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Publications by Jarra Hicks

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J. Cameron and J. Hicks, forthcoming, ‘Performative Research for a Climate Politics of Hope: Rethinking Geographic Scale, ‘Impact’ Scale and Markets’, Antipode, Accepted 7 June 2013.

J Hicks & N Ison (2011) Community-Owned Renewable Energy: Opportunities for rural Australia, Journal of Rural Society, Vol.20 Iss.3 pp. 244-255.

Ison, N, Hicks, J, Gilding, J, Ross, K, (2012) The Australian Community Renewable Energy Sector: Challenges and Opportunities. Prepared by a consortium including Backroad Connections, Community Power Agency, and the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney with funding from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

J Hicks & N Ison (2012) “Community Energy Generation”, The Home Energy Handbook: Powys, Centre for Alternative Energy.

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