal Status of the Australian Railway Services and of Railways Employment" (1970) 4 Fed L Rev 122

"The Law as a Deterrent to Service Recruitment" (1970) 42 Australian Quarterly 94

"Racism, The Church and Australia" in F S Stevens (ed), Racism: The Australian Experience, (1971), Vol 1, 159

"Do Members of the Armed Forces have any Rights in their Employment?" (1973) 5 Fed L Rev 200

"Dunn v The Queen Revisited" (1973) 34 Cambridge LJ 253

"Queensland's Law for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders" (1976) 1 Legal Service Bulletin 321

"Aborigines", "Obscenity" in S D Ross & M Weinberg (eds), Law for the People, 1976

"Civil Censorship", (3 ed), The Australian Encyclopaedia, 1977 (4 ed) 1983 (5 ed) 1988.

"A Matter of Management? The Prospect for Queensland's Aboriginals & Islanders" (1978) UNSWLJ 314

"Private Information in Public Hands: Confidentiality, Court Disclosure and the Public Interest" (1979) 10 Fed L Rev 329

"Cameras in the Courtroom" (1981) 55 ALJ 855

"The Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Australia", Human RightsLegislation and Machinery and Their Implications for the Australian Public Service, 1981

"The Emerging Concept of Human Rights", Human Rights and Public Administration, 1982

"The Queensland Acts and Human Rights" in Olbrei, E (ed), Black Australians: The Prospects for Change, 1982

"The Possibilities for Commonwealth Action in Queensland" in Olbrei E (ed), BlackAustralians: The Prospects for Change, 1982

"Justice and Indigenous Minorities: A New Province for International Law and National Law" in A R Blackshield (ed), Legal Change. Essays in Honour of Julius Stone, 1983

"The Relevance of International Law" in P Hanks, and B Keon-Cohen (eds), Aboriginesand the Law, 1984

"The Principle of Open Justice" (1984) 8 Univ Tas Law Rev 25

"Open Justice v Justice" (1985) 9 Adel Law Rev 487

"Open Justice and State Secrets" (1985) 10 Adel Law Rev 218-317

"Regional Structures in the South Pacific" in P Hyndman (ed), Conference on Prospects for the Establishment of an Inter-Governmental Human Rights Commission in the South Pacific (LAWASIA, Sydney, 1985) 42-57 (also 262-268)

"Justice or >Handouts? Aborigines Law and Policy" (1986) 58 The Australian Quarterly 60-74

also in K M Hazlehurst (ed), Ivory Scales: Black Australia and the Law, (NSWUP, Sydney, 1987) 8-29

"Aborigines in Australian Society" in A Fisher (ed), The Australian Business and Investment Guide (Longman Professional, Sydney, 1987) 57-61

"Indigenous Rights, Human Rights and Australia" (1987) 61 Australian Law Journal 291-300

"Australian Aborigines and the Law", Law and Anthropology 2 (Intemationales Jahrbuch fur Rechtsanthropologie, VWGO - Verlag, Vienna, 1987) 371-403

"'Peoples' and 'Populations' - Indigenous Peoples and the Rights of Peoples" in J Crawford (ed), The Rights of Peoples, 1988

"Developing Aboriginal Rights" (1989) 19 (4) Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 403-419

(with Tony Simpson) "Aboriginal Peoples and Treaties" (1989) 65 (12) Current Affairs Bulletin 18-23

"Mabo v Queensland' (1989) 2 (36) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 17-18

"Summary Jurisdiction on Aboriginal Lands" (1990) 2 (45) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 4-5

"Sovereign Desires: (1991) 126 Australian Left Review 32-36

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also published as

"Sovereignty and Aboriginal Peoples" (1991) 2(53) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 4-6

"Indigenous People and the Optional Protocol" in Internationalising Human Rights: Australia's Accession to the First Optional Protocol,(Faculty of Law, University of Melbourne, 1992)

"Creating New Environmental Rights Under International Law" in N Pain (ed), HumanRights and Environmental Protection: The Vital Link, (Environmental Defender's Office, Sydney, 1992) 51-56

"International Law and Indigenous Political Rights" in H Reynolds and R Nile (eds), Indigenous Rights in the Pacific and North America: Race and Nation in the late Twentieth Century, (Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, University of London, 1992) 13-27

