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Publications by Josh Pallas

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Engel, S., Pallas, J. & Lambert, S. ‘Model United Nations and Deep Learning: Theoretical and Professional Learning’ (2016) Journal of Political Science Education (accepted).

Pallas, J. ‘Hopeless Case or Cause for Hope: Lubanga, Katanga and Gender Justice in the ICC’ (2016), Seoul National University Journal of International Affairs (accepted).

Pallas, J. ‘How can Australia’s Refugee System Combat LGBTIQ Violence?’, Australian Outlook, (Australian Institute for International Affairs) , 3rd May 2016,

Pallas, J. ‘ICC Approves Georgia Investigation’, Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law Online 21st March 2016,

Pallas, J. ‘Fanon – Revolution’, Critical Legal Thinking, 22nd January 2016,

Pallas, J. ‘Fanon on Violence and the Person’, Critical Legal Thinking, 20th January 2016,

Pallas, J. ‘Frantz Fanon – contextualising the man’, Critical Legal Thinking, 18th January 2016,

Pallas, J. ‘Sexual Violence and War: Bodies and Meanings’ (2015) 10 Yemaya Journal of Gender and Sexuality 78.

Engel, S. & Pallas, J. International relations theory and the UN: A short primer, (2015) The United Nations System Today: Linking with International Relations Theory,

Pallas, J. ‘Climate Change Displacement: An Issue Now, Or in the Future?’, Insights (Young Australians in International Affairs), 12th November 2015,!Climate-Change-Displacement-An-Issue-Now...

Pallas, J. ‘Australia’s Mounting Pressure on Climate Change’, Australian Outlook, (Australian Institute for International Affairs), 13th August 2015,

Pallas, J. ‘Bashir’s Escape: The Sound of the Death Knell for the ICC?’ Australian Outlook (Australian Institute for International Affairs), 26th June 2015,

Conference Papers:

Pallas, J. ‘Who’s Afraid of International Criminal Law and Emotions?’, (Paper will be presented at the First International Conference on Contemporary and Historical Approaches to Emotion, University of Wollongong, 7th December 2016).

Pallas, J. ‘LGBTIQ Asylum Seekers in Australia – An analysis of Recent Case Law’, (Paper will be presented at a Curtin LGBTIQ Collaborative Research Network Seminar, Curtin University, 15th September 2016).

Pallas, J. ‘Emotions in ICL and the Lubanga Case: A Gap Worth Filling’, (Paper will be presented at the Fourth Annual International Criminal Law Workshop: Politics and International Criminal Law, University of Western Australia, 15th September 2016).

Pallas, J. ‘After Discretion – Queer Refugees and the Common Law’, (Paper presented via skype at the Proud in Europe?, University of Amsterdam, 5th August 2016).

Pallas, J. ‘Queer subjects and Australian Refugee Law: An exercise in boundary policing and ventriloquism’, (Paper presented at the Seventh Oceanic Conference on International Studies, University of Queensland, 4th July 2016).

Pallas, J. ‘Queer Refugees in Australia: Assessing the current state of play’, (Paper presented at the Politics and International Studies Research Day, University of Wollongong 19th April 2016).

Pallas, J. ‘The UN and Defining Terrorism: Meaningful Engagement or Mindless Filibustering’, (Paper presented at the Politics and International Studies Research Week Roundtable, University of Wollongong, 16th April 2015).

Pallas, J. ‘Understanding the Appeal of the Islamic State: A Fanonian Reading’, (Paper presented at Philosophy Society Seminar, University of Wollongong, 30th March 2015).

Pallas, J. ‘Hopeless Case or Cause for Hope: Gender Justice in the ICC’, (Paper presented at National Law Honours Students Conference, University of Technology, Sydney, 6th December 2014).

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