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Publications by Heng Wang

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Edited book in English

      Colin Picker, Heng Wang and Weihuan Zhou (eds),  The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: A 21st Century Model (Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2017). 

Selected Recent Articles and Book Chapters in English

Monograph in Chinese

Heng Wang, Origin Rules for Trade in Services, Beijing: Law Press, 2010

Textbook in English and Chinese

International Trade Law (edited by Heng Wang), Beijing: Law Press, 2014

Edited Book in Chinese

Legal Issues of China’s Response to WTO Disputes (Heng Wang, ed.), Beijing: Law Press, 2015.

European Securities Law (vice editor-in-chief; editor-in-chief: Prof. Xuejun Sheng), Beijing: Law Press, 2005

Textbook in Chinese

International Economic Law (vice editor-in-chief; editor-in-chief: Prof. Xiaojun Zhang), Xiamen, China: Xiamen University Press, 2012

Selected Articles in Chinese

  • Heng Wang, On the Application of International Services Trade Law to Climate Change: A Perspective from General Exceptions. Modern Law Science (Xian Dai Fa Xue, sponsored by Southwest University of Political Science and Law, one of the leading law journals in China), Vol. 34, No. 2, 2012 
  • Heng Wang, A Critique of the Appellate Report on China - Audiovisual Services. Studies in Law and Business (Fa Shang Yan Jiu, sponsored by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, one of the leading law journals in China), Issue 4, 2010
  • Heng Wang, WTO Treaty Interpretation Development and China’s Services Trade Negotiation Strategy: A Perspective from US-Gambling. Academic Forum, 8 (2006). (Reprinted in full by Renmin University Reprints sponsored by Renmin University, Beijing, one of the most influential reprints in China).
  • Heng Wang, Competition Regulation under the WTO Framework: Present and Future. Social Science Research, 5(2006). (Reprinted in full by Renmin University Reprints - see above)
  • Heng Wang, On Perfecting China’s Corporate Regulations Concerning Directors’ Duty of Loyalty, Modern Law Science, 5(2000) (Reprinted in full by Renmin University Reprints - see above).

Working Paper

Heng Wang, Free Trade Agreements and WTO Law: A Perspective on the Trade in Services, Max Weber Programme (MWP) Working Papers, European University Insitute, 2011

Selected Conference Presentations and Lectures

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