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Publications by Helen Gibbon

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Refereed Journal Articles

Ben Mostyn and Helen Gibbon, "Transnational Social Movement Theory and The Waning War on Drugs: Case Studies from UNGASS 2016" International Journal of Drug Policy Vol 51 January 2018, 148

Leanne Weber, Helen McKernan, and Helen Gibbon, “Trans-Tasman denizens, human rights and human (in)security among New Zealand citizens of Samoan origin in Australia” Australian Journal of Human Rights Vol 19 No 3 December 2013, 51

Ben Mostyn, Helen Gibbon, and Nicholas Cowdery, “The Criminalisation of Drugs and the Search for Alternative Approaches” Current Issues in Criminal Justice Vol 24 No 2, November 2012

Submissions to Government

Luke McNamara, Julie Stubbs, Bianca Fileborn, Helen Gibbon, Melanie Schwartz and Alex Steel, “Submission to the NSW Law Reform Commission’s review of ‘consent and knowledge of consent in relation to sexual assault offences, as dealt with in s 61HA of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW)” (29 June 2018)

Helen Gibbon, Alex Steel, Julie Stubbs and Courtney Young, “Submissions to the NSW Government on the Exposure Draft Bill Crimes Amendment (Provocation) Bill 2013” (20 November 2013)

Courtney Young and Helen Gibbon, “Submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee Inquiry into the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Powers, Offences and Other Measures) Bill 2015” (16 April 2015)

Australian Drug Law Reform Initiative, “Submissions to Inquiry into the Use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes”, NSW Parliament General Purpose Standing Committee (February 2013)


Ben Mostyn and Helen Gibbon, “The War on Drugs Makes a Mockery of the Criminal Law”, The Drum, 7 June 2012

Conference Presentations

Helen Gibbon and Alex Steel, ‘What should we teach in criminal law?’ (Paper presented at Australasian Law Teacher’s Association Conference, Perth, 6 July 2018)

UNSW Law Learning & Teaching Seminars

Helen Gibbon, Cathy Sherry, Alex Steel and Prue Vines, ‘Information Sessional Building a Teaching Case for Promotion and Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching and Supervision Excellence’ (Chair Ben Golder, 30 August 2018)

Helen Gibbon, Alexandra George and Roselle Nunes, ‘Moodle: Excellent teaching techniques from the coal face’ (Chair: Thomas Molloy, 25 August 2016)


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