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Articles (sole-authored)

Procedural Models to Upgrade BITs: China’s Experience, Leiden Journal of International Law (December 2017), ERA journal ranking: A, UNSW Quality Journal.

Partially Modernized Chinese Conflicts System: Achievements and Challenges, Journal of Private International Law (December 2017), ERA journal ranking: A, UNSW Quality Journal.

Comparison of E-commerce Regulations in Chinese and American FTAs: Converging Approaches, Diverging Contents, and Polycentric Directions?, 64 Netherlands International Law Review 309, 309-337 (July 2017), ERA journal ranking: A. UNSW Quality Journal.

Private International Law in Oceania 2016, in 2016 Commentaries on Private International Law (the Private International Law Interest Group Newsletter of American Society of International Law, Vol 3, Issue 3, October 2017) at

Vietnam’s E-commerce Regulations: Free Flow of Information and Implications for UNCITRAL Works on E-commerce, published online by the 50th Anniversary Congress of United Nations Commission on International Trade Law at

Silk Road Economic Belt: Can Old BITs Fulfill China’s New Initiative?, Journal of World Trade 734-754, August 2016, SSCI, ISSN 1011-6702, impact factor 0.64. ERA journal ranking: B.

Protecting Non-indigenous Human Remains under Cultural Heritage Law, 14 Chinese Journal of International Law 709, 709-733 (2015), SSCI, ISSN 1540-1650, impact factor 0.609. ERA journal ranking: B.

Challenges and Solutions for the China-US BIT Negotiations: Insights from the Recent Development of FTZs in China, 18 Journal of International Economic Law 307, 307-339 (June 2015) SSCI, ISSN 1369-3034, impact factor 0.938. ERA journal ranking: A.

Maritime Archaeology and Identification of Historic Shipwrecks: A Legal Perspective, 44 Marine Policy 256, 256-264 (February 2014) SSCI, ISSN: 0308-597X, impact factor 2.621. ERA journal ranking: B.

Chasing Provenance: Protecting States with a Verifiable Link to Underwater Cultural Heritage,84 Ocean and Coastal Management 220, 220-25(November 2013)SSCI, ISSN 0964-5691, impact factor 1.747.

Odyssey's Treasure Ship: Salvor, Owner, or Sovereign Immunity, 44 Ocean Development and International Law 170, 170-84 (Spring 2013) SSCI, ISSN 0090-8320, impact factor 0.944. ERA journal ranking: C.

Range Far Your Eye Over Long Vistas: An Assessment of The Cross-Strait Bilateral Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement, 8 Asian Journal of WTO and International Health Law 179, 179-216 (March 2013) SSCI, ISSN: 1819-5164, impact factor 0.419.

Negotiating The First Bilateral Investment Agreement between Mainland China and Taiwan: Difficulties and Solutions, 42 Hong Kong Law Journal 971, 971-1000 (December 2012) SSCI, ISSN: 0378-0600, impact factor 0.2. ERA journal ranking: B.

TPP v. ECFA: Similarities, Differences, and China’s Strategies, 12 The China Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Greater China 85, 85-111 (Fall 2012) SSCI, ISSN 1680-2012, impact factor 0.500. ERA journal ranking: C.

Legal Battles over Underwater Historic Shipwrecks in High Seas, 3 Law of the Sea Report of American Society of International Law (September 2012),

Implement the ECFA: Prospects of a Bilateral Investment Agreement between Mainland China and Taiwan, 5 Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies 127, 127-56 (June 2012) Emerald indexed.

Conflicts between Civil Law and Common Law in Judgment Recognition and Enforcement: When is the Finality Dispute Final?,29 Wisconsin International Law Journal 70, 70-109, (Spring, 2011), impact factor 2.7. ERA journal ranking: A.

Interregional Recognition and Enforcement of Civil and Commercial Judgments: Lessons for China from US and EU Laws, 6 Journal of Private International Law 109, 109-154 (April, 2010), impact factor 1.9. ERA journal ranking: A.

Direct Application of International Business Law in Chinese Courts: Intellectual Property, Trade, and International Transportation, 5 Manchester Journal of International Economic Law 105, 105-42 (2008). ERA journal ranking: C.

Overturning a Final Judgment Tainted by Fraud: A Comparison Between Mainland China and Hong Kong, 15 Willamette Journal of International Law& Dispute Resolution 47, 47-74 (2007), impact factor 1.4. ERA journal ranking: C.


