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McBeth A, Nolan J & Rice S The International Law of Human Rights, OUP (2nd edition, 2017)

McBeth A, Nolan J & Rice S The International Law of Human Rights, OUP (2011)

For reviews see:

Human Rights Law Review 13 (2013) 603-619

Australian Journal of Human Rights 2012 Vol 18(2) 241 

Hearsay: The Journal of the Bar Association of Queensland Issue 55 (April 2012)

Edited Books
Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice (Routledge UK, April 2016) (co-edited with Dorothee Baumann-Pauly).

For reviews see:

 Business Ethics Quarterly (2017) 27(4), 645-647, here

Business and Human Rights Journal  Vol. 2(1) (2017)185-187 here

Anuario Mexicano De Derecho International Vol. XVIII Jan-Dec 2017, here

Australian Journal of Human Rights Vol. 22 No 2 November 2016 pp185-190

Book Chapters

Nolan J. 'Human rights and global supply chains: is effective supply chain accountability possible?' in Building a Treaty on Business and Human Rights : Context and Contours. Editors: Deva S, Bilchitz D. Cambridge University Press, UK 30 Oct 2017 pp238-265.

 'Regulating Human Rights and Responsibilities in Global Supply Chains' in The Social Effects of Global Trade. Editors: Murray J, Malik A, Geschke A. Pan Stanford, USA 2017

'Business and Human Rights in Context' in Baumann-Pauly & Nolan (eds) Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice (Routledge UK, April 2016) 2-10.

'Mapping the Movement: the regulatory framework for business and human rights' in Baumann-Pauly & Nolan (eds) Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice (Routledge UK, April 2016) 32-50.

‘Setting and Enforcing Industry-Specific Standards for Human Rights – the Role of Multi-stakeholder Initiatives (MSIs) in Regulating Corporate Conduct’  (co-authored with Baumann-Pauly, Labowitz, &  van Heerden) in Baumann-Pauly & Nolan (eds) Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice (Routledge UK, April 2016) 107-127.

‘The Future of Business and Human Rights' (co-authored with D Baumann-Pauly and M Posner) in Baumann-Pauly & Nolan (eds) Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice (Routledge UK, April 2016) 316-320.

Rana Plaza: The Collapse of a Factory in Bangladesh and its Ramifications for the Global Garment Industry' in Baumann-Pauly & Nolan (eds) Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice (Routledge UK, April 2016) 27-30.

'A business and human rights treaty?' in Baumann-Pauly & Nolan (eds) Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice (Routledge UK, April 2016) 70-72.

'From Principles to Practice: Implementing Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights' in J Martin &  K Bravo The Business and Human Rights Landscape Cambridge, 2015, 387-413. 

 ‘All care, no responsibility?' in Blecher L, Kaymar Stafford N, and Bellamy G (eds)  Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights Impacts: New Expectations and Paradigms,  (2014)  American Bar Association 3-26.

‘The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights: Soft Law or Not Law?’ in S Deva and D Bilchitz (eds) Human Rights Obligations of Business: Beyond the Corporate Responsibility to Respect? Cambridge University Press, 2013, 138-161.

 ‘Engaging Business in the Business of Human Rights’ (co-authored with Auret van Heerden) in M Pedersen and D Kinley (eds) Principled Engagement: Negotiating Human Rights in Repressive States, Ashgate,  2013, 153-170.

'The International Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms' (co-authored with Adam McBeth) in International Corporate Legal Responsiblity (Ed. Stephen Tully) Wolters Kluwer, The Netherlands, 2012, pp175-274.

 'The nexus between human rights and business: Defining the sphere of corporate responsibility' in Sanctions Accountability and Governance in a Globalised World J Farrell and K Rubenstein (eds) 2009 Cambridge University Press pp217-238.

'Human Rights, Corporations and the Global Economy - An International Law Perspective'(co authored with David Kinley)  in Handbook of Research on Global Corporate Citizenship Scherer, Andreas Georg & Palazzo, Guido (Eds) Cheltenham UK and Northampton MA; Edward Elgar 2008 pp343-373

'The norms are dead! Long live the norms!' The politics behind the UN human rights norms for corporations' in (co authored with David Kinley and Natalie Zerial)The New Corporate Accountability; Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law (Editors: Doreen McBarnet, Aurora Voiculescu & Tom Campbell), Cambridge University Press, 2007.

'Can Codes of Conduct Play a Role in Promoting Workers' Rights?' (co-authored with M Posner) in R. Flanagan & W. Gould (ed) International Labor Standards; Globalization, Trade and Public Policy, Stanford University Press, 2003, 207-226

Peer Reviewed Articles 

Farbenblum B. and Nolan, J. 'The Business of Migrant Worker Recruitment: Who has the Responsibility and Leverage to Protect Rights?' Texas International Law Journal  Vol. 52 Issue 1 (2017) 1-44.

 'Business and human rights:The challenge of putting principles into practice and regulating global supply chains' Alternative Law Journal  2017, Vol. 42(1) 42–46.     

