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M Davis and M Langton, 'It’s Our Country: Indigenous Arguments for Meaningful Constitutional Recognition and Reform', (2016) MUP, Melbourne.

M Davis and G Williams, ‘Everything you Need to Know About the Referendum to Recognise Indigenous Australians, (2015) NewSouth, Sydney.

S Brennan, M Davis, B Edgeworth, L Terrill, (2015), Native Title From Mabo to Akiba: A Vehicle for Change and Empowerment? Federation Press, Sydney.

Indigenous Legal Issues: Commentary and Materials (4th ed, Thomson Reuters, 2009) (with Sean Brennan, Heather McRae, Garth Nettheim, Thalia Anthony, Laura Beacroft and Terri Janke).

B1 - Chapter

M Davis, 'Deploying and Disputing Aboriginal Feminism in Australia' in J Green (ed), Making Space for Indigenous Feminism (Fernwood Publishing 2017).

M Davis, 'Indigenous Women and constitutional recognition' in H Irving (ed), Constitutions and Gender (Edward Elgar 2017).

M Davis, 'Self-determination and the right to be heard in Shireen Morris and Noel Pearson' (eds), It's Our Country Indigenous Arguments for Meaningful Constitutional Recognition and Reform (Melbourne University Press 2017) 86-96.

M Davis, 'Intersectional Theory: Where Gender meets Race, Ethnicity and Violence' in Appleby G, Dixon R. (eds), The Critical Judgments Project Re-Reading Monis V the Queen (Federation Press 2016).

M Davis, 'Political Timetables Trump Workable Timetables: Indigenous Constitutional Recognition and the Temptation of Symbolism Over Substance', in Young S, Nielsen J, Patrick J. (ed), Constitutional Recognition of Australia's First Peoples Theories and Comparative Perspectives, (Federation Press 2016).

M Davis, 'Putting Meat on the Bones of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples' in Esmaeili H, Worby G, Tur S. (eds)., Indigenous Australians, Social Justice and Legal Reform Honouring Elliott Johnston (2016).

M Davis, 'Ships that Pass in the Night', M Davis and M Langton (eds) It's Our Country Indigenous Arguments for Meaningful Constitutional Recognition and Reform (Melbourne Univ. Publishing 2016), 86-96.

M Davis, “‘To recognise or not to recognise: The place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution’ 2012 Wentworth Lecture” in Robert Tonkinson (ed.), The Wentworth Lectures: Honouring Fifty Years of Australian Indigenous Studies, (Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra 2015).

M Davis and M Langton, ‘Constitutional reform in Australia: Recognition of Indigenous Australians and Reconciliation’ in P Macklem and D Sanderson (eds) From Reconciliation to Recognition: Essays on the Constitutional Entrenchment of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights (University of Toronto Press, 2016) 449-473.

M Davis (and Robert Cottrell), ‘Positive discrimination/affirmative action with respect to gender and race’ in M Tushnet, T Fleiner and C Saunders (eds) Routledge Handbook on Constitutional Law (Routledge, 2012) 325.

M Davis, ‘Climate change impacts to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia’ in B Randell and E Kronk (eds) Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Search for Legal Remedies (Edgar Elgar Publishing, 2013) 493.

M Davis, ‘Identity, Power and Rights: The State, International Institutions and Indigenous Peoples in Canada’ in Suzana Sawyer and Edmund Terence Gomez (eds) The Politics of Resource Extraction: Indigenous Peoples, Multinational Corporations and the State (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) 230.

M Davis, ‘Justifying Designated Parliamentary Seats: International Law and Indigenous Peoples' Right to Self-Determination’ in Joo- Cheong, Brian Costar and Graeme Orr (eds) Electoral Democracy: Australian Prospects (2011) 78.

M Davis, ‘International Law’ in Nettheim and Beacroft (eds) Indigenous Legal Issues (2009) 649-675.

M Davis, ‘Restorative Justice in South Australia: An Indigenous Bill of Rights’ in Berg, Rigney, Hemming (eds) The Legal Implications of Letters Patent and Founding Documents upon Aboriginal Land in the Colonisation of South Australia (2009) 227-245.

