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(2009) Border Crimes: Australia's War on Illicit Migrants, Institute of Criminology Press, Sydney


(2011) With David Brown, David Farrier, Sandra Egger, Luke McNamara, Alex Steel and Donna Spears, Criminal Laws: materials and commentary on Criminal Law and Process of New South Wales, 5th edition, The Federation Press, Sydney


Book chapters

(2007) 'Shooting the Passenger: Australia's War on Illicit Migrants' in M. Lee (ed) Human Trafficking, Willan Publishing, Devon

(2008) 'State Crime: Some Conceptual Issues' in T. Anthony and C. Cunneen (eds) The Critical Criminology Companion, Hawkins Press, Sydney.

(2011) with L.Weber, 'Criminalizing people smuggling: preventing or globalizing harm?' in F.Allum and S.Gilmour (eds) Routledge Handbook of Transnational Organized Crime, Routledge, London.

(2012) 'The great escape: Refugees, detention and resistance' in E.Stanley and J.McCulloch (eds) State Crime and Resistance, Routledge, London.

(2012) 'People Smuggling and State Crime' in K.Carrington, M.Ball, E.O'Brien and J.Tauri (eds) Crime, Justice and Social Democracy: International Perspectives, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

(2014) 'Reinventing "the stain" - bad character and criminal deportation in contemporary Australia', in S.Pickering and J.Ham (eds) Routledge Handbook on Crime and International Migration, Routledge, London.

Refereed journal articles 

(2002) with P. Green, 'The War Against Illegal Migration: State Crime and the Construction of a European Identity', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Volume 14, Number 1, pp.87-101.

(2003) 'Irregular Migration, Identity and the State - the Challenge for Criminology', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Volume 15, Number 2, pp.114-135.

(2009) 'Detention, Punishment and Children's Rights: An Australian Snapshot' The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, Volume 48, Number 4, pp.388-400.

(2011) 'Punishment, deportation and parole: The detention and removal of former prisoners under section 501 Migration Act 1958', The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp.56-73.

(2012) 'Public Criminology, Victim Agency and Researching State Crime', State Crime, Volume 1, Number 1, pp.109-125. Republished in W.Chambliss and C.Moloney (eds) (2014) State Crime, Routledge, New York.

(2013) 'Australia's ongoing border wars', Race and Class, Volume 54, Number 3, pp.10-32.

(2014) 'Back to the Future: Australian Border Policing Under Labor, 2007-2013', State Crime, Volume 3, Number 1, pp. 102-125. 

UNSW LR Series

(2008) 'Colonial genocide and state crime', paper presented to Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference, University of New South Wales, Sydney, 19-20 July, UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2009-12  [refereed]

(2009) 'Multiple punishments: the detention and removal of convicted non-citizens',

Paper presented to Australia and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference, Monash University, Melbourne, 8-9 July 2009, UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2009-41   [refereed]

(2009) 'A System of Penal Abuse: Australia's Immigration Detention Experience'
UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2009-14

(2009) Conviction, detention and removal: the multiple punishment of offenders under section 501 Migration Act, Paper presented to the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference, University of Western Australia, Perth, 24 November, UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2009-49

(2010) 'The Great Escape: refugees, detention and resistance' Paper delivered at the State Crime and Resistance Symposium, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 18-19 January, UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2010-8

Non-refereed articles

(2010) 'The detention and removal of "non-citizen" prisoners: Some recent cases', Immigration Review, Issue 44, March 2010, pp. 7-12.

(2010) ' "Scum of the Earth?" People smuggling, criminalisation and refugees', Human Rights Defender, Volume 19, Issue 3, December 2010, pp. 14-16. 

Reviews and commentaries

(2004) Review Essay - 'State Crime, Terror Laws and the 'War Against Terror'' Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Volume 16, Number 1, pp. 112-118. 

(2005) Review  - 'Bin Laden in the Suburbs: Criminalising the Arab Other', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, Volume 38, Number 1. 

(2005) Review - 'Refugees and State Crime', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Volume 17, Number 1, pp. 173-175 

(2005) Contemporary Comment - 'Slipping through the net? Some thoughts on the Cornelia Rau and Vivian Alvarez Inquiry', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Volume 17, Number 2, pp. 284-290 

(2008) Contemporary Comment - 'Systems of Exclusion: the Rudd government and the "end" of the Pacific Solution', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Volume 20, Number 3, pp. 363-368.

(2010) Review - 'Contemporary State Terrorism: Theory and Practice', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, Volume 43, Number 1, pp. 185-188.

(2012) Review - 'The People Smuggler', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, Volume 45, Number 3, pp.443-446.

(2013) Commentary - 'The return of the Pacific Solution', European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control, Summer Newsletter 1, pp.4-7

(2013) Review - 'Globalization and Borders: Death at the Global Frontier', International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, Volume 2, Number 3, pp.139-141.

(2014) Commentary - 'Australian border policing: regional "solutions" and neocolonialism', Race and Class, Volume 55, Number 3, pp.71-78.


(2011) With Professor Jane McAdam and Professor George Williams, Inquiry into the Migration Amendment (Removal of Mandatory Minimum Penalties) Bill 2012, 20 February.

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