".... As Against the Whole World" (1992) 27 (6) Australian Law News9-14

"Aborigines and the Law after Mabo" (1993) 1(3) The Judicial Review, Journal of the Judicial Commission of NSW 217-233

"The International Context for Native Title" 23(10)Impact 14-15, ACOSS, Sydney, 1993

"Native Title - The Saga Continues" 23 (11) Impact 11, ACOSS, Sydney, 1993

"The Mabo Case" (1993) 31(5) Law Society Journal 55-57

"Judicial Revolution or Cautious Correction? Mabo vQueensland"(1993) 16 University of NSW Law Journal 1-16

"'The Consent of the Natives': Mabo and Indigenous Political Rights" (1993) 15 Sydney Law Review 223-246

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also published in

Essays on the Mabo Decision, (Law Book Co Ltd, Sydney, 1993) 103-126

"Macarthur >River and the Mabo Response" (1993) 3 (62) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 15-16

"Native Title, Statutory Title & Special Measures" (1993) 3 (63)Aboriginal Law Bulletin 4-6

"The Uncertain Dimensions of Native Title" (1993) 64 (4) Australian Quarterly 55-66

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also published in

Murray Groot and Tim Rowse Make a Better Offer, (Pluto Press, Sydney, 1994) 55-65

"September Showdown" (1994) 3(69) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 8-11

"The Native Title Act 1993" in "Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 1.3 Land Law" in The Laws of Australia, (Law Book Co Ltd, Melbourne, 1994)

"International Law and Sovereignty" in Christine Fletcher (ed), Aboriginal Self - Determination in Australia, (Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, 1994) 71-84

"Mabo and Aboriginal political rights: The potential for inherent rights and Aboriginal self-government" in W Sanders (ed) Mabo and Native Title: Origins and Institutional Implications, (Research Monograph No 7, Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU, 1994) 46-60

"The Native Title Act of the Commonwealth" in Bartlett R and Meyers GD (eds) Native Title Legislation in Australia, (Centre for Commercial and Resources Law, University of Western Australia, 1994) 7-25

"The Mabo response in Australia: Reconciliation or continuing conquest?" (1994) 10 (1)

Anthropology Today 8-11

"Native Title Act Commences Operation" (1994) 3 (66) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 4-5

(with Neil Rees) "The Aboriginal Law Bulletin: Thirteen Years On" (1994) 19 (l) Alternative Law Journal 2

"Native Title Act delivered on schedule" (1994) 19(l) Alternative Law Journal 41-42

"'Mabo' and Legal Pluralism: The Australian Aboriginal Justice Experience" in K Hazlehurst (ed), Legal Pluralism and the Colonial Legacy: Indigenous experiences of justice in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, (Avebury, 1995) 103-130

"Native Title and International Law" in M A Stephenson (ed), Mabo: The Native Title

Legislation (University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 1995) 36-48

"The Relationship between Native Title and Statutory Title under Land Rights Legislation" in MA Stephenson (ed), Mabo: The Native Title Legislation(University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 1995) 183-200

"International law and international politics" in International Law and the Question of East Timor, (CUR/IPJET 1995) 181-204

"Human rights implications for East Timor" in M Brewster and I A Shearer (eds) The East Timor Case in the ICJ, Martin Place Papers No 4, Sydney, International Law Association (Australian Branch, 1995) 118-153

"UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples" in Issues and Perspectives Towards the 21st Century, Reports of the National Conference of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, Brisbane (NAILSS, 1995) 87-89

"Special Measures - A Response" in Race Discrimination Commissioner Racial Discrimination Act 1975: A Review, (Canberra AGPS, 1995) 233-241

"Native Title: State and Territory Legislation Summary", (1996) 1 (1) Australian Indigenous Law Reporter 106

"Recent Cases in the Queensland Land Tribunal", (1996) 1 (2) Australian Indigenous Law Reporter 265-283

"Women's Business and Law" (1996) 3 (80) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 24

"Undermining Native Title", Walking Together (Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, December 1996) 20

