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Publications by Lisa Toohey

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  • L Toohey, C B. Picker and J Greenacre (eds) China In The International Economic Order: New Directions and Changing Paradigms, (Cambridge University Press, New York,  2015)  Google Books Link

  • L Toohey, P Catania and L Turner, Domain Names and Trademarks (Lawbook Co, Sydney 2001).

Book Chapters

  • Lisa Toohey, “Politics, Power and Process: The TPP & Dispute Settlement Choices for Asian States” in Julian Chaise, Henry Gao and Chang-fa Lo (eds),  The Transpacific Partnership: A Paradigm Shift in International Trade Regulation (Oxford University Press, London, in press for 2017).

  • Lisa Toohey, “Observing the Small Gestures: 
Human Rights Vectors in the Vietnamese Trade Law Environment” in Ljiljana Biukovic and Pitman Potter (eds) Local Engagement with International Economic Law and Human Rights, (Edward Elgar, in press for late 2016/ early 2017).

  • L Toohey, “Regarding China: China’s First Decade in the WTO”  in L Toohey, C B. Picker and J Greenacre (eds) China In The International Economic Order: New Directions and Changing Paradigms, (Cambridge University Press, New York,  2015) 27-42.

  • C B. Picker &  L Toohey, “China in the International Economic Order” in L Toohey, C B. Picker and J Greenacre (eds) China In The International Economic Order: New Directions and Changing Paradigms, (Cambridge University Press, New York,  2015) 19-27.

  • CB Picker & L Toohey ‘The Role of Legal Culture in an Increasingly Heterogeneous WTO’ in W. Choi (ed) The WTO at Twenty (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015) 7-20. (view here)

  • L Toohey, G Moens, D Peacock, 'Australia' in M Bonell (ed), A New Approach to International Contracts (Kluwer Law International, Australia 1999) 19-54.


Journal Articles

  • L Toohey, "Reinvigorating the WTO from the Inside Out - Revisiting the Role of the Secretariat" (2014) 9(2) Asian Journal of WTO  and International Health Law and Policy 385-405.  (on Hein Online)
  • L Toohey and J Crowe, "The Illusory Reference Of Transitional States And Non-Market Economy Status"  (2014) 2(2) Chinese Journal of Comparative Law 314-336. (on Oxford Journals)
  • L Toohey, "Accession as Dialogue: Epistemic Communities and the World Trade Organization" (2014) 27(2) Leiden Journal of International Law 397-418. (on Cambridge Journals)

  • L Toohey and K Curnow, “A Focus on Process: Procedures to Address Disputes about End of Life Decisions” (2013) 24 Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal 45-53.  (on Westlaw or

  • L Toohey, "Barriers to Universal Membership of the World Trade Organisation"  (2012)  19 Australian International Law Journal 97-115.  (on SSRN)

  • L Toohey and C Picker, "Legal Culture and Trade Disputes: Vietnam’s  Increasing Capacity to Engage with the WTO"  (2012)  10 Jurisprudence Journal 105-111.   (on SSRN)

  • L Toohey, "China and the World Trade Organization: The First Decade" (2011) 60 International and Comparative Law Quarterly  788-978. (on Cambridge Journals  or SSRN)

  • L Toohey & D Toohey, “Achieving Quality Outcomes  in Community Titles Disputes:  A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Approach” (2010) 37 Monash University Law Review 298-316.  (On SSRN)

  • L Toohey, “Judicialization, Juridification, and Legalization:  Themes in Comparative Legal Scholarship of Vietnam”  (2010)  LawAsia Journal 179-190. (On SSRN)

  • L Toohey & J Crowe  “From Good Intentions to Ethical Outcomes: The Paramountcy of Children’s Interests In the Family Law Act”  (2009) 33(2) Melbourne University Law Review 391-414. (On SSRN)

  • L Toohey, 'Boi Thuong Thiet Hai Do Chat Doc Da Cam O Viet Nam' (2006) Nghien Cuu Lap Phap (Journal of Legislative Studies, the Official Journal of the National Assembly of Vietnam). (On Academia)

  • L Toohey, 'Between Cancun and Hong Kong: The Agenda of the WTO's Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and the Tensions of Development' (2005) 9 Southern Cross University Law Review 235-255. (On SSRN)

  • L Toohey, 'Compensation for Agent Orange in Vietnam' (2005) 13 (2) Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution 287-319. (On Hein Online)

  • L Toohey, 'WTO and East Asia: New Perspectives' (2005) 16 (1) LawAsia Journal 201-203.  [Review]

  • L Toohey, 'WTO Oriented Telecommunications Reform in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam' (2003-2004) LawAsia Journal  79-101.

  • L Toohey, 'Mediating Intellectual Property Disputes'  (2003) ADR Bulletin 27-34.

  • L Toohey, 'Rights, Remedies and Relationships: Resolving Disputes Through Mediation' (2003) 55 Intellectual Property Forum 24-29.

  • L Toohey, G Moens, D Peacock, 'A New Approach to International Commercial Contracts: The UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts--The Australian Experience' (2000) 5 International Trade & Business Law Annual 219-254.

  •  L Toohey, G Moens, 'The Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot 1996-1997' (1999) 4 International Trade and Business Law Annual 215-278.

