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Andrew Ligertwood & Gary Edmond, Australian Evidence: A principled approach to the common law and the uniform acts, 5th edition (Sydney, LexisNexis, 2010)

Gary Edmond (ed.), Expertise in regulation and law (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2004)

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Book Chapters

G. Edmond, ‘Expert evidence and the professional responsibilities of prosecutors’ in P Roberts et al (eds), Integrity in the Criminal Process (Oxford, Hart, 2015) (in press).

Gary Edmond,Opinions about “expert” evidence under the Civil Procedure Act 2005 (NSW)’ in M. Legg and M. Kumar (eds), The Civil Procedure Act 2005 (Sydney: Thomson Reuters, 2015).

G. Edmond, ‘Opinion evidence’ in ‘J. Hunter et al, The Trial (Federation Press, 2015) 558-603.

G. Edmond, J. Davis and T. Valentine, ‘Expert analysis: Facial mapping’ in J. Davis and T. Valentine (eds), Forensic facial identification (Wiley, London, 2015) 239-267.

Gary Edmond and Simon Cole, 'Identification Technologies in Policing and Proof' in G. Bruinsma and D. Weisburd(eds), Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice (New York: Springer 2013).

Gary Edmond and Simon Cole, 'Legal aspects of forensic science' in J. Siegel and P. Saukko (eds), Encyclopedia of Forensic Science, 2nd edition (Oxford, Elsevier, 2012).

Gary Edmond and Mehera San Roque, 'Just(,) Quick and Cheap: Do We Need More Reliable Expert Evidence in Civil Proceedings?' in M. Legg et al, The Future of Dispute Resolution (LexisNexis Butterworths, Sydney, 2013) pp.72-83.

Gary Edmond, 'Bacon's chickens? Re-thinking law and science (and incriminating expert opinion evidence) in response to empirical evidence and legal principle' in J. Gleeson and R. Higgins (eds), Constituting law: Legal argument and social values (Sydney, Federation Press, 2011).

Gary Edmond and David Hamer, 'Evidence' in H. Kritzer and P. Cane (eds), Oxford Handbook of Empirical Legal Research (New York, Oxford University Press, 2010) pp.652-678.

G. Edmond, 'Pathological science? Demonstrable reliability and expert pathology evidence' in K. Roach (ed.), Pediatric forensic pathology and the justice system (Toronto, Queen's Printer for Ontario, 2008) 96-149.

Gary Edmond, 'Judging facts: Managing expert knowledges in legal decision-making' in G. Edmond (ed.), Expertise in regulation and law (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2004) 136-165.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Experts and expertise in legal and regulatory settings' in G. Edmond (ed.), Expertise in regulation and law (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2004) 1-31.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'The invisible branch: The authority of science studies in expert evidence jurisprudence' in G. Edmond (ed.), Expertise in regulation and law (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2004) 197-241.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Rebels without a cause: Judges, scientific evidence and the uses of causation' in I. Freckelton et al (eds), Science, Medicine and Causation (2002) 61-83.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'The Politics of Jury Competence', in B. Martin (ed.) Participation and Technology (Wollongong, University of Wollongong, 1998) 85-112.

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Refereed Articles

Gary Edmond, Bryan Found, Kristy Martire, Kaye Ballantyne, David Hamer, Rachel Searston, Matthew Thompson, Emma Cunliffe, Richard Kemp, Mehera San Roque, Jason Tangen, Rachel Dioso-Villa, Andrew Ligertwood, Brynn Hibbert, David White, Glenn Porter, Andrew Roberts, and Gianni Riberio, ‘Model forensic science’ (2016) 46 Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences (in press).

Gary Edmond, ‘Legal and non-legal approaches to forensic science evidence’ (2016) 20 International Journal of Evidence & Proof (in press).

Simon Cole and Gary Edmond, ‘Science without precedent: The impact of the National Research Council report on the admissibility and use of forensic science evidence’ (2015) 4 British Journal of American Legal Studies (in press).

Gary Edmond, ‘A Closer Look at Honeysett: Enhancing our Forensic Science and Medicine Jurisprudence’ (2015) 17 Flinders Law Journal (in press).

Gary Edmond, Forensic science evidence and the conditions for rational (jury) evaluation’ (2015) 39 Melbourne University Law Review 75-123.

