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Books/Edited Collections

Hunter, Henning, Edmond, McMahon, Metzger & San Roque, The Trial: Principles, Process and Evidence (Federation Press 2015)

The Trouble with Pictures, (2006) 10 Law·Text·Culture (Annual Issue) edited with Katherine Biber

Book Chapters

"Evaluating Eyewitness Testimony: Understanding the Effectiveness of Judicial Instruction and Expert Testimony" in Monica K Brian H Bornstein and Monica K Miller (eds), Advances in Psychology and Law (forthcoming), coauthors Alena Skanlon and Jennifer Beaudry

"Updating Beliefs: Rethinking the Regulation of Identification Evidence under the UEL" in Jeremy Gans and Andrew Roberts (eds), Critical Perspectives on the Uniform Evidence Law (Federation Press 2017)

"Just(,) Quick and Cheap? Contemporary Approaches to the Management of Expert Evidence" in Michael Legg (ed), Resolving Civil Disputes (LexisNexis 2016), coauthor Gary Edmond

“Identification Evidence” in Hunter et al, The Trial: Principles, Process and Evidence (Federation Press 2015)

“Locating Consent in Similar Fact Cases: Commentary on Phillips v R” in Heather Douglas et al (eds), Australian Feminist Judgments: Righting and Re-writing Law  (Hart Publishing 2014) (

‘Cross-border Shopping’: the protection of a Canadian national imagination and the place of culture” in Lyndsay Cambell et al (eds), Inter/National Intersections: Law’s Changing Territories (Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia, 1998)

Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed)

"Forensic science evidence and the limits of cross examination" (2018) 42 Melbourne University Law Review (in press), coauthors Gary Edmond, Emma Cunliffe and Kristy Martire

"Deaf citizens as jurors in Australian courts: Participating via professional interpreters" International Journal of Speech Language and the Law (forthcoming), coauthors Sandra Hale, David Spencer and Jemina Napier

"Justice is blind as long as it isn’t deaf: excluding deaf people from jury duty – an Australian human rights breach" (2017) 23 Australian Journal of Human Rights 332 - 350, coauthors David Spencer, Jemina Napier and Sandra Hale.

"Expert Reports and the Forensic Sciences" (2017) 40(2) UNSW Law Journal, coauthors Gary Edmond & Kristy Martire

"Bad Character Evidence in the Criminal Trial: The English Statutory/Common Law Dichotomy - Anglo-Australian Perspectives" (2016) 3(2) Journal of International and Comparative Law 441, coauthors Michael Stockdale and Emma Smith

"Model Forensic Science" (2016) 48(5) Aust Journal of Forensic Science 496 - 537, co authors Gary Edmond et al.

"Christie, section 137 and forensic science evidence after Dupas v The Queen and R v XY" (2014) 40 Monash University Law Review 389 - 412, coauthors Gary Edmond, David Hamer & Andrew Ligertwood (May 2015)

 “How to cross-examine forensic scientists: A guide for lawyers” (2014) 39 Australian Bar Review 174 - 197, coauthors Gary Edmond et al.

“Mental health expertise in refugee status decision-making: judging or caring?” (2014) 18(4) International Journal of Evidence & Proof 310 - 339, coauthors Jill Hunter & Linda Pearson

"Honeysett v The Queen: Forensic Science, ‘Specialised Knowledge’ and the Uniform Evidence Law’ (2014) 36 Sydney Law Review 323, coauthor Gary Edmond

"Unjust Enrichment: A Feminist Critique of Enrichment" (2014) 36(1) Sydney Law Review 69, coauthor Simone Degeling

‘A woman like you’: gender, uncertainty and expert opinion evidence in the contemporary criminal trial' (2013) 3(2) feminist@law (commissioned review essay on Emma Cunliffe's Murder, Medicine and Motherhood, for peer reviewed online journal:

"Asylum Adjudication, Mental Health and Credibility Evaluation" (2013) 41(3) Federal Law Review 471, coauthors Jill Hunter, Linda Pearson & Zachary Steel

"Justicia’s Gaze: Surveillance, Evidence and the Criminal Trial" (2013) 11(3) Surveillance & Society 252 - 271, coauthor Gary Edmond

A mixed-method study of expert psychological evidence submitted for a cohort of asylum seekers undergoing refugee status determination in Australia (2013) 98 Science & Medicine 106-115, coauthors Kuowei Tay et al.

"The Cool Crucible: Forensic Science and the Frailties of the Criminal Trial" (2012) 24 Current Issues in Criminal Justice 51 - 68, coauthor Gary Edmond

“ ‘Mere guesswork’: Cross-Lingual Voice Comparisons and the Jury” (2011) 33 Sydney Law Review 395 – 425, coauthors Gary Edmond & Kristy Martire

“Unsound Law: Issues with (‘Expert’) Voice Comparison Evidence (2011) 35 Melbourne University Law Review 52 – 112, coauthors Gary Edmond & Kristy Martire

Is nervous shock still a feminist issue? The duty of care and psychiatric injury in Australia” (2010) 18 Tort Law Review 9 – 32, coauthors Prue Vines & Emily Rumble

“Atkins v The Emperor : The ‘Cautious’ use of Unreliable ‘Expert’ Opinion’ (2010) 14 The International Journal of Evidence & Proof 146 – 165, coauthors Gary Edmond, Richard Kemp, Glenn Porter, David Hamer, Mike Burton & Kath Biber

“Quasi-justice: Ad hoc expertise and identification evidence” (2009) 33 Criminal Law Journal 8 – 33, coauthor Gary Edmond

 "Popular Trials/Criminal Fictions/Celebrity Feminism and the Bernardo/Homolka Case” (1999) 13 Australian Feminist Law Journal 38 – 65

 “In her death she remains as the limit of the system: notes towards an ethical writing of collective sexual violence” (1996) 18 Sydney Law Review 474, co-author Jonathan Morrow

Law Reform and Policy Reports

JB Hunter, Z Steel, LM Pearson, DM Silove, M San Roque, N Frommer, & R Redman,Managing and Understanding Psychological Issues among Refugee Applicants: Resources Manual and Guidelines for Best Practice (Faculty of Law & Psychiatry Research and Teaching Unit, UNSW, 2013)

JB Hunter, Z Steel, LM Pearson, DM Silove, M San Roque, N Frommer, & R Redman, Tales of the Unexpected and Refugee Decision-Making: Managing and Understanding Psychological Issues Among Refugee Applicants – Report and Guidelines for Best Practice (Faculty of Law & Psychiatry Research and Teaching Unit, UNSW, 2010)

Public Art Commissioning: Report and Recommended Code of Practice (Visual Arts Industry Guidelines Research Project: University of Sydney 2000). Revised version of the report and code published in Code of Practice for the Australian Visual Arts and Craft Sector (National Association for the Visual Arts: Sydney 2001)

Other Publications

“Oxymoronic law: ad hoc 'expert' opinion evidence” (2009) 93 Precedent 2-16, coauthor Gary Edmond

“Three tales of asylum: trauma, credibility and expert evidence” (2006) 15(2) Human Rights Defender 17, co-authors Ronni Redman & Jill Hunter

"Indigenous Legal Education at UNSW: A Work in Progress " (2005) 6(8) Indigenous Law Bulletin 26, co-authors Sean Brennan et al.

“Negotiating New Terrain: commissioning public art” (2000) No. 135 Australian Art Monthly 35. Reprinted in (2001) 13(1) Craftlink 10 (commissioned article)

Commissioning of Art: Discussion Paper (Visual Arts Industry Guidelines Research Project: University of Sydney 1999)


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