Baumann-Pauly, D., Nolan, J., van Heerden, A., Samway, M.: 'Industry-Specific Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives That Govern Corporate Human Rights Standards – Legitimacy Assessments of the Fair Labor Association and the Global Network Initiative' Journal of Business Ethics, Special Issue: Industry-Specific Corporate Responsibility: Empirical Observations and Theoretical Implications, Vol.143 Issue 4 July 2017 pp771-787 (published online February 2016)

‘Refining the Rules of the Game: The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights’ Utrecht Journal of International and European Law (2014) 30(78) 7-23:

Justine Nolan, Michael Posner & Sarah Labowitz 'Beyond Kiobel: Alternative Remedies for Sustained Human Rights Protection' The American Journal of International Law Unbound  January 2014 e-48-54. 

Justine Nolan and Luke Taylor 'Corporate Responsibility for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Rights in Search of a Remedy?' Journal of Business Ethics, Volume 87, Issue 2 (2009), 433-451

'The China Dilemma: Internet Censorship and Corporate Responsibility' Asian Journal of Comparative Law Volume 4, Issue 1 2009 Article 3

'Trading and Aiding Human Rights: Corporations in the Global Economy' (co authored with David Kinley) Nordic Journal of Human Rights 25(4) 2008 pp 353-377

'Reflections on the United Nations Human Rights Norms for Corporations' (co-authored with D Kinley and N Zerial) Companies and Securities Law Journal Vol 25 Feb 2007 No. 1 pp 30-42

'Corporate Responsibility in Australia: rhetoric or reality?' Australian Journal of Human Rights Vol 12(2) 2007 pp63-88

'Corporate Accountability and Triple Bottom Line Reporting: Determining the Material Issues for Disclosure' Enhancing Corporate Accountability: Prospects and Challenges Conference Proceedings 8-9 Feb 2006 pp181-210

'With Power comes Responsibility: Human Rights and Corporate Accountability' UNSWLJ Vol 28 No 3 2005 581

'The United Nations' Compact with Business: Hindering or Helping the Protection of Human Rights?' University of Queensland Law Journal Vol 24 No 2 2005 445

'International Standards to Promote Labor Rights'' Columbia Business Law Review, Vol 2000, No. 3, 2000 (co-authored with M. Posner).


Submission to the Attorney General's Department Report Modern Slavery in Supply Chains Reporting Requirement Public Consultation Paper (16 August 2017), 30 October 2017

Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Inquiry into Establishing a Modern Slavery Act (April 28, 2017):

Esther Kiobel et al v Royal Dutch Petroleum et at, Supreme Court of the US, Supplemental Brief of Australian International Law Scholars, Amici Curiae in support of Petitioners, June 12, 2012.

‘Joint submission of international academic human rights programs’ to the UK Parliament Joint Committee on Human Rights Inquiry into business and human rights, 2009

Submission to CAMAC's Corporate Social Responsibility Discussion Paper (Nov. 2005) dated February 23, 2006

Submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services, Inquiry into Corporate Responsibility, September 14, 2005.


Book Reviews

Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol. 26, Issue 4 October 2016, pp565-567. Book review of Corporate Social Responsibility? Human Rights in the New Global Economy  by Walker-Said, C. and Kelly J.D. (eds) (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2015) .

The Australian Journal of Human Rights (2014) Vol. 20 Issue 2. Book review of The Politics of Global Supply Chains by Kate Macdonald (Polity Press, 2014).

The Australian Journal of Human Rights (2013) Vol. 19 Issue 3, 141-146. Book review of The Promise and LImits of Private Power (Richard Locke), Cambridge University Press, 2013.

The Human Rights Defender Vol 21(2)  2012 Book review of Half the Sky: How to Change the World (Nicholas D. Kristof & Sheryl Wudunn),  Virago Press, Great Britain, 2010 (reprint 2012)

The Australian Journal of Human Rights Vol 18 Issue 1 2012 pp185-188. Book review of Surya Deva Regulating Corporate Human Rights Violations: Humanizing Business Routledge, UK, 2012

The Australian Journal of Human Rights Vol 15 No 1 November 2009 pp185-187. Book review of Human Rights and Corporations edited by David Kinley, Ashgate Publishing Company, 2009, 539

The Modern Law Review Limited (2008) 71(3) MLR 494-498. Book reviewof Jennifer A. Zerk, Multinationals and Corporate Social Responsibility, Limitations and Opportunities in International Law, 368 pp, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006

Australian Journal of Political Science Vol. 43, No. 3, September 2008, pp. 569 - 582
Book review of Roger Normand and Sarah Zaidi Human Rights at the United Nations: The Political History of Universal Justice (Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2008), xxxiiþ486 pp.

 UNSWLJ Vol 27 No 3 2004 926. Book review of Retreat from Injustice.

Non refereed papers

‘Is the World Cup Worth Dying For?’ Human Rights Defender Vol. 23 Issue 1 April 2014 26. Also published in UNSW Uniken Issue 73, Spring 2014 (co-authored with Bassina Farbenblum).