Gary Edmond, ‘What lawyers should know about the forensic “sciences”’ (2015) 37 Adelaide Law Review 33-100.

Gary Edmond, ‘Against Oracular Pronouncement: A reply to Heydon’ (2015) 37 Adelaide Law Review 173-178.

E. Cunliffe and G. Edmond, ‘Gaitkeeping in Canada: Mis-steps in assessing the reliability of expert testimony’ (2014) 92 Canadian Bar Review 327-368.

G. Edmond, D. Hamer, A. Ligertwood and M. San Roque, ‘Christie, section 137 and forensic science evidence after Dupas v The Queen and R v XY’ (2014) 40 Monash Law Review (in press).

G. Edmond, R. Searston, J. Tangen and I. Dror, ‘Contextual bias and cross-contamination in the forensic sciences: The corrosive implications for investigations, plea bargains, trials and appeals’ (2014) 13 Law, Probability & Risk 1-25.

G. Edmond et al, ‘How to cross-examine forensic scientists: A guide for lawyers’ (2014) 39 Australian Bar Review 174-197.

G. Edmond, ‘The admissibility of forensic science and medicine evidence under the Uniform Evidence Law’ (2014) 38 Criminal Law Journal 136-158.

G.  Edmond, ‘The “science” of wrongful convictions’ (2014) 37 UNSW Law Journal 376-406.

G. Edmond and J. Vuille, ‘Comparing the use of forensic science evidence in Australia, Switzerland and the United States: Transcending the adversarial/non-adversarial dichotomy’ (2014) 54 Jurimetrics Journal 221-276.

G. Edmond and L. Meintjes-van der Walt, ‘Blind justice? Forensic science and the use of CCTV images as identification evidence in South Africa’ (2014) 131 South African Law Journal 109-148.

G. Edmond and M. San Roque, ‘Before the High Court - Honeysett v The Queen: Forensic science, “specialised knowledge” and the Uniform Evidence Law’ (2014) 36 Sydney Law Review 323-344.

G. Edmond and M. San Roque, ‘Justicia’s Gaze’ (2013) 11 Surveillance & Society 252-271.

G. Edmond, ‘(ad)Ministering justice: Expert evidence and the professional responsibilities of prosecutors’ (2013) 36 UNSW Law Journal 921-953.

G. Edmond, M. Thompson and J. Tangen, ‘A guide to interpreting forensic testimony: Scientific approaches to fingerprint evidence’ (2013) 12 Law, Probability & Risk 1-25.  

Gary Edmond, Simon Cole, Emma Cunliffe and Andrew Roberts, ‘Admissibility Compared: The reception of incriminating expert evidence (i.e., forensic science) in four adversarial jurisdictions’ (2013) 3 University of Denver Criminal Law Review 31-109.

Gary Edmond, ‘Expert evidence in reports and courts’ (2013) 45 Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences.

Gary Edmond and Kent Roach, ‘Trial by theory: A response to Acharya's “Law’s treatment of science: From idealization to understanding”’ (2013) Dalhousie Law Journal 57-91.

Gary Edmond and Lirieka Meintjes-van der Walt, 'Blind justice? Forensic science and the use of CCTV images as identification evidence in South Africa' (2013) South African Law Journal (forthcoming).

Gary Edmond, 'Just truth? Carefully applying history, philosophy and sociology of science to the forensic use of CCTV images, for example' (2012) Studies in the History & Philosophy of Science.

Gary Edmond, 'After incommensurability' (2012) 37 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 306-322.

Gary Edmond and Kent Roach, 'A Reply to Chasse's 'Junk Science by way of a Higher Burden of Proof" (2012) 16 Canadian Criminal Law Review 391-413.

Gary Edmond, David Hamer and Andrew Ligertwood, 'Expert evidence after Morgan, Wood and Gilham' (2012) 112 Precedent 28-35.

Andrew Ligertwood and Gary Edmond, Law, 'Expressing evaluative forensic science opinions in a court of law' (2012) 11 Law, Probability & Risk (forthcoming).

Andrew Ligertwood and Gary Edmond, Law, 'A just measure of probability' (2012) Law, Probability & Risk (forthcoming).

Gary Edmond and Mehera San Roque, 'The Cool Crucible: Forensic Science and the Frailty of the Criminal Trial' (2012) 24 Current Issues in Criminal Justice 51-68.

