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David Grant and Lyria Bennett Moses, Technology and the Trajectory of Myth (Elgar 2017), and

Edited books

Lyria Bennett Moses, Brendan Edgeworth and Cathy Sherry, Property and Security: Selected Essays (Lawbook Co 2010) (co-editor and co-author of "Introduction")

Book chapters

Chan, J, Johns, F and Bennett Moses, L, 'Academic Metrics and Positioning Strategies' in B Ajana (ed), Metric Culture: Ontologies of Self-Tracking Practices 177-195 (Emerald Publishing 2018)

Bennett Moses, L and Chan, J 2017 'Big Data, Analytics and Predicting Crime' in P Francis and P Davies (eds) Doing Criminological Research. Third Edition. Sage. Forthcoming (Accepted for publication 8/1/17).

Bennett Moses, L, ‘Regulating in the Face of Socio-Technical Change’ Oxford Handbook of the Law and Regulation of Technology (2017);

Lyria Bennett Moses, “The Problem with Alternatives: The Importance of Property Law in Regulating Excised Human Tissue and In Vitro Human Embryos” in Imogen Goold et al (eds), Persons, Parts and Property (Hart, 2014)

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Bridging distances in approach: Sharing ideas about technology regulation" in Ronald Leenes & Eleni Kosta (eds), Bridging distances in technology and regulation (Wolf, 2013) 37-51

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Sui Generis Rules" in Gary E Marchant, Braden R Allenby & Joseph R Heckert (eds), The Growing Gap Between Emerging Technologies and Legal-Ethical Oversight: The Pacing Problem, Vol 7, International Library of Ethics, Law and Technology (Springer 2011) 77

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Equity and Form: Writing Requirements for Equitable Dealings in Personalty" in Lyria Bennett Moses, Brendan Edgeworth and Cathy Sherry, Property and Security: Selected Essays (Pyrmont, NSW: Lawbook Co 2010)

Refereed articles

Crystal Weston, Lyria Bennett Moses and Carrie Sanders, The changing role of the law enforcement analyst: clarifying core competencies for analysts and supervisors through empirical research, Policing and Society (available online at

Bennett Moses L and de Koker L, ‘Open Secrets: Balancing Operational Secrecy and Transparency in the Collection and Use of Data for National Security and Law Enforcement Agencies’ (2017) 41(2) Melbourne University Law Review 530

Bennett Moses L and Chan J, Algorithmic prediction in policing: assumptions, evaluation and accountability, 28(7) Policing and Society 806-822, available online

Lyria Bennett Moses, Artificial intelligence in Legal Practice, Academia and the Courts: Understanding the Implications' (2017) 91(7) Australian Law Journal 561,

Gavin JD Smith, Lyria Bennett Moses and Janet Chan, 'The challenges of doing criminology in the Big Data era: towards a digital and data-driven approach', (2017) 57(2) British Journal of Criminology 259-274, available at:

Janet Chan and Lyria Bennett Moses, 'Making Sense of Big Data for Security' (2016) 57(2) British Journal of Criminology 299-319, available at

Janet Chan and Lyria Bennett Moses, 'Is Big Data Challenging Criminology' (2016) 20 Theoretical Criminology 21-39

Lyria Bennett Moses, Nicola Gollan and Kieran Tranter, The Productivity Commission: a different engine for law reform?, (2015) 24(4) Griffith Law Review 657-686

Lyria Bennett Moses and Janet Chan, "Using Big Data for Legal and Law Enforcement Decisions: Testing the New Tools" (2014) 37(2) University of New South Wales Law Journal 643

Roger Clarke and Lyria Bennett Moses, “The regulation of ‘civilian drones’ impacts on public safety” (2014) 30 Computer Law and Security Review 263-285 (

Lyria Bennett Moses and Nicola Gollan, "'Thin' Property and Controversial Subject Matter: Yanner v Eaton and property rights in human tissue and embryos" (2013) 21 Journal of Law and Medicine 307- 311

Lyria Bennett Moses, "How to Think about Law, Regulation and Technology: Problems with "Technology" as a Regulatory Target" (2013) 5(1) Law, Innovation and Technology 1-20

Lyria Bennett Moses and Brendan Edgeworth, "Taking it Personally: Ebb and Flow in the Torrens System's In Personam Exception to Indefeasibility" (2013) 35(1) Sydney Law Review 107-132

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Agents of Change: How the Law 'Copes' with Technological Change', (2011) 20(4) Griffith Law Review 763-794

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Regulating Beyond Nanotechnology", (2011) 30(3) IEEE Technology and Society Magazine 42-48

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Creating Parallels in the Regulation of Content: Moving from Offline to Online", (2010) 33 University of New South Wales Law Journal 581

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Exploring Technological Frontiers: Autonomy in Legal Scholarship" (2010) 30(1) Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society 22-25, at

Lyria Bennett Moses, "The Applicability of Property Law in New Contexts: From Cells to Cyberspace" (2008) 30(4) Sydney Law Review 639-662, at

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Recurring Dilemmas: The Law’s Race to Keep Up with Technological Change" (2007) 7 University of Illinois Journal of Law, Technology and Policy 239-285, at .

Lyria Bennett Moses and Cathy Sherry, "Unregistered Access: Wheeldon v Burrows Easements and Easements by Prescription over Torrens Land" (2007) 81(7) Australian Law Journal 491-510.

Lyria Bennett Moses, "The Legal Landscape Following Technological Change: Paths to Adaption" (2007) 27(5) Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society 408-416, at

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Why Have a Theory of Law and Technological Change" (2007) 8(2) Minnesota Journal  of Law, Science and Technology 589-606, at  

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Recipient Liability and Torrens Title" (2006) 1 Journal of Equity 135-155.

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Understanding Legal Responses to Technological Change: The Example of In Vitro Fertilization" (2005) 6 Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology 505-618, at

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Adapting The Law To Technological Change: A Comparison Of Common Law And Legislation" (2003) 26 University of New South Wales Law Journal 394-418.

Lyria Bennett Moses, Rajeev Goré, Ron Levy, Dirk Pattinson, Mukesh Tiwari, 'No More Excuses: Automated Synthesis of Practical and Verifiable Vote-Counting Programs for Complex Voting Schemes' Second International Joint Conference, E-Vote-ID 2017, Bregenz, Austria, October 24-27, 2017, Proceedings (Springer) 66-83 at
Alana Maurushat, Lyria Bennett-Moses and David Vaile, “Using ‘Big’ Metadata for Criminal Intelligence: Understanding Limitations and Appropriate Safeguards,” Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (June, 2015), p.196.

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Ideas for Technology 'Governance'", Review of Gary E Marchant, Kenneth W Abbott and Braden Allenby (eds), Innovative Governance Models for Emerging Technologies (Edward Elgar, 2013), (2014) 6(2) Law, Innovation and Technology 326-331

Lyria Bennett Moses, “Knowing Receipt of Torrens Land in the Turks and Caicos Islands: Arthur v Attorney-General of the Turks & Caicos Islands” (2013) 7 Journal of Equity 74

Lyria Bennett Moses, "Comment: Property in Sperm" (2011) 1 Property Law Review 135

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