'If I were AG.... Companies must uphold human rights' Human Rights Law Centre HRLC Bulletin Vol 79 - November 2012 

'A new frontier in human rights protection: human rights, NGOs and business' (co-authored with Michael Posner) Human Rights Defender Vol 17 Issue August 2008 2-4

Materiality and the Australian Policy Landscape' AccountAbility Forum, Winter 2006 Vol 11

Contribution to (peer review of survey) "Commerce, crime and conflict: Legal Remedies for Private Sector Liability for Grave Breaches of International Law' by Anita Ramasastry and Robert C Thompson, Sept. 2006

'New Mechanism to hold corporations accountable for human rights' Issue 13/1 2004 19 Human Rights Defender

'Human Rights, the Environment and Business' Law Society Journal July 2004 Vol 42 No 6 66

Select Conference Papers

‘Due diligence and human rights: the Australian context’ Roundtable on Human Rights Due Diligence by Companies: Perspectives from Asia and Australia, City University, Hong Kong, August 10-11, 2012.

‘Leading from the Streets’ Amnesty International Roundtable, June 14 2012, Sydney.

'The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights: Soft Law or Not Law?' at the International Conference on The “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework: Charting a Future or Taking the Wrong Turn for Business and Human Rights?, Johannesburg, South Africa, January 23-24 2012.

'Human Rights and Business: an uneasy relationship' Amnesty International Conference Oct 2011, Brisbane.

‘Promises and Pitfalls: the irrelevance of human rights to the marketplace’ at the ANZSIL (Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law) conference,  ANU, July 2-4 2011.

‘Governance gaps in protecting human rights: Engaging business in the business of human rights’ The Third Beijing Forum on Human Rights (October 19-21, Beijing China)

‘Privatising human rights: a positive and sustainable development?’at Sustainable Decision-Making in a Time of Crisis Public and Private Perspectives, Asia Pacific Academy for Business in Society(APABIS) Fourth Annual Conference,  4 & 5 November 2010

‘The limits of ‘soft law’ in protecting human rights’ ANZSIL Conference, University of Victoria, Wellington NZ, July 2-4 2009.

'Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights in Australia: Failed Rhetoric or Future Remedy?' Allens Arthur Robinsons, Sydney May 21, 2009

‘Sphere of Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights: A concept in search of a definition” presented at University of Copenhagen, November 6-7 2008 International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Responsibilities for Human Rights and International Law: Where do we go after the final report of the SRSG on Human Rights and Business?’

‘The China Dilemma- Corporations as Citizens; the human rights accountability gap’ , Asian Law Institute (ASLI) conference,National University of Singapore, May 22 2008

 ‘Internet Censorship: What role for corporations? Amnesty Internatonal Seminar, UNSW May 27 2008.

'The Permeable Limits Of Corporate Responsibility For Human Rights’, The Centre for International and Public Law, ANU, July 2007

'Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations: Building the great firewall of China' ANZSIL Conference, University of Victoria, Wellington NZ, July 2006

‘Corporate Accountability and Triple Bottom Line Reporting: Determining the Material Issues for Disclosure’ Enhancing Corporate Accountability: Prospects and Challenges Conference 8-9 Feb 2006


General Media

'Corporate Dependence on Outsourcing is Resulting in Modern Day Slavery' Global Trade, May 17, 2016

'Business as usual is not an option' The Drum, April 23, 2014 .  Also in The Sydney Morning Herald, April 24 2014 

'Companies shouldn't be able to hand-pass footballs made by children' The Sydney Morning Herald September 24, 2012

Legal, not just moral, liability is key to child labour outrageThe Canberra Times, September 24, 2012

Global scourge of corporate buck-passing on workers' rightsThe Sydney Morning Herald June 10, 2010. (Also featured in The Age and The Canberra Times)

‘On CSR, Human Rights and the State of Play in  Australia’ Law Society Journal July 2009 Vol 47 No. 6 pp22-25

'Free Tibet (Just not on the IOC's time)' May 19 2008, On Line Opinion

'Games spirit stifled under an iron fist' The Age August 4, 2008

'Chasing an ideal through Olympic rings of hope' The Canberra Times Aug 5 2008 

On 25 April 2007, AHRC Deputy Director Justine Nolan was interviewed for Radio Australia regarding a landmark lawsuit that has been filed against Yahoo in the district court of California, USA alleging the internet giant's practices in China have led to human rights violations. Wang Xiaoning and his wife Yu Ling filed the suit and accuse Yahoo of being directly responsible for Wang's arrest, 10 year prison sentence and alleged torture. Justine Nolan discusses the human rights responsiblities of companies like Yahoo and the legal loopholes that currently exist in the field of corporate responsibility.

'Corporations Behaving Badly: firm rules needed' Nov 29 2006 The Canberra Times. View Article

'Ingrained Culture' Nov 28 2006 The Courier Mail. View Article

'Style over substance clouds corporate value judgements' April 9 2005 The Age. View Article

'Brought to account: the business of honour in the boardroom', Sydney Morning Herald, July 23, 2004. View Article

'What is a good company?' Opinion, The Age, July 26, 2004. View Article

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