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Homo Capax. Paul Ricoeur's Renewal of Philosophical Anthropology (forthcoming 2018) Studies in the Thought of Paul Ricoeur, Rowman & Littlefield

Biolegalities: A Critical Intervention (forthcoming 2019) Palgrave MacMillan USA, co-author Sonja van Wichelen

Edited Book

Reading Ricoeur through Law (in preparation), Rowland & Littlefield, co-editors George H. Taylor / Eileen Brennan


De Leeuw, M., Human Rights, (under review) Legal Personhood and the Impersonality of Embodied Life, Angelaki, co-author Miguel Vatter


Published (selection)

De Leeuw, M. (2018), Un-signing Geneva: Legal Pragmatics in the Management of Asylum, International Journal of Law in Context, co-author Sonja van Wichelen

De Leeuw., M (2017) Paul Ricoeur's Search for a Just Community. The Phenomenological Presupposition of a life "with, and for others", Etudes Ricoeuriennes/ Ricoeur Studies, Vol. 8. nr. 2, December 2017, 124-142

De Leeuw., M (2017) Hoe te getuigen van het gebroken zelf? Over de verwikkelingen van Harry Kunneman en Paul Ricoeur. Waardenwerk, December 2017 (in Dutch), p.38-45

De Leeuw., M (2016) "The Concept of Life in Helmut Plessner's Philosophical Anthropology", in: POLLEN, Special Issue on Creaturely Life. ed. Harry Glass, Modem Verlag, Berlin, 85-90

De Leeuw., M (2016) "Please Go Wake Up. Hirsi Ali, Submission and the War on Terror", In: Gender and Sexuality in Islam. Critical Concepts in Islamic Studies Vol. 4, ed. Omnia S. El Shahry, Routledge London, 325-340 (co-authored with Sonja van Wichelen), [reprint]

De Leeuw, M., (online 2015/ hard-copy 2016) "Netherlands", in: The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopdia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism, ed. John Stone, Wiley-Blackwell Publishers

De Leeuw, M., (2015) "The Anthropological Presupposition. Paul Ricoeur's Search for the Just.," in Savage, Roger (ed.), Poetics, Praxis, and Critique: Paul Ricoeur in the Age of Hermeneutical Reason, Lexington Publishers, 35-50

De Leeuw, M. (2014) Doing “Integration” in Europe. Postcolonial Frictions in the Making of Citizenship, in Sandra Ponzanesi (ed) Postcolonial Conflict Zones: Globalization and Violence, London and New York: Routledge (co-authored with Sonja van Wichelen).

De Leeuw, M., (2014) “Institutionalizing the Muslim Other: Naar Nederland and the Violence of Culturalism,” in Philomena Essed and Isabel Hoving (eds) Dutch Racism, Amsterdam: Rodopi Press (co-authored with Sonja van Wichelen).

De Leeuw, M. (2012) 'Civilizing Migrants: Integration, Culture and Citizenship' European Journal of Cultural Studies, 15(2): 195–210 (co-authored with Sonja van Wichelen)

De Leeuw, M. (2008) "Transformations of “Dutchness”: From Happy Multiculturalism to the Crisis of Dutch Liberalism’, (co-authored with Sonja van Wichelen) in G. Delanty, P. Jones and R. Wodak (eds) Identity, Belonging, and Migration, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 261-278.

  Translated into Slovenian: (2008) ‘Preoblikovanje “nizozemskosti”: od srečnega multikulturalizma do krize nizozemskega liberalizma’, in Ksenija Vidmar Horvat (ed) The Future of Intercultural Dialogue in Europe: Views from the In-Between [Prihodnost medkulturnega dialoga v Evropi: vmesni pogledi], Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts.

De Leeuw, M. (2006) ‘Violence and Media’ in H. Mamzer (ed.) Formy przemocy w kulturze wspóczesnej [Forms of Violence in Contemporary Culture], (coauthored with Sonja van Wichelen), Poznañ: Adam Mickiewicz University Press, 85-105.

De Leeuw, M. (2005) ‘“Please, Go Wake Up!” Submission, Hirsi Ali, and the “War on Terror” in the Netherlands’, (co-authored with Sonja van Wichelen), Feminist Media Studies, Volume 5(3), November 2005: 325-340. 

      Translated into Dutch and German: (2006) ‘“Submission”, het fenomeen “Ayaan” en de nieuwe ideologische confrontatie’, Tijdschrift voor Gender Studies, Volume 8(4): 44-58. (2006) / ‘Ein neuer  Zivilisationsdiskurs? Der  Film Submission, Ayaan Hirsi Ali und der “Krieg gegen den Terror” in den Niederlanden’, Feministischen Studien, 24(1): 126-143.

De Leeuw, M. (2002) ‘Gentlemen Agreements in the Context of Dutch War History’, in Cynthia Cockburn and Dubravka Zarkov (eds.) The Post War Moment. Militaries, Masculinities and International Peacekeeping, London: Lawrence & Wishart, 162-182.

    Translated in Dutch: (2002) Mannelijke onderonsjes. Over de representatie van militarisme en mannelijkheid in Velazquez 'De overgave van Breda' vs. Karremans 'De opgave van Srebenica', in Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies, 5(2): 4-17.

De Leeuw, M. (2002) ‘Das Unsagbare. Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Hermeneutik des Schweigens” als Auto/Biographische Praxis’ (The Unsayable: Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Hermeneutics of Silence” as Auto/Biographical Practice), in Robert Stockhammer (ed) Grenzwerte des Ästhetischen, Frankfurt a. Main: Suhrkamp, 186-213.



Work in Progress


De Leeuw, M., In Search for the Just. Paul Ricoeur's Legal Philosophy (to be submitted to Chicago UP)

Book Series Editor

De Leeuw, M/ Van Wichelen, S., Biolegalities: Law and Bioscience in the 21th Century (Springer)

Books (Editor)

De Leeuw, M & Van Wichelen, S. (ed), Biolegalities: Legal Personhood


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