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Publications by Harry Hobbs

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Please get in touch if you would like a PDF copy of any published work if you cannot access the journal page, find a copy of a book, or if the links are out of date.


Articles in journals

Harry Hobbs and Andrew Trotter, 'Lessons from History in Dealing with our most Dangerous' (2018) 41 UNSW Law Journal (forthcoming)

Harry Hobbs, 'Constitutional Recognition and Reform: Developing an Inclusive Australian Citizenship through Treaty' (2018) 53 Australian Journal of Political Science 176-194

Harry Hobbs and George Williams, 'The Noongar Settlement: Australia's First Treaty' (2018) 40 Sydney Law Review 1-38

Harry Hobbs, 'Democratic Theory and Constitutional Design: Hearing Persistent Electoral Minorities' (2017) 24 International Journal of Minority and Group Rights 341-389

Jimmy Bai and Harry Hobbs, 'Appointing Attorneys-General to the High Court: A Case for Reform' (2017) 42 Alternative Law Journal 286-291

Harry Hobbs and George Williams, 'The Case for a National Whole-of-Government Anti-Corruption Body' (2017) 42 Alternative Law Journal 178-183

Harry Hobbs and Andrew Trotter, ‘The Constitutional Conventions and Constitutional Change: Making Sense of Multiple Intentions’ (2017) 37 Adelaide Law Review 49-85

Harry Hobbs, Andrew Lynch and George Williams ‘The High Court under Chief Justice Robert French’ (2017) 91 Australian Law Journal 53-71

Harry Hobbs, ‘Towards a Principled Justification for the Mixed Composition of Hybrid International Criminal Tribunals’ (2017) 39 Leiden Journal of International Law 177-197

Harry Hobbs, ‘Revisiting the Scope of the Race Power after McCloy’ (2016) 27 Public Law Review 264-270

Harry Hobbs, ‘Locating the Logic of Transitional Justice in Liberal Democracies: Native Title in Australia’ (2016) 39 UNSW Law Journal 512-552

Harry Hobbs, ‘Hybrid Tribunals and the Composition of the Court: In Search of Sociological Legitimacy’ (2016) 16 Chicago Journal of International Law 482-522

Harry Hobbs, ‘Finding a Fair Reflection for the High Court of Australia’ (2015) 40 Alternative Law Journal 13-17

Harry Hobbs, ‘Victim participation in international criminal proceedings: Problems and potential solutions in implementing an effective and vital component of justice’ (2014) 49 Texas International Law Journal 1-32

Andrew Trotter and Harry Hobbs, ‘The great leap backward: Criminal law reform with the Hon Jarrod Bleijie’ (2014) 36 Sydney Law Review 1-39

Andrew Trotter and Harry Hobbs, ‘A historical perspective on juvenile justice reform in Queensland’ (2014) 38 Criminal Law Journal 77-91

Andrew Trotter and Harry Hobbs, Under the oak tree: Institutional reform in the deep north’ (2014) 88 Australian Law Journal 335-358

Harry Hobbs, ‘Putting the “Queen” back into Queensland’ (2014) 39 Alternative Law Journal 9-11

Harry Hobbs and Andrew Trotter, ‘How far have we really come? Civil and political rights in Queensland’ (2013) 25 Bond Law Review 166-203

Harry Hobbs, ‘The Security Council and the complementary regime of the International Criminal Court: Lessons from Libya’ (2013) 9 Eyes on the ICC 19-52

Harry Hobbs, ‘The Dispute Resolution Act 2011 (Cth) and the meaning of “genuine steps”: Formalising the common law requirement of “good faith”’ (2012) 23 Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal 249-252


Chapters in edited books

John Tobin and Harry Hobbs, ‘Article 37: Torture, Capital Punishment and Deprivation of Liberty’ in John Tobin and Philip Alston (eds), The Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Commentary (Oxford University Press, expected 2018)

Harry Hobbs and George Williams, ‘Citizen Participation in Australia’ in Gema Morales (ed), Mechanisms of Citizen Participation: A Global Experience (Instituto Electoral del Estado de Queretaro, 2017) 49-64


Book Reviews, Notes, and Editorials

Harry Hobbs, 'International Criminal Justice Redux: A New Wave of Hybrid Courts', Justice in Conflict , 13 March 2018 <>

Harry Hobbs, 'A Territory Treaty', Land Rights News: Northern Edition (February 2018) 4-5

Harry Hobbs, 'Book Review: Residential Schools and Reconciliation: Canada Confronts its History'' (2018) 43 Alternative Law Journal 62-63

Harry Hobbs, 'Why the Government was wrong to reject an Indigenous "Voice to Parliament"', The Conversation, 30 October 2017 <>

Harry Hobbs, 'Book Review: Constitutional Recognition of First Peoples in Australia: Theories and Comparative Perspectives' (2017) 8(30) Indigenous Law Bulletin 35-36

