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Publications by Professor Pamela Hanrahan

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Books – sole author
P Hanrahan (2007) Funds Management in Australia: Officers’ Duties and Liabilities (LexisNexis Butterworths, Sydney) 528 pages ISBN 978 0 409 323610
P Hanrahan (1999-) Managed Investments Law and Practice (CCH Australia, Sydney, loose-leaf, last updated February 2015) 800 pages approx ISBN 1 86468 328 7

Books – co-author
J Farrar and P Hanrahan (2017) Corporate Governance (LexisNexis Butterworths, Sydney) 687 pages ISBN 978-0-409-34402-8
P Hanrahan, I Ramsay and G Stapledon (2017) Commercial Applications of Company Law (OUP Australia, Melbourne, first published 2000, 18th ed) 943 pages plus teaching supplement ISBN 978-0-19-030847-6
R Baxt, A Black and P Hanrahan (2017) Securities and Financial Services Law (LexisNexis Butterworths, Sydney, first published 1977, 9th ed) 781 pages ISBN 978-0-409-34308-9
G Walker, T Pekmezovic, P Hanrahan, I Ramsay and G Stapledon (2015) Commercial Applications of Company Law in New Zealand (CCH NZ, Auckland, first published 2002, 5th ed) 827 pages ISBN 9781775470830
P Hanrahan, I Ramsay, G Stapledon, V Yeo and J Lee (2011) Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore (CCH Asia, Singapore, first published 2004, 4th ed) 631 pages plus teaching supplement ISBN 9814248983
P Hanrahan, I Ramsay, G Stapledon, A Sulaiman and A Bidin (2008) Commercial Applications of Company Law in Malaysia (CCH Asia, Singapore, first published 2002, 3rd ed) 605 pages ISBN 981-04-6337-5

Chapters in books
P Hanrahan (2017, forthcoming) 'Exchange Traded Funds in the Shadow Banking System' in I MacNeil and I Chui Research Handbook of Shadow Banking (Edward Elgar, London)
P Hanrahan and I Ramsay (2017, forthcoming) ‘Regulation of Mutual Funds in Australia’ in W Birdthistle and J Morley Research Handbook of Mutual Funds (Edward Elgar, London)
P Hanrahan (2014) ‘The fiduciary idea in financial services law’ in J O’Brien and G Gilligan (eds) Integrity, Risk and Accountability in Capital Markets (Hart Publishing, Oxford) ISBN 978-1-84946-367-0
P Hanrahan (2010) 'Regulation, Ethics and Collective Investments' in I MacNeil and J O'Brien (eds) The Future of Financial Regulation (Hart Publishing, Oxford) ISBN 978-1-84113-910-4
P Hanrahan (2007) ‘ASIC v Citigroup: Investment Banks, Conflicts of Interest and Chinese Walls’ in J O'Brien (ed) Private Equity, Corporate Governance and the Dynamics of Capital Market Regulation (Imperial College Press, London) ISBN 978-1-86094-847-3
P Hanrahan (2002) ‘The Responsible Entity as Trustee’ in I Ramsay (ed) Key Developments in Corporate Law and Trusts Law: Essays in Honour of Professor Harold Ford (LexisNexis Butterworths, Sydney) ISBN 0 409 31956 2

P Hanrahan (1998) Managed Investments Law (CCH and CCLSR, Melbourne, 1998) 153 pages ISBN 0 7340 1573 9

Refereed journal articles
J K Morgan and P Hanrahan (2017) ‘Professional indemnity insurance: compensating consumers and regulating professionals’ 40(1) University of New South Wales Law Journal 353-384
P Hanrahan and T Bednall (2015) ‘Independence of directors affiliated with substantial shareholders: issues of law and corporate governance’ 33 Company & Securities Law Journal 239-265
P Hanrahan (2014) ‘Should the FSI revisit the philosophy of financial regulation?’ 8 Law and Financial Markets Review 199
T Bednall and P Hanrahan (2013) ‘Officers’ liability for mandatory corporate disclosure: Two paths, two destinations?’ 31 Company & Securities Law Journal 474-510
P Hanrahan (2013) ‘The relationship between equitable and statutory ‘best interests’ obligations in financial services law’ 7 Journal of Equity 46-73
P Hanrahan (2011) 'ASIC and Managed Investments' 29 Company & Securities Law Journal 287-312
P Hanrahan (2008) 'Directors' liability in superannuation trustee companies' 2 Journal of Equity 204-224
P Hanrahan (2008) ‘Improving the Process of Change in Australian Financial Sector Regulation’ Economic Papers 6-23
P Hanrahan (2007) ‘Directors’ Accountability in Funds Management Companies’ JASSA (The Finsia Journal of Applied Finance) Issue 4, 34-40
P Hanrahan (2001) ‘Collective Investments: A New Regulatory Approach for Australian Managed Investment Schemes’ 22 The Company Lawyer 229-245 (Part 1) and 284-288 (Part 2) (United Kingdom)
P Hanrahan (1999) ‘Managed Investment Schemes: The Position of Directors under Chapter 5C of the Corporations Act’ 17 Company & Securities Law Journal 67-84
P Hanrahan (1998) ‘(Ir)responsible Entities: Reforming Manager Accountability in Public Unit Trusts’ (1998) 16 Company & Securities Law Journal 76-92
P Hanrahan (1997) ‘The Proposed Suitability Requirement for On-Exchange Derivatives Markets: A Critical Analysis’ Journal of Banking and Finance Law & Practice 5-22
P Hanrahan (1997) ‘Distinguishing Corporate and Personal Claims in Australian Company Litigation’ 15 Company & Securities Law Journal 21-43
P Hanrahan (1994) ‘Transactions with Related Parties by Public Companies and their Child Entities under Part 3.2A of the Corporations Law’ 12 Company & Securities Law Journal 138-163

Research grants and papers
P Hanrahan (2007) Australian Financial Sector Regulation: Improving the Process of Regulatory Change (Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies)
B Mees, M Wehner and P Hanrahan (2005) Fifty Years of Managed Funds in Australia (Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation)
(1998) The Governance of Managed Investment Schemes Australian Research Council Large Grant (Second CI)

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