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Publications by Melissa Jardine

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‘Sleeping with the enemy? Engaging with law enforcement in prevention of HIV among and from injecting drug users in Asia’, (2010) By the Law Enforcement and Harm Reduction at the Nossal Institute (LEHRN) Partnership, HIV Matters, Vol. 2, No. 1

Jardine, M., Crofts, N., Monaghan, G. and Morrow, M. (2012) “Harm reduction and law enforcement in Vietnam: influences on street policing” Harm Reduction Journal 2012, 9:27

Jardine, M., Khuat T.H. and Nguyen, V.A. 2012, “Case Study: Methadone maintenance treatment in Hanoi, Vietnam” Harm Reduction Journal 2012, 9:26

Khuat, T.H., Nguyen, V.A. Jardine, M., Moore, T. and Crofts, N. (2012) “Harm Reduction and “Clean” Community: Can Vietnam have both” Harm Reduction Journal 2012, 9:25

Jardine, M. (2013) “Building partnerships between law enforcement and harm reduction programs”, International Journal of Drug Policy, Editorial, doi:10.1016/j.drugpo.2013.06.006

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