"Wik: On Invasions, Legal Fictions, Myths and Rational Responses" in Wik: The< Aftermath and Implications, University of New South Wales Law Journal Forum, Vol 3 (2) (June 1997) 5-8; also in (1997) 20 (2) University of New South Wales Law Journal, 495-501

"Responding to Wik: first, define the problem" (1997) 4(l) Indigenous Law Bulletin 14-15

"Nailing down native title", (1997) 4 (3) Indigenous Law Bulletin 13-16

"The UN Charter-based human rights system: An overview" in Sarah Pritchard (ed), Indigenous Peoples, The United Nations and Human Rights (Federation Press, Sydney, 1998) 32-39

"An Australian Constitution" in Proceedings of the Australian Reconciliation Convention, Book 4 (1997) 44-47

"Native Title Six Years After Mabo" (1998) 10 Judicial Officers Bulletin 73-75, 80

"How Native Title has evolved in Australia" in Native Title: Facts, Fallacies and the Future, Proceedings of the University of New South Wales Symposium, 1998 (UNSW) 15-31

"Native Title and the States" (1998) 4 (14) Indigenous Law Bulletin 20

"Designing 'structures' for the interface between Indigenous people and non-Indigenous society" (1998) 4 (14) Indigenous Law Bulletin 18

"Reaction v action: State and Territory Governments and the High Court" in Alexis Wright (ed) Take Power (IAD Press, Alice Springs, 1998) 274-277

"The international implications of the Native Title Act amendments", (1998) 4 (9) Indigenous Law Bulletin 12-14

"The Racial Discrimination Act", (1998) 2 (45) Land Rights News (Darwin, 1998) 22

"The International Law Context" in N Peterson and W Sanders (eds) Citizenship and Indigenous Australians. Changing Conceptions and Possibilities (Cambridge UP, Melbourne, 1998) 196-207

"Native Title, Fictions and 'Convenient Falsehoods' in C Perrin (ed) in The Wake of Terra Nullius (Prospect, Sydney, 1998) 70-80

Discussion Paper 1 "Introduction: Overview of the Project" and Discussion Paper 2 "Introduction: International Law Standards" for project Governance Structures for Indigenous Australians, on and off Native Title Lands (UNSW, Sydney, 1998)

"Governance Bodies and Australian Legislative Provision for Corporations and Councils", Discussion Paper 7 for ARC/SPIRT Collaborative Research Project Governance Structures for Indigenous Australians, on and off Native Title Lands. (University of NSW, 1999) pp 1-45. ISBN - 0 7334 0661 0

"Retreat from Injustice": The High Court of Australia and Native Title", chapter 9 in Mark Gibney and Stanislaw Frankowski (eds) Judicial Protection of Human Rights. Myth or Reality? (Praeger Publishers, Conn., USA, 1999) pp 163-174. ISBN 0 275 96011 0

"Reconciliation and the Constitution" in Requirements of Justice: Legal Perspectives on Reconciliation, University of New South Wales Law Journal Forum, pp 17-19; republished in (1999) 22(2) UNSWLJ 625-630. ISSN 0313-0096

"Statehood, land rights and Aboriginal law", paper for conference Evaluating the Reeves Report: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, ANU, Canberra, 26-27 March 1999, published in J C Altman, F Morphy and T Rowse (eds) Land Rights at Risk? Evaluating the Reeves Report, CAEPR Research Monograph No 14, (Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU, Canberra) pp 89-98. ISSN 1036-6962. ISBN 0 7315 5106 0

Multimedia: "Australian Law", "Native Title (Australia)", "Native Title Act", "Wik Ruling" and "Reconciliation Act", Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 2000, 1999, London

Comment "Aboriginal Constitutional Conventions in the Northern Territory", (1999) 10(1) Public Law Review 8-11. ISSN 1034-3024

"Indigenous Australians and the Constitution", (1999) Issue 74 Reform 29-34 (Australian Law Reform Commission, Sydney)

"Building on Kalkaringi", (1999) 4 (18) Indigenous Law Bulletin ISSN 1328-5475

Book Review, Genocide in Australia by Colin Tatz (1999) 4 (22) Indigenous Law Bulletin 23. ISSN 1328-5475

"The Search for Certainty and the Native Title Amendment Act 1998 (Cth)", (1999) 22(2) University of New South Wales Law Journal 564-584. ISSN 0313-0096

