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Publications by Dr James Metzger

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Jill Hunter, Terese Henning, Gary Edmond, Rebecca McMahon, James Metzger & Mehera San Roque, The Trial: Principles, Process and Evidence (Federation Press, 2015)
Michael Legg & James Metzger, “U.S. Supreme Court Revolutionises Pleading Requirements” (2011) 85 Australian Law Journal 81
Michael Legg & James Metzger, “Section 33F: class actions problem solver?” in Damien Grave & Helen Mould (eds), 25 Years of Class Actions in Australia: 1992-2017 (Sydney University Press/Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law, 2017)
Michael Legg & James Metzger, “Representative Proceedings in New South Wales” in Miiko Kumar & Michael Legg (eds), Ten Years of the Civil Procedure Act 2005 (NSW): A Decade of Insights and Guide to Future Litigation (Thomson Reuters, 2015)
“Reform of Section 33N and Discontinuance of Class Actions: A Way Forward for Australia” (Paper presented at UNSW Class Actions Seminar, 25 October 2012)

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