International Business Transactions: A Chinese and Comparative Perspective (as chief editor and major author, forthcoming by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press China in 2017)

Interregional Recognition and Enforcement of Civil and Commercial Judgments: Lessons for China from US and EU Laws (Hart Publishing of the United Kingdom in February 2014)
---Reviewed by Armenopoulos (the Thessaloniki Bar Review) in May 2014, by Rabels Zeitschrift (The Rabel Journal of Comparative and International Private Law) in April 2015.
---First Prize of Excellent Scholarship of the Year 2015, awarded by the China Society of Private International Law.
---Nomination Award of the Dong Biwu Prize for Youth Research in Law, 2015. (Dr. Dong Biwu was the first chief justice of People’s Republic of China).

Book Review (sole-authored)

Book Review Comparative Commercial Contracts: Law, Culture and Economic Development (Hornbook Series) by BORIS KOZOLCHYK, 65 International & Comparative Law Quarterly 768-770 (July 2016), SSCI impact factor 0.423, ISSN: 0020-5893. DOI:

Book Chapters (sole-authored) (sole-authored)

Expanding the E-Commerce Chapter in ChAFTA: A Green Box, Orange Box and Red Box Approach, in The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: A 21st-Century Model (Bloomsbury Publishing, forthcoming 2017)

Nationwide Regulatory Reform Starting from China’s Free Trade Zones: The Case of Negative List of Non-Conforming Measures, in Investment Law and Arbitration in the Asia-Pacific Region: Current Practice, Emerging Issues, and Future Prospects (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2017)

In Chinese

Articles (sole-authored)

The Development of Dispute Resolution Mechanism in Shanghai FTZ and the Innovation of Relevant National Legal System, Zhongshang University Journal (Philosophy and Social Science edition) 176-184 (September 2014), ISSN 1000-9639, CSSCI.

The New Arbitration Rule Promoting Intellectual Property Arbitration in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Wenhui Daily, April 20, 2014.

2012 US Model BIT and TPP Investment Chapter: Challenges or Opportunities for China?, Global Law Review (August 2013) CSSCI, ISSN: 1002-896X, impact factor 0.4659.

The Impact of TPP upon ECFA and China’s Strategies, Journal of International Trade, 40-48 (August 2012) CSSCI, ISSN: 1002-4670, impact factor 0.7891.

Analysis of Mainland Capital Investing in Taiwan—From the Perspective of ECFA, Hebei Law Review, (2011, No.3), ISSN: 1002-3933, Impact factor: 0.2218.

Chinese Multilateral Recognition and Enforcement Arrangement for Civil and Commercial Judgments: Proposed Solutions for Four Critical Challenges, Journal of International Business Research (2010, No.6), ISSN: 1006-1894.

Suing Your American Business Partners in Their Home: An Analysis of Subject Matter Jurisdiction in U.S. Federal District Courts, Journal of International Business Research, 45-52 (2008, No.2), ISSN: 1006-1894.

An Analysis of the Obligation of Preservation of Goods in the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980), Journal of International Trade Law104-114(2006, No.1).

An Analysis of Article 79 of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980), Journal of International Business Research 62-65 (2002, No.5).

The First Step to Reforming Chinese Law for Foreign Commerce and Trade after China’s Accession to the World Trade Organization: the Revised Chinese Joint Venture Law, China Northern Economy and Trade Journal 45-46 (2002, No. 12).

Books (sole-authored)

China’s Free Trade Agreement Strategy: a Critical Study in the Context of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (Shanghai People’s Press, January 2016, ISBN 978-7-208-13469-0/D·2778).

Legal Theory of International Commercial Arbitration and Its Practical Implications (Peking University Press, May 2010).(Translation of Emmanuel Gaillard, Aspects philosophiques du droit de l’arbitrage international [Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2008]).

Book Chapters

Entries from “OECS” to “Shanghai Accord,” in WTO Law Dictionary (Law Press China, 2006) (with Xingguo Ye).

Regulations of Foreign Economic Activities, in General Introduction to Chinese Law for Foreign Commerce 210-89(Law Press China, 2005).

New Regulations of Foreign Investment in China, in Harmonization with WTO Laws: The New Chinese Legal System for Foreign Economy and Trade, 347-425 (People’s Press Shanghai China, 2003).

The Relationship between the GATT/WTO Laws and American Domestic Laws, in WTO Members’ Reforms after Their Accession to the WTO, 67-76 (People’s Press Shanghai China, 2003).

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