Book Review, Take Power, Like this Old Man here, Alexis Wright (ed), (1999) 4 (24) Indigenous Law Bulletin 24. ISSN 1328 - 5475

Multimedia, stream on "Terra Nullius" in Mabo. The Native Title Revolution, CD ROM,(Film Australia, 2000)

Article, "We need a deal but it's best to skip the t-word", Australian Financial Review, 16 June 2000, 32

Chapter, "Recognition of Indigenous Rights: American Law, Australian Law and International Law" in Charles Sampford and Tom Round (eds) Beyond the Republic. Meeting the Global Challenges to Constitutionalism (The Federation Press, 2001), 241-256

Article, "Malaysia's Mabo Case" (2000) 4(28) Indigenous Law Bulletin 20

Casenote, "The Re-recognition Process for Native Title: Pilbara ALC v Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs" (2000) 5(4) Indigenous Law Bulletin 28

Book Review, Valuation and Management of Land Subject to Native Title, by Australian Property Institute, (2000) 5(4) Indigenous Law Bulletin

"The Practical Relevance of International Law, CERD, and the UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples", in Bryan Keon-Cohen (ed) Native Title in the New Millennium, (2001), pages 391-399

"Reconciliation: challenges for Australian law", (2001) 7(1) Australian Journal of Human Rights pages 47-76

"Indigenous Australian Constitutions", (2001) 24(3) UNSWLJ 840-849

"Making A Difference: Reconciling Our Differences" (2001 Sir Ninian Stephen Lecture), (2001) Newc LR Vol 5 No 1, pages 3 - 37

(with Rees, co-guest editors for special issue 20 years 1981-2001, (2001) 5(11) Indigenous Law Bulletin

"Ngaarra Legal Forum" and "The Past and Future of Land Rights and Native Title", (2001) 5(12) Indigenous Law Bulletin 4 and 5

"Burma: International Perspectives" in Vol 10 Issue 2 (September 2001) Human Rights Defender, 5-8

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Entries on "Mabo" and "Wik" in Blackshield, Coper and Williams (eds), The Oxford Companion to the High Court of Australia (2001), 446-448, 711-713

"Towards Regional Government in the Torres Strait" (2002) 5(16) Indigenous Law Bulletin, 4.

"Tribal Courts in the USA: some glimpses" (2002) 5(17) Indigenous Law Bulletin, 15-18

Book review, The Politics of Atrocity and Reconciliation: From Terror to Trauma by Michael Humphrey, in (2002) 11(2) Human Rights Defender, 28

Revised versions of chapter 1.1 "Constitutional Status" and chapter 1.6 "Civil Justice Issues" in Title 1, "Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders", The Laws of Australia (2002)

"Constitutional Comparisons: Canadian dimensions on Australia's experience with native title" (2003) 21(1) Australian Canadian Studies, 101-123

Book review, A New Constitution for Australia by Bede Harris, in (2003) 9(2) Australian Journal of Human Rights, 173-176

"Interview: John Borrows", (2004) 5(29) Indigenous Law Bulletin, 6-7

Book review, Indigenous Human Rights, edited by Sam Garkawe, Loretta Kelly and Warwick Fisher, in (2004) 5(30) Indigenous Law Bulletin, 6-7

"Looking Back: Visions or Rear Visions", (2004) 6(7) Indigenous Law Bulletin, 21-23

Entry on "Australian Indigenous Customary Law", Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, (2004)

"Reconciliation and Unfinished Business in Australia" in Agnes Toth and Bernard Hickey (eds), Reconciliations, (2005), 3-39

Book review, Treaty by Sean Brennan, Larissa Behrendt, Lisa Strelein and George Williams, in (2005) 11(1) Australian Journal of Human Rights, 285-288

Book review, Nowhere People by Henry Reynolds, in (2005) 6(15) Indigenous Law Bulletin, 19-21

Book review, Recognizing Aboriginal Title: The Mabo Case and Indigenous Resistance to English-Settler Colonialism by Peter H Russell, in (2006) 6(19) Indigenous Law Bulletin 22-23

"Terror Australia: The 'Debate' to Date" in on-line special Human Rights Defender (November-December 2005) 6-9

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