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Publications by Philip Chung

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  • Chung P, Greenleaf G, Mowbray A, “Models for a global system for free access to legal information: the WorldLII approach”, Chapter in Festschrift für Maximilian Herberger (Stephan Weth, Samuel van Oostrom, eds.), juris GmbH, Saarbrücken 2016, p193ff
  • Mowbray A, Chung P and Greenleaf G, “A free access, automated law citator with international scope: the LawCite project”, (2016) 7(3) European Journal of Law and Technology. Retrieved from
  • Greenleaf G, Chung P and Mowbray A, "Supporting and influencing data privacy practice: The free access International Privacy Law Library", (2015) 31(2) Computer Law & Security Review 221
  • Chung P, Overcoming technical challenges in developing a global free-access legal information system for research - the WorldLII experience, Verlag Alma Mater, Saarbrucken, 2014, ISBN 978-3-935009-68-3
  • Greenleaf G, Mowbray A and Chung P, “The meaning of ‘free access to legal information’: A twenty year evolution”, (2013) 1 Journal of Open Access to Law (JOAL) No 1
  • Chung P, Greenleaf G and Mowbray A, “Searching Legal Information in Multiple Asian Languages”, (2012) 12(3) Legal Information Management 173
  • Greenleaf G, Vivekanandan VC, Chung P, Singh R and Mowbray A, “Challenges for free access in a multi-jurisdictional developing country: Building the Legal Information Institute of India”, (2011) 8(3) SCRIPTed 292
  • Greenleaf G, Mowbray A and Chung P, “AustLII: Thinking locally, acting globally”, (2011) Australian Law Librarian 101
  • Greenleaf G, Mowbray A and Chung P, “Building a commons for the common law: the Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII) four years on”, (2010) 36 Commonwealth Law Bulletin 127
  • Mowbray A, Chung P and Greenleaf G, “Free-access Case Law Enhancements for Australian Law” in Free Access Quality of Information Effectiveness of Rights, Peruginelli and Ragona (Eds) European Press Academic Publishing, Florence Italy (2009) 285
  • Greenleaf G, Chung P and Mowbray A, “Emerging Global Networks for Free Access to Law: WorldLII’s Strategies 2002-05” (2007) 4(4) SCRIPT-ed 319, University of Edinburgh, ISSN 1744-2567
  • Mowbray A, Greenleaf G