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Publications by Peter Blanchard

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Conference papers:

“Electronic Invoices and Delivery Orders”, APEC Symposium on Assessment and Best Practices on Paperless Trading to Facilitate Cross Border Trade in the APEC Region, Taipei, Taiwan, 17-18 September 2009.

“PortBIS – A National Port Community System for Australia”, Tradegate-Shipping Australia Seminars, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne, September 2009.

“Supply Chain Connectivity”, APEC Symposium on Supply Chain Connectivity, Sendai, Japan, 20-21 September 2010.

“Case Studies in Three Countries: Developing and Utilizing Electronic Communication Systems in Port Communities”, APEC Workshop on Supply-chain Benefits of Electronic Information Exchange between Seaports in Selected APEC Economies, Shanghai, China, 25 February-1 March, 2013

Government Inquiries:

Tradegate Submission to Review of Export Policies and Programs, The Mortimer Review, May 2008.

Submission to Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Inquiry into Australia’s Trade and Investment Relations with Asia, the Pacific and Latin America, No 31, April 2009.

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