M Davis, ‘The globalisation of international human rights law, aboriginal women and the practice of aboriginal customary law’ in Maureen Cain and Adrian Howe (eds) Feminist perspectives for the new millennium (2007) 137-157.

M Davis, ‘Self-determination and the demise of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission’ in Martin Hinton (ed) Indigenous Australians and the Law (Cavendish Routledge, 2007) 215-232.

M Davis, ‘Arguing over Indigenous rights: Australia and the United Nations’ in Jon Altman and Melinda Hinkson (eds) Coercive Reconciliation: Stabilise, Normalise, Exit Aboriginal Australia (Arena Publications, 2007).

M Davis, “’A Home at the United Nations': Indigenous Peoples and International Advocacy” in William Maley and Andrew Cooper (eds) Global Governance and Diplomacy Worlds Apart? (2008) 211-223.

M Davis, ‘The Recognition of Aboriginal Customary Law and International Law developments’ in Indigenous Peoples: Issues in International and Australian Law (International Law Association (Australian Branch) Martin Place Papers No. 6, 2007), 25-30.

M Davis, ‘Chained to the Past: The Psychological Terra Nullius of Australia’s Public Institutions’ in Tom Campbell, Jeffrey Goldsworthy and Adrienne Stone (eds) Protecting Rights without a Bill of Rights: Institutional Performance and Reform in Australia (Ashgate, 2006), 175-195.

M Davis, ‘Slouching towards Australian Public Libraries: The World Trade Organisation General Agreement on Trade in Services’ in Martin Nakata and Marcia Langton (eds) Australian Indigenous Knowledge and Libraries (Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 2005), 129-147.

M Davis, ‘International Human Rights Law and the Domestic Treaty process’ in Treaty - Lets Get it Right! (Aboriginal Studies Press, 2003), 137-150.

C1 - Refereed journal article

'Seventh Annual Michael Kirby Lecture: Indigenous Australians and the Constitutional Project: The Politics of Discrimination and Why Recognition' is Not Enough', (2015) 17 Southern Cross University Law Review 1.

M Davis, ‘Closing the Gap in Indigenous Disadvantage: A Trajectory of Indigenous Inequality in Australia’, (2015) Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.

S Brennan and M Davis, ‘Koowarta: Constitutional landmark, transition point or missed opportunity?’ (2014) 23 (1) Griffith Law Review 1-13.

M Davis, ‘To Bind or not to Bind: The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Five Years On’ Australian International Law Journal (2013) 17-48.

M Davis, ‘NARRM Oration 2012 - Aboriginal Women: The Right to Self-Determination’ Australian Indigenous Law Review 16 (1) (2012).

M Davis, ‘A reflection on the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and its consideration of Aboriginal women’s issues’, (2012) 15 (1) Australian Indigenous Law Review.

M Davis, ‘A Reflection on the Limitations of the Right to Self-Determination and Aboriginal Women’ (2011) 7 (23) Indigenous Law Bulletin 6.

M Davis and Z Lemezina, ‘Indigenous Australians and the Preamble: Towards a More Inclusive Constitution or Entrenching Marginalisation’ (2010) 33 (2) University of New South Wales Law Journal 239-266.

M Davis, ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ (2008) 9 (2) Melbourne Journal of International Law 439-471.

M Davis, ‘How ATSIC responded to Indigenous women: Lessons for future representative structures’ (2009) Balayi: Culture, Law and Colonialism Journal of Law 73-86.

M Davis, ‘International Human Rights Law, Women’s Rights and the Intervention’ (2009) 7 (10) Indigenous Law Bulletin 11-14.

M Davis, ‘Indigenous rights and the constitution: Making the case for Constitutional reform’ (2008) Indigenous Law Bulletin 6-8.

M Davis, ‘Indigenous Women’s Representation and the Proposal for a new national Representative body’ (2008) Indigenous Law Bulletin 6-9.

