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Publications by Noam Peleg

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• The Child’s Right to Development (under contract with Cambridge University Press).
• Commentary on UNCRC Article 30 (under contract with Brill).
• Law in Society: Reflections on Children, Families, Culture and Philosophy. Essays in Honour Michael Freeman, Co-edit with Alison Diduck and Helen Reece (Brill, 2015).

Journal Articles
• ‘Illusion of Inclusion: Challenging Universalistic Conceptions in International Children’s Rights Law’ (2018) Australian Journal of Human Rights 326-344.
• 'Marginalisation by the Court: The Case of Roma Children and the European Court of Human Rights' (2018) 18 Human Rights Law Review 111-131.
• ‘Developing the Right to Development’ (2017) 25 International Journal of Children’s Rights 380-395.
• ‘Children and the Capability Approach’ (2013) 21 International Journal of Children’s Rights 523-542.
Re-print in Michael Freeman (ed), The Future of Children's Rights (Brill, 2015) 386-404.
• ‘In the Name of the Father’, 3 (2006) He’arat Din 196 (With R. Zafran) [Hebrew]

Chapters in Edited Books
• ‘Article 6’ in Commentary on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, John Tobin (ed) (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2019 ).
• ‘General Principles’ in International Children’s Rights Law, Ton Liefaard, Ursula Kilkelly and Stephen Hoadley (Eds) (Springer, 2018, forthcoming).
• ‘Commentary – Re T’ in Re-writing Children's Rights Judgments: From Academic Vision to New Practice, Helen Stalford, Kathryn Hollingsworth and Stephen Gilmore (Eds) (Hart, 2017) 245-251.
• ‘Time to grow Up: The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Jurisprudence on the Right to Development’ in Law & Childhood Studies, Michael Freeman (ed) (Oxford University Press, 2012) 371-391.
• ‘What Do We Mean When We Speak About Children’s Right to Development?’ in The Sovereignty of Children in Law, Farhad Malekian and Kristen Nordlöf (eds) (CSP, 2012) 134-156.

Book Reviews
• ‘Reconceptualizing Children’s Rights in International Development’, 22 (2014) International Journal of Children’s Rights 418-421.
• ‘Children and Youth in the Digital Media Culture From a Nordic Horizon’, 20 (2012) International Journal of Children’s Rights 173-176.

Short Pieces
• Resources List – The Right to Development of Children, 23 (2015) International Journal of Children’s Rights 477-478.

Submissions to Public Inquiries
• Submission to NSW Department of Justice, Children’s Champions and Pre-Recording of Evidence, with Jill Hunter and Teresa Henning (2015).
• Submission to Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Inquiry into Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, with the Gilbert+Tobin Centre - Rebecca Ananian-Welsh, Fergal Davis, Keiran Hardy, Andrew Lynch, Nicola McGarrity, and Tamara Tulich (2015).

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