Bryan Found and Gary Edmond, 'Reporting on the comparison and interpretation of pattern evidence: recommendations for forensic specialists' (2012) 44 Australian Journal of Forensic Science 193-196.

Gary Edmond, 'Advice for the courts? Sufficiently reliable assistance with forensic science and medicine (Part 2)' (2012) 16 International Journal of Evidence & Proof 263-297.

Gary Edmond, 'Is reliability sufficient? The Law Commission and expert evidence in international and interdisciplinary perspective (Part 1)' (2012) 16 International Journal of Evidence & Proof 30–65.

Gary Edmond and Andrew Roberts, 'Procedural Fairness, the Criminal Trial and Forensic Science and Medicine' (2011) 33 Sydney Law Review 359-394.

Gary Edmond, Kristy Martire & Mehera San Roque, '"Mere guesswork": Cross-Lingual Voice Comparisons and the Jury' (2011)33 Sydney Law Review 395-425.

Gary Edmond & Andrew Roberts, 'The Law Commission's Report on Expert Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: Sufficiently Reliable?' (2011) Criminal Law Review  844-862.

Gary Edmond, Kristy Martire and Mehera San Roque, 'Unsound law: Issues with ("expert") voice comparison evidence' (2011) 35 Melbourne University Law Review 52-112.

Gary Edmond and Kent Roach, 'A Contextual Approach to the Admissibility of the State's Forensic Science and Medical Evidence' (2011) 61 University of Toronto Law Journal 343-409.

Gary Edmond, 'The admissibility of incriminating expert opinion evidence in the US, England and Canada' (2011) 23 Judicial Officer's Bulletin 67-70.

Gary Edmond, 'Actual innocents? Legal limitations and their implications for forensic science and medicine' (2011) 43 Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences 177-212.

Gary Edmond, 'The building blocks of forensic science and law: Recent work on DNA profiling (and photo comparison)' (2011) 41 Social Studies of Science 127-152.

Gary Edmond, 'Suspect sciences? Evidentiary Problems with Emerging Technologies' (2010) 2 International Journal of Digital Crime and Forensics 40-72.

Gary Edmond, 'Impartiality, efficiency or reliability? A critical response to expert evidence law and procedure in Australia' (2010) 42 Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences 83-99.

Gary Edmond, Richard Kemp, Glenn Porter, David Hamer, Mike Burton, Kath Biber and Mehera San Roque, 'Atkins v The Emperor: The "Cautious" use of Unreliable "Expert" Opinion' (2010) 14 The International Journal of Evidence & Proof 146-165.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Norms and Irony in the biosciences: Ameliorating critique in synthetic biology' (2009) 21 Law & Literature (445-470).

Gary Edmond, K. Biber, R. Kemp & G. Porter, 'Law's looking glass: Expert identification evidence derived from photographic and video images' (2009) 20 Current Issues in Criminal Justice 337-377.

Gary Edmond & M. San Roque, 'Quasi-Justice: Ad hoc experts and identification evidence' (2009) 32 Criminal Law Journal 8-33.

Gary Edmond, 'Merton and the hot tub: Scientific conventions and expert evidence in Australian civil procedure' (2009) 72 Law & Contemporary Problems 159-189.

Gary Edmond, 'Judging the scientific and medical literature: Some legal implications of changes to biomedical research and publication' (2008) 28 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 523-561.

Gary Edmond, 'Specialised knowledge, the exclusionary discretions and reliability: Reassessing incriminating expert opinion evidence' (2008) 31 UNSW Law Journal 1-55

Gary Edmond, 'Secrets of the "hot tub": Expert witnesses, concurrent evidence and judge-led law reform in Australia' (2008) 27 Civil Justice Quarterly 51-82.

Gary Edmond, 'Expert Evidence', in Oxford Companion to Law (Oxford, Oxford University Press 2008).

Gary Edmond, 'Supersizing Daubert: Science for litigation and its implications for legal practice and scientific research' (2007) 52 Villanova Law Review 857-924.

Gary Edmond and David Mercer, 'Anti-Social Epistemologies' (2006) 36 Social Studies of Science 843-853.

Gary Edmond, 'Disorder with law: The determination of the geographical indication for the Coonawarra wine region' (2006) 28 Adelaide Law Review 59-183.