Other Publications

  • L Toohey, 'Hearing the Developing Voice in the WTO: The Role of Civil Society in the WTO's Dispute Settlement Process', 4th Biennial Conference of the Aoteroa New Zealand, (Centre of Development Studies: University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand 2005) 59-63.

  • L Toohey, 'Transplanted Constitutionalism or Transplanted Constitutions? The Application of Transplantation Theory to Constitutional Reform', Constitutional Renewal in the Pacific Islands, Port Vila, Vanuatu 2005.


Conference Presentations

  • L Toohey, 'Legal Information Use in Negotiation Post-Separation Parenting Arrangements: A Pilot Study',  Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network, Hobart, December 2016.
  • L Toohey, 'Structural and Cultural Obstacles to the Mediation of Investment Disputes',  Taiwan International Conference on Arbitration and Mediation, Taipei, August 2016.
  • L Toohey, 'Dispute Settlement and Diversity: New Conditions, New Models?',  Society of International Economic Law Biennial Conference, Johannesburg, July 2016.
  • L Toohey, ‘Process, Power & Politics: The TPP and Dispute Settlement Choices for Asian States’,  Chinese University of Hong Kong Conference - The Transpacific Partnership (TPP): A Paradigm Shift in International Trade Regulation? Hong Kong, May 2016.
  • L Toohey,  ‘Mediation in International Trade Disputes: Challenges & Opportunities for the Asia-Pacific Region’,  Asia Pacific Mediation Forum, Lombok, February 2016.
  • L Toohey, 'Eastphalia, Asian Regionalism and Trade Architecture' Joint Asian International Economic Law Conference, Bali, July 2015.
  • L Toohey, 'The 'Behavioural Turn' in Mediation: Implications for Mediation Theory'  National Mediation Conference, Melbourne, September 2014.
  • L Toohey,  ‘Observing the Small Gestures:  Human Rights Vectors in a Trade Law Environment’,   Onati Conference on Mapping the Impact of International Trade and Human Rights Rules on Local Practice,  Onati, July 2014.
  • L Toohey, 'Reinvigorating the WTO  from the Inside Out – Revisiting the Role of the Secretariat'  Asian WTO Research Network Conference,  Taipei, June 2014.
  • L Toohey, ‘The ‘behavioural turn’ and mediation as self-determination’   ADR Research Network Conference, Brisbane December 2013.
  • L Toohey, ‘Narrative and Coherence:  A Constructivist Study of the WTO Secretariat’   UCL-UNSW Socio Legal and Theoretical Perspectives on International Economic Law,  London,  November 2013.

  • L Toohey, ‘Practice-led research or research-led practice?’   LEADR Conference, Sydney, September 2013.

  • L Toohey, ‘Seeing Red over Green Technologies: Energy Disputes in the World Trade Organization’  Energy Institute Law Workshop, University of New South Wales, September 2013.

  • L Toohey, ‘Processes for the Settlement of International Disputes’, Paper presented at the University of South Carolina, Columbia SC,  March 2013.

  • C Picker and L Toohey, 'Harnessing, Controlling & Ameliorating the Role of Legal Culture in an Increasingly Heterogeneous WTO'  Asian International Economic Law Conference, Seoul, July 2013.

  • L Toohey, 'Regarding China: Perceptions of China in the WTO'  Beyond the WTO:  China in the International Economic Order, Sydney, August 2012.

  • L Toohey, 'China in the WTO: A Retrospective of the First Decade'  Society for International Economic Law Conference, Singapore, July 2012.

  • L Toohey and C Picker, ‘Building  the capacity to engage with international economic law:  A Vietnamese case study’,  Australia and New Zealand Society of International Law Conference of the International Economic Law Interest Group, Sydney, February 2011.

  • L Toohey and D Toohey, ‘Therapeutic Approaches to Community Title Disputes in Queensland’, Non Adversarial Justice Conference, Melbourne, May 2010.

  • L Toohey, ‘Trade Disputes in the ASEAN Region:  A future of forum shopping?’ Building an Asian Economic Community Colloquium, Hanoi, November 2009.

  • L Toohey, ‘Epistemic Communities and the Vietnam’s WTO Accession’ University of Queensland BEL Faculty Research Conference, September 2008.

  • L Toohey, 'Accession as Dialogue: The Case of Transition Economies' Inaugural Conference of the Society for International Economic Law, Geneva, 15—17 July, 2008.

  • L Toohey, 'Beyond the BTA: A Decade of Trade Agreements in Vietnam', LawAsia Trade Law Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2005.


Selected Research Reports and Government Submissions

  • Contributing author to the Law Council of Australia  Submission to the Australian Productivity Commission's Review of Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements (2010).
  • L Toohey, Submission to the Tribunals Review Panel on the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Bill and Jurisdiction Provisions Amendment Bill (2009)
  • L Toohey, Azerbaijan Commercial Law/Dispute Resolution Assessment - A Report to the American Bar Association's Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative (2004).

  • L Toohey and others, Regulatory Analysis of the Impact of the Bilateral Trade Agreement Between Vietnam and the United States of America ( 2002).

  • L Toohey and others, The Bilateral Trade Agreement: Implications for the Financial Services Sector (2002).

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