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B1 - Chapters

K Cripps & M Adams, Chapter 23: Indigenous family violence: Pathways forward, in Walker, R., Dudgeon, P. & Milroy, H. (eds) (2014).  Working Together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health and Wellbeing Principles and Practice.  Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet: Canberra.

K Cripps ‘Chapter 11 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Violence’ in Abuse and violence: Working with our patients in general practice, 4th edn (2014). The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners: Melbourne.

K Cripps  & K Nixon, “Child Protection Policy and Indigenous Intimate Partner Violence: Whose Failing to Protect Whom?”, in S Strega, J Krane, S Lapierre & C Richardson (eds) (2013) Failing to Protect: Moving Beyond Gendered Responses.  Fernwood Publishing:  Winnipeg.

K Cripps, 'Chapter 11: Indigenous family violence: Pathways forward', in Purdie, N, Dudgeon, P., & Walker, R. (2010) Working Together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health and Wellbeing Principles and Practice Indigenous mental health.  Australian Council for Education Research: Camberwell.

B. Genat & K Cripps,  'Understanding the determinants of Aboriginal health'  In Keleher, H. & MacDougall, C. (eds) (2011) Understanding Health: a determinants approach 3rd ed.  Oxford University Press: South Melbourne.

J Stanley, K Kovacs, A Tomison & K Cripps, 'Child Abuse and Family Violence in Aboriginal Communities - Exploring Child Sexual Abuse in Western Australia'. Melbourne: National Child Protection Clearinghouse.  A literature review for S Gordon (2002). Putting the picture together:  Inquiry into Response by Government Agencies to Complaints of Family Violence and Child Abuse in Aboriginal Communities. Perth: State Law Publisher p535-624.


C1 - Referreed journal article

K Cripps & J Laurens Protecting Indigenous Children's Familial and Cultural Connections: Reflections on recent amendments to the Care and Protection Act 2007 (NT) (2015) Indigenous Law Bulletin, 8 (17), p11-15.

K Cripps Who’s Failing Who? New Failure to Protect Laws in Victoria and the Impact on Indigenous Mothers and their Children (2014) Indigenous Law Bulletin, 8 (13),  p15-18 .

K Cripps, Indigenous Children’s ‘Best Interests’ at the Crossroads: Citizenship Rights, Indigenous Mothers and Child Protection Authorities (2012) International
Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies
, 5 (12), p25-35.

K Cripps, C Bennett, L Gurrin  & D Studdert, 'Victims of violence among Indigenous mothers living with dependent children' (2009) Medical Journal of Australia, 191, (9), p 481-485.

K Cripps and S C Taylor, 'White man's law, traditional law, bullshit law: customary marriage revisited' (2009). BALAYI: Culture, Law and Colonialism, 10, p 59-72.

K Cripps, 'Indigenous family violence: A statistical challenge' (2008).  INJURY: International Journal of the Care of the Injured, 39(5) p S25-S35.

K Cripps & H McGlade,  ' Indigenous family violence & sexual abuse: considering pathways forward' (2008).  Journal of Family Studies, 14 (2-3), p 240-253.

K Cripps, 'Indigenous family violence: From emergency measures to committed long term action' (2007).  Australian Indigenous Law Review 11(2) p6-18. 


R1 - Submissions & Reports

K Cripps & J Laurens, Aboriginal family violence: Exploring its dimensions to inform effective responses in NSW.  Aboriginal Affairs NSW (2015).

K Cripps, L Miller & D Yarram, Resistance and Renewal: Building and Supporting Community-led Partnerships Inititatives REsponding to Family VIolence in Indigenous Communities in Victoria.  Community Report.  Indigenous Law Centre, UNSW (2012).

K Cripps & K Bowers, Submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission into Family Violence and Commonwealth Laws, Indigenous Law Centre (2011).

K Cripps, Indigenous Family Violence and its Impacts on Indigenous Children.  Expert Paper commissioned by Victorian Government, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (2009).

Indigenous Women's Ministerial Advisory Committee,  Appropriate consultative mechanisms for Indigenous women in Victoria. In-Confidence Report for Minister Morand (2008).

Indigenous Women's Ministerial Advisory Committee, Indigenous Women's Ministerial Advisory Committee Outcomes Report 2006-2007.  In-Confidence Report for Minister Morand (2007).

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