Gary Edmond, 'Judging Surveys: Experts, Empirical Evidence and Law Reform' (2005)33 Federal Law Review 95-139.

Gary Edmond, 'Thick decisions: Expertise, Advocacy and reasonableness in the Federal Court of Australia' (2004) 74 Oceania 190-230.

Gary Edmond, 'After objectivity: Expert evidence and procedural reform' (2003) 25 Sydney Law Review 131-163.

Gary Edmond, 'Whigs in Court: Historiographical Problems with Expert Evidence' (2002) 14 Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities 123-175.

Gary Edmond, 'Legal Engineering: Contested representations of law, science (and non-science) and society' (2002) 32 Social Studies of Science 371-412.

Gary Edmond, 'Constructing miscarriages of justice: Misunderstanding the role of scientific evidence in high profile criminal appeals' (2002) 22 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 53-89.

Gary Edmond, 'The law-set: The legal-scientific production of medical propriety' (2001) 26 Science, Technology & Human Values 191-226.

Gary Edmond, 'Judicial representations of scientific evidence' (2000) 63 Modern Law Review 216-251.

Gary Edmond, 'Deflating Daubert: Kumho Tire Co. v Carmichael and the inevitability of general acceptance (Frye)' (2000) 23 University of New South Wales Law Journal 38-62.

Gary Edmond, 'Science, Law and Narrative: Helping the 'facts' to speak for themselves' (1999) 23 Southern Illinois University Law Review 555-583.

Gary Edmond, 'Azaria's Accessories: The Social (legal-scientific) Construction of Guilt and innocence' (1998) 22 Melbourne University Law Review 396-441.

Gary Edmond, 'Science in Court: Negotiating the meaning of a 'scientific' experiment during a murder trial and some limits to legal deconstruction for the public understanding of law and science' (1998) 20 Sydney Law Review 361-401.

Gary Edmond, 'Down by Science: Lay Responses to Incriminating Scientific Evidence During a Murder Trial' (1998) 7 Public Understanding of Science 83-111.

Gary Edmond, 'The Next Step or Moonwalking? Expert Evidence, the Public Understanding of Science and the Case Against Imwinkelried's Didactic Trial Procedures' (1998) 2 International Journal of Evidence and Proof 13-31.

Gary Edmond, 'The Freedom of Histories: Reassessing Hugo Grotius on the law of the Sea' (1995) 2 Law/Text/Culture 179-217.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Daubert and the exclusionary ethos: The convergence of corporate and judicial attitudes towards the admissibility of expert evidence in tort litigation' (2004) 26 Law & Policy 231-257.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Conjectures and Exhumations: Citations of history, philosophy and sociology of science in US federal courts' (2002) 14 Law & Literature 309-366.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Litigation Life: Law-science knowledge construction in (Bendectin) mass toxic tort litigation' (2000) 30 Social Studies of Science 265-316.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Creating Science: Science, Law and Religion in the Australian Noah's Ark Case' (1999) 8 Public Understanding of Science September 317-343.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Trashing "Junk" Science', Stanford Technology Law Review (1998).

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Representing Law and the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge' (1998) 19 Science Communication 307-327.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Scientific Literacy and the Jury' (1997) 6 Public Understanding of Science 329-359.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'The Secret Life of (Mass) Torts' (1997) 20 University of New South Wales Law Journal 666-706.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Keeping 'Junk' History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science out of the Courtroom: Problems with the Reception of Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.' (1997) 20 University of New South Wales Law Journal 48-100.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Recognising Daubert: What Judges Should Know About Falsificationism' 5(1997) Expert Evidence 28-40.

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Essay Reviews

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Juggling science: From polemic to pastiche' (1999) 13 Social Epistemology 215-233.

Gary Edmond & David Mercer, 'Manifest Destiny: Law and Science in America' (1996) 10 Metascience 40-58.

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Book Reviews

Gary Edmond, 'Review: H. Reece (ed.) Law and Science: Current Legal Issues (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1998)' (2000) 4 International Journal of Evidence and Proof 137-143.

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Gary Edmond, 'Beyond Good and Evil: Ideal Images of Science in the Law', Judicial Officers Bulletin 9 (September 1997) 59-60; reprinted in the Law Society Journal November 35 (1997) 63-65.

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