Harry Hobbs, ‘Response to the Referendum Council report suggests a narrow path forward on Indigenous constitutional reform’, The Conversation, 18 July 2017 <

Harry Hobbs, ‘Listening to the Heart: What now for Indigenous Recognition after the Uluru Summit?’, The Conversation, 26 May 2017 <>

Harry Hobbs, 'Explainer: why 300 Indigenous leaders are meeting at Uluru this week’, The Conversation, 23 May 2017 <>

Harry Hobbs, ‘Will treaties with Indigenous peoples overtake constitutional recognition?’, The Conversation, 20 December 2016 <>

Harry Hobbs, ‘Book Review: Indigenous Peoples’ Status in the International Legal System’ (2016) 41 Alternative Law Journal 293-293

Harry Hobbs, ‘Book Review: Judicial Independence in Australia: Contemporary Challenges, Future Directions’ (2016) 41 Alternative Law Journal 217-218

Harry Hobbs, ‘The Uluru decision highlights what's so wrong with indigenous policy’, Guardian Australia, 21 April 2016 <>

Harry Hobbs and George Williams, ‘The Australian Senate’s reformed electoral system is a major improvement’, The Constitution Unit, 29 March 2016 <>

Kevin Boreham and Harry Hobbs, ‘Khmer Rouge Tribunal delivers judgment but not justice’, East Asia Forum, 30 August 2014 <>

Harry Hobbs, ‘Bleijie should drop electoral reforms’, Brisbane Times [Fairfax], 23 May 2014 <>  

Harry Hobbs, ‘International Justice: Foreign Correspondent’ (2012) 37 Alternative Law Journal 122

Kevin Boreham and Harry Hobbs, ‘Justice denied for Cambodia’ East Asia Forum, 22 December 2011 <>


Submissions to Parliamentary Inquiries

Harry Hobbs, Sangeetha Pillai and George Williams, Submission to Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, Inquiry into matters relating to Section 44 of the Constitution (8 February 2018)

George Williams and Harry Hobbs, Submission to Parliamentary Select Committee on a National Integrity Commission (4 April 2017)


Conference and workshop presentations

Harry Hobbs, 'A Makarrata Commission: Telling the Truth about our History' (Paper Presented at the Regimes of Redress and Reparations, Transitional Justice and the Rule of Law Conference, Tulane University, New Orleans, 17 March 2018)

Harry Hobbs, 'The Capacity of the Northern Territory to Negotiate a Treaty with Aboriginal Nations' (Paper Presented at the Northern Land Council Treaty Workshop, Darwin, 19 February 2018)

Harry Hobbs, 'Treaty, Sovereignty and the Declaration in Australia’ (Paper Presented at the Tenth Anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Conference to Review Progress and Challenges, School of Advanced Study, University of London, London, 20 October 2017)

Harry Hobbs, 'The Swedish Sámediggi and the Limits of Corporatism’ (Paper Presented at the InRights Workshop, Stockholm University, 11 October 2017)

Harry Hobbs, 'Indigenous Peoples and the Unitary Demos: Re-centring Australian Democratic Practice’ (Stockholm University Department of Political Theory Seminar, Stockholm, 5 October 2017)

Harry Hobbs, 'Democratic Theory and Indigenous Peoples’ (Paper delivered at the Australasian Society of Legal Philosophy, Auckland, 15 July 2017)

Harry Hobbs, ‘Reflecting on the reasons for the re-emergence of hybrid international criminal tribunals’ (Speech delivered at the Hybrid Justice: Internal and External Resilience in Post-Conflict Societies Workshop, London, 24-25 March 2017)

Harry Hobbs, ‘Democratic Theory and Indigenous Peoples’ (Paper delivered at the University of Sydney Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Research Workshop, Sydney, 10 February 2017)

Will de Waal and Harry Hobbs, ‘A Survey of Academic Commentary on the Cape York Institute Model’ (Paper delivered at the Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples: A Voice to the Federal Parliament Workshop, Sydney, 15 December 2016)

Harry Hobbs, ‘Hearing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Processes of Settler State Government: Rehabilitating Democratic Theory’ (Paper delivered at the National Centre for Indigenous Studies Graduate Research Retreat, Canberra, 29 October 2016)

Harry Hobbs, ‘Democratic Theory and Minority Groups’ (Paper delivered at the University of Melbourne Doctoral Forum for Legal Theory Workshop, Melbourne, 23 November 2016)

Harry Hobbs, ‘Locating the logic of transitional justice in liberal democracies’ (Paper delivered at the New York University Center for Human Rights and Global Justice Emerging Scholars Conference, New York City, 17 April 2015)

Harry Hobbs, ‘Towards a principled justification for the mixed composition of hybrid tribunals’ (Paper delivered at the Salzburg Cutler Fellow Program, Institute of Peace, Washington D.C., 20 February 2015)

Harry Hobbs, ‘Victim participation in international criminal proceedings’ (Paper delivered at the Participatory Justice & Victims Conference, Canberra, 18 September 2012)

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