M Davis, ‘Preliminary Observations: Indigenous Australia and the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement’ (2007) (2) Ngiya: Talk The Law 76-88.

M Davis, ‘The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ (2007) 11.4 Australian Indigenous Law Review 55-63.

M Davis, ‘A Culture of Disrespect: Indigenous Peoples and Australian Public Institutions’ (2006) 8 University of Technology Sydney Law Review 137-154.

M Davis, ‘Treaty, Yeah?The utility of a treaty to advancing reconciliation in Australia’ (2006) 31 Alternative Law Review 127-136.

M Davis, ‘International Trade, the World Trade Organisation and the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ (2006) 8 Balayi: Culture, Law and Colonialism Journal of Law 5-30.

M Davis, “‘It’s the same old song’”: Draconian Counter-Terrorism laws and the Déjà vu of Indigenous Australians’ (2006) 5 Borderlands e-journal (with N Watson).

M Davis, ‘International Human Rights Law and the Recognition of Aboriginal Customary Law’ Aboriginal Customary Laws reference, Law Reform Commission of Western Australia, 2005.

M Davis, ‘International Trade Law and Indigenous Peoples: A New Direction in Human Rights Advocacy?’ (2005) 8 Australian Indigenous Law Reporter 16-22.

M Davis, ‘Indigenous Australia and the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement’ (2004) 5 Indigenous Law Bulletin 20-23.

M Davis, ‘New Developments in International Advocacy: Amicus Curiae and the World Trade Organisation’ (2003) 5 Indigenous Law Bulletin 14-17.

M Davis, ‘Civics Education and Human Rights’ (2003) 9 Australian Journal of Human Rights 236-255.

M Davis, ‘The UK and the Human Rights Act: Way Forward for Australia’ (2003) 22 University of Queensland Law Journal 1-19 (with Professor George Williams).

M Davis, ‘New South Wales Bill of Rights Inquiry’ (2002) 13 Public Law Review 11-15.

M Davis, ‘The United Nations Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples’ (2002) 5 Indigenous Law Bulletin 6-9.

M Davis, ‘The Awas Tingni Decision: Case of the Mayagna (Sumo) Awas Tingni Community v The Republic of Nicaragua’ (2002) 15 Indigenous Law Bulletin 15-18

Other scholarly publications

M Davis, Cross-border issues, including recognition of the right of indigenous peoples to trade in goods and services across borders and militarized areas (E/C.19/2015/9).

M Davis, Study on the impact of the mining boom on indigenous communities in Australia (E/C.19/2013/20);

Study on an optional protocol to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples focusing on a voluntary mechanism (E/C.19/2014/7) (co-author);

Study on national constitutions and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (E/C.19/2013/18) (co-author).

M Davis, 'Australia's Reconciliation Process in its International Context: Recognition and the Health and Wellbeing of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People' (2016) Australian Indigenous Law Review 56-66.

M Davis, 'Listening but not hearing: When process trumps substance' (2016) 51 Griffith Review 73-87.

M Davis, 'Gesture Politics' (2016) The Monthly 8-12.

M Davis, ‘Competing Notions of Constitutional Recognition: Truth and Justice or Living ‘off the Crumbs that Fall off the White Australian Tables’? Papers on Parliament Department of Senate Parliament House (2014) 113-131.

M Davis, ‘Future Challenges on the Path to Constitutional Recognition’, (2014) Public Law Review 233-239.

M Davis, ‘Political timetables trump workable timetables’: Indigenous constitutional recognition and the temptation of symbolism over substance’ (2015) 8 (15) Indigenous Law Bulletin 6-10.

D Lino and M Davis, 'Speaking Ill of the Dead: A Comment on S 25 of the Constitution' (2013) (23) Public Law Review 231.

Megan Davis, ‘Constitutional Recognition does not foreclose on Aboriginal Sovereignty’ Indigenous Law Bulletin 8 (1) (2012).

M Davis, 'Constitutional Reform and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People: Why Do We Want It Now? (2011) 7 Indigenous Law Bulletin 8-11.

M Davis, ‘Indigenous Rights and the National Human Rights Consultation’ (2009) 7 Indigenous Law Bulletin.

M Davis et al. ‘Sexual violence in Aurukun: The Queen v BP, DK, MY, PA Koowart, Wikmunea, Woolla’ (2007) 7 Indigenous Law Bulletin 14-17.

M Davis, ‘Aboriginal women and representation’ (2009) Griffith Review 156-162.

M Davis, ‘Adding a new dimension: native title and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ Australian Law Reform Commission Reform Journal (2008) 17-19.

M Davis, ‘After the Apology: Where to now?’Right Now: Human Rights Law in Australia Magazine (2008).

M Davis, ‘The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ (2007) 6 Indigenous Law Bulletin 6-8.

M Davis, ‘The Challenges of Indigenous Women in Liberal Democracies’ (2007) Indigenous Law Bulletin 20-22.

M Davis, ‘Constitutional Niceties or the Care and Protection of Young Children?”: Aboriginal Children and the Silencing of Debate’ (2007) 44 Australian Children’s Rights News 1-4. 

M Davis, ‘The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’, (2007)(82) Precedent 33-35.

M Davis, Election 2007: Indigenous policy, Australian Review of Public Affairs (2007).

M Davis, 'Howard's NT plan undermines democracy' (2007) Uniken 20.

M Davis, ‘Aboriginal or Institutional silence? A Brief Comment on the National Emergency Response to the Anderson Wild Report’ (2007) 6 (29) Indigenous Law Bulletin 2-3.

M Davis, ‘How do Aboriginal Women fare in Australian Democracy?’ (2007) 6 (28) Indigenous Law Bulletin 9-11.

(reprinted) M Davis, ‘A Narrative of Exclusion: Indigenous Rights in Australia’ (2007) Human Rights Defender 16-18.

M Davis, ‘25th Anniversary of the Indigenous Law Centre Keynote Speech’ (2007) 11 (1) Australian Indigenous Law Review 1-2.

M Davis, ‘Parliamentary Inquiries of Free Trade Agreements and Indigenous Peoples’, (2007) 7 Journal of Indigenous Policy 90-98.

M Davis, ‘Welcome to the ILC’ (2007) 6 (24) Indigenous Law Bulletin 2.

M Davis, (short response) ‘Symposium: Responses to Henry Reynolds’ (2006) 6 Macquarie Law Journal 14-15.

M Davis, ‘International Trade rules and Indigenous Knowledge: A Basic Introduction’ (2006) 6 Indigenous Law Bulletin 10-12.

M Davis, ‘The “S” Word and Indigenous Australian: A New Variation of an Old Theme’ (Stephen Curry, ‘Indigenous Sovereignty and the Democratic Project’) (2006) 31 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 127-141.

M Davis, ‘Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights’ (2006) 5 Journal of Indigenous Policy 35-47.

M Davis, ‘United Nations Reform and Indigenous Peoples’ (2005) 6 Indigenous Law Bulletin 12-16.

M Davis, ‘Indigenous Rights in Australia’ (2005) Human Rights Defender 8-10.

M Davis, ‘Outwitted and Outplayed: Indigenous Internationalism and the United Nations’ (2005) 6 Indigenous Law Bulletin 4-7.

M Davis, Australia/United States Free Trade Agreement, Ngiya Institute for Indigenous Law, Policy and Practice briefing paper (2005).

M Davis, ‘Case Studies and Current Research regarding Customary Protocols and Intellectual Property from Aboriginal Australia’ and ‘Aboriginal Australia and the Nature, Objectives and Basic Principles of Intellectual Property’ (WIPO North American Workshop on Intellectual property and Traditional Knowledge, Ottawa, Canada, 7-9 September 2003).

(book) M Davis, ‘Terrorism’ Hot Topics No. 42, Legal Information Access Centre, State Library of New South Wales, 2002.

M Davis, ‘Mandatory Sentencing and the myth of the fair-go’ Symposium on New Responses and New Crimes: Indigenous Peoples and Crime, Australia Institute of Criminology, 2001. 

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