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  1. Judicial Review of Administrative Action and Government Liability, (Thomson Reuters, Sydney) co-authored (1st ed 1996; 2nd ed 2000; 3rd ed 2004; 4th ed 2009; 5th ed 2013; 6th ed 2017).

2.   Litigation: Evidence and Procedure (LexisNexis, Sydney, Australia) co-authored (1st ed 1976; 2nd ed 1979; 3rd ed 1982; 4th ed 1988; 5th ed 1995; 6th ed 1998).

3.   Review of Administrative Action, (Law Book Co, Sydney, 1987) co-authored.

  1. Public Torts and Contracts, (Law Book Co, Sydney, 1982) co-authored.
  2. Review of Administrative Action, (Law Book Co, Sydney, 1978) co-authored.


I am also one of two Australian "foreign correspondents" for H Woolf, J Jowell, and A Le Sueur, De Smith's Judicial Review (7th ed, Sweet & Maxwell, London, 2013). My contribution, however, would have been no more than roughly 20 or so pages.



Articles, Reviews, book chapters & Notes

  1. "Between Form and Substance: minimising judicial scrutiny of executive action" (2017) 45 Federal Law Review 519.
  2. "Misfeasance in Public Office: Some Unfinished Business", (2016) 132 Law Quarterly Review 426.
  3. "The Growth of Substantive Review: the Changes, their Causes and their Consequences", ch 6 in J Bell, M Elliott, J Varuhas and P Murray (eds), Public Law Adjudication in Common Law Systems: Process and Substance (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2016).
  4. "Misfeasance in Public Office", in The Law Commission for England and Wales, Misconduct in Public Office: Issues Paper 1 -- The Current Law (2016), Appendix B (online at ).
  5. "Public Law Values in the Common Law", ch 7 in M Elliott and D Feldman (eds) The Cambridge Companion to Public Law (CUP, Cambridge, 2015) 134
  6. "Variable Error of Law?", ch 10 in H Wilberg and M Elliott (eds) The Scope and Intensity of Substantive Review (Hart Publications, Oxford, 2015) 241.
  7. "Jurisdictional Error and Beyond", ch 12 in M Groves (ed) Modern Administrative Law in Australia: Concepts and Context (CUP, Melbourne, 2014) 248.
  8. "Statutory Interpretation or Judicial Disobedience?" UK Const. L. Blog (1st June 2013) (available at
  9. "Subordinate legislation: lively scrutiny or politics in seclusion" (2011) 26(2) Australasian Parliamentary Review 4.
  10. "Commentary on 'Taxation by Discretion'" (2011) 22 Public Law Review 311.
  11. "Misfeasance in Public Office: a Very Peculiar Tort" (2011) 35 Melbourne University Law Review 1.
  12. "Some Australian Reflections on Roncarelli v Duplessis" (2010) 55 McGill Law Journal 615.
  13. "Commentary on 'The entrenched minimum provision of judicial review and the rule of law' by Leighton McDonald" (2010) 21 Public Law Review 35.
  14. "The Great Depression, this Depression and Administrative Law" (2009) 37 Federal Law Review 165.
  15. Vale: a Tribute to Mike Taggart (2009) 20 Public Law Review 175 (co-authored).
  16. Book review of T Cornford, Towards a Public Law of Tort, in (2009) 20 Public Law Review 79.
  17. Process, Quality and Variable Standards: Responding to an Agent Provocateur" in D Dyzenhaus, M Hunt and G Huscroft (eds) A Simple Common Lawyer: Essays in Honour of Michael Taggart (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2009) Ch 2.
  18. "Government Liability in Negligence" (2008) 32 Melbourne University Law Review 44.
  19. "Private Bodies, Public Power and Soft Law in the High Court" (2007) 35 Federal Law Review 1.
  20. "Jurisdictional Error Without the Tears" in M Groves and HP Lee (eds) Australian Administrative Law: Fundamentals, Principles and Doctrines (Cambridge UP, Melbourne, 2007) Ch 21, p 330.
  21. "Nullity", ch 7, in M Groves (ed) Law and Government in Australia (Federation Press, Sydney, 2005) 139.
  22. "Is the ADJR Act Hampering the Development of Australian Administrative Law?" (2005) 12 Australian Journal of Administrative Law 79.
  23. "Is the ADJR Act Hampering the Development of Australian Administrative Law?" (2004) 15 Public Law Review 202.
  24. "Nullity", (2004) 40 AIAL Forum 19.
  25. "Unreasonableness and Error of Law", (2001) 24 UNSW Law Journal 315.
  26. "The Resurgence of Jurisdictional Facts", (2001) 12 Public Law Review 17.
  27. "Criteria for Restricting Collateral Challenge" (1998) 9 Public Law Review 237.
  28. "A Public Lawyer's Responses to Privatisation and Outsourcing", ch 3, in M Taggart (ed) The Province of Administrative Law (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 1997), 40.
  29. "The banality of the lengthy criminal trial", (1996) 18 Sydney Law Review 412.
  30. "Ministerial directions: the battle of the prerogatives", (1995) 6 Public Law Review 77.
  31. Book review of I Freckleton and H Selby Expert Evidence, in (1994) 18 Criminal Law Journal 302.
  32. "Some comments on the Nader Report on Complex Criminal Trials" (1994) 5 Current Issues in Criminal Justice 274.
  33. "An Administrative Appeals Tribunal for New South Wales: Expensive Legalism or Overdue Reform?" (1993) 52 Aust J of Public Administration 208.
  34. "Complex Criminal Trials: AIJA Report" (1992) 66 ALJ 825.
  35. "Directors Trussed up on a Slab?" (co-authored) (1992) 8 Company Director 20.
  36. "Local Government Liability for Substandard Building" (1992) 15 UNSW Law Journal 389.
  37. "Goodbye Hearsay: Hello Relevance - Subjective Statements under section 48 of the New South Wales Evidence Bill 1991" (1991) 65 Australian Law Journal 596.
  38. Contribution to Motor Accidents: the Act and Background Papers (NSW Attorney General's Department, 1989).
  39. Australian commentary on the "Administrative Law" title in the 4th edition of Halsbury's Laws of England (1980) (co-authored).
  40. Book review in (1977) 8 Sydney Law Review 270.
  41. Book review in (1977) 40 Modern Law Review 239.
  42. "Remedies against the bureaucracy", in S. Ross and M. Weinberg (eds) Law For the People (Penguin, 1976).
  43. "Amendments and Limitations Acts" [1975] Law Society Journal (NSW) 184.
  44. "Must the Crown Call Adverse Witnesses?" [1974] Australian Current Law Digest 152 (casenote).
  45. "Hostile Witnesses" [1974] Australian Current Law Digest 151 (casenote).
  46. "Official Representations" [1973] Public Law 4 (casenote).


  1. Managing Complex Criminal Trials: Reform of the Rules of Evidence and Procedure (Australian Institute of Judicial Administration, 1992).
  2. Report of the Review by the Hon James Samios, MBE, MLC, into the Operation of the Racial Vilification Law of New South Wales (1992).


An Australian "foreign correspondent" for H Woolf, J Jowell, and A Le Sueur, De Smith's Judicial Review (7th ed, Sweet & Maxwell, London, 2013).





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