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Publications by Leon Terrill

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Beyond Communal and Individual Ownership: Indigenous Land Reform in Australia (Routledge, 2016)

Native Title From Mabo to Akiba: A Vehicle for Change and Empowerment? (Federation Press, 2015) (with Sean Brennan, Megan Davis and Brendan Edgeworth)

Book chapters

‘Change from the Ground Up: The Intervention and Aboriginal Land Reform’ in Elisabeth Baehr and Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp (eds) "... and there'll be NO dancing". Perspectives on Governmental Policy Impacting Indigenous Australia since 2007 (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017).

'Neoliberal rhetoric and guardian state outcomes in Aboriginal land reform' in Will Sanders (ed), Engaging Indigenous Economy: Debating Diverse Approaches (CAEPR Research Monograph No. 35, ANU Press, 2016).

'Hernando de Soto and Empowerment through Land Tenure Reform' in Sean Brennan, Megan Davis, Brendan Edgeworth and Leon Terrill, Native Title From Mabo to Akiba: A Vehicle for Change and Empowerment? (Federation Press, 2015).

'The Idea of Native Title as a Vehicle forChange and Indigenous Empowerment' in Sean Brennan, Megan Davis, Brendan Edgeworth and Leon Terrill, Native Title From Mabo to Akiba: A Vehicle for Change and Empowerment? (Federation Press, 2015) (with Sean Brennan, Megan Davis and Brendan Edgeworth).

Journal articles

'Township Leases and Economic Development in Northern Territory Aboriginal Communities' (2017) 43(2) Monash University Law Review 463.

'Two New Township Leases on Aboriginal Land in the Northern Territory' (2017) 91 Australian Law Journal 370

'Converting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land in Queensland into Ordinary Freehold' (2015) 37(4) Sydney Law Review 519. 

'The language we use to debate Aboriginal land reform in Australia' (2014-15) 18(1) Australian Indigenous Law Review 24.

'What price to pay? Home ownership on Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory' (2013) 8(9) Indigenous Law Bulletin 12.

'Five years on: Confusion, illusion and township leasing on Aboriginal land' (2011) 1 Property Law Review 160.

'Indigenous Land Reform: An Economic or Bureaucratic Reform?' (2010) 7(17) Indigenous Law Bulletin 3.

'The Days of the Failed Collective: Communal Ownership, Individual Ownership and Township Leasing in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory' (2009) 32(3) University of New South Wales Law Journal 814.

Other articles and publication

What it means to defund the Indigenous Law Centre, The Power to Persuade, 14 November 2014. 

'What is Township Leasing?' (2014) Indigenous Law Centre Research Brief .

'Aboriginal land reform: beyond the mystique' (2013) 118 Precedent 20.

'Editorial: Indigenous issues in Australia' (2013) 118 Precedent 2.

'Aboriginal land rights – is there a new consensus?' (2010) 4 Court of Conscience 8.

Select presentations and conferences

'Indigenous Land and Economic Empowerment 25 Years After Mabo', Social Impact Festival, Perth, 21 July 2017.

'The Past and Future of Debate about Indigenous Land Tenure Reform', National Native Title Conference 2017, Townsville, 7 June 2017.

'Land Reform and Economic Development on Indigenous Land', National Law Reform Conference, Australian National University, 15 April 2016.

'Indigenous land reform: when is freehold better than leasehold?', National Native Title Conference 2015, Port Douglas, 18 June 2015.

'Neo-liberal rhetoric and guardian state outcomes in Aboriginal land reform', Engaging Indigenous Economy Conference, CAEPR, Canberra, 5 September 2014.

'The Invisible Hand? Clarifying the Role of Government in Aboriginal Land Tenure Reform', Association for Law, Property and Society Conference, Vancouver, 1 May 2014.

'Indigenous property in Australia today: from land rights to land reform', Universidad Católica de Santiago, Chile, 10 October 2013.

'Indigenous Land Rights in Australia: Legislation and Litigation', Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile, 9 October 2013.

'Alternative approaches to developing a land reform model', Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, Australian National University, Canberra, 28 November 2012.

'Tenure Security: Concept and Implementation', Land Reform Branch, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Canberra, 27 November 2012.

'Indigenous land reform: what is the real aim of the reforms?', National Native Title Conference 2010, National Convention Centre, Canberra, 2 Jun 2010.

'Township Leasing and Aboriginal Land Reform in the Northern Territory', UNSW Indigenous Research Showcase, University of New South Wales, Sydney, 10 Nov 2009.


Leon Terrill, Submission number 269 to Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs, Inquiry into the Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill 2011 and two related bills, 1 February 2012

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