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Book Chapter
L.Butterly and E. J. Techera, ‘Critical Linkages: Trans-­jurisdictional approaches to advancing Indigenous marine governance’ in C. Holley, J. Gray and R. Rayfuse, Trans-jurisdictional Water Law and Governance (Earthscan Studies in Water Resource Management, Abingdon UK, 2016) 79.

Peer Reviewed Publications
L. Butterly and R. Pepper, 'Are Courts Colour Blind to Country? Indigenous Cultural Heritage, Environmental Law and the Australian Judicial System' (2017) 40(4) UNSWLJ (forthcoming).

L. Butterly, A. Kwaymullina and B. Kwaymullina, 'Opportunity is There for the Taking: Legal and Cultural Principles to Re-Start Discussion on Aboriginal Heritage Reform in WA' (2017) 91(5) Australian Law Journal 365.

A. Kwaymullina, B. Kwaymullina and L. Butterly, 'Opportunity Lost: Changes to Aboriginal Heritage Law In Western Australia' (2015) 8(16) Indigenous Law Bulletin 24.

L. Butterly, 'Changing Tack: Akiba and the Way Forward for Indigenous Marine Governance' (2014) 17(1) Australian Indigenous Law Review 2.

L. Butterly, 'Clear Choices in Murky Waters: Leo Akiba on behalf of the Torres Strait Regional Seas Claim Group v Commonwealth of Australia' (2013) 35(1) Sydney Law Review 237. Available at:

A. Kwaymullina, B. Kwaymullina and L. Butterly, 'Living Texts: A Perspective on Published Sources, Indigenous Research Methodologies and Indigenous Worldviews' (2013) 6(1) International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies (online journal). Available at

L. Butterly 'Keeping the Engine Room Running: Key Themes and Developments in Water Resources Management in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia' (2012) 15(2) Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy 191.

Casenotes and Briefing notes
L. Butterly, ‘Briefing Note: What you need to know before the Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review report is released’ (2015) 30 (6 – 7) Australian Environment Review 141.

L. Butterly, ‘Update on Aboriginal heritage in the West: Successful judicial review application and debate surrounding legislative reform’ (2015) 30 (4 – 5) Australian Environment Review 104.

L. Butterly and J. Ruru, 'Indigenous fishing rights' [2014] New Zealand Law Journal 47.

L. Butterly, 'For the reasons given in Akiba...': Karpany v Dietman [2013] HCA 47' (2014) 8(10) Indigenous Law Bulletin 23.

L. Butterly, ‘Unfinished Business in the Straits: Akiba v Commonwealth of Australia [2013] HCA 33' (2013) 8(8) Indigenous Law Bulletin 3.

L. Butterly and E. Fearis, 'Casenotes: Public Service Association (SA) Inc v Industrial Relations Commission (SA)' (2012) 20 Australian Journal of Administrative Law 11.

Online publications
L. Butterly ‘A decade on: What happened to the historic Blue Mud Bay case (and why is it in the news again)?‘ on AUSPUBLAW (20 June 2017)

S. Brennan and L. Butterly, 'High Court sharply divided in latest native title case', AUSPUBLAW blog (18 June 2015)‐court--‐sharply--‐divided--‐in--‐latest--‐native--‐title--‐case/

L. Butterly and B. Richardson, 'Marine park review looks set to repeat past mistakes’, The Conversation, 14 October 2014:

L. Butterly, 'Native title rights, regulations and licences: the Torres Strait Sea Claim', The Conversation, 8 August 2013:

L. Butterly, C. Duarte and B. Kwaymullina, 'Environment Day 2013: Caring for Country, including Sea Country, brings value to society', The Conversation, 5 June 2013:

National Indigenous Radio Service: 'Heritage researchers condemn proposed WA law changes' (2 April 2015)

Radio Adelaide: 'Commonwealth Marine Parks: Plans or Procrastination?' (26 October 2014)

ABC Radio National Breakfast: 'High Court Rules on Fishing' (7 August 2013)

ABC The World Today: 'High Court recognizes commercial fishing rights for Torres Strait Islanders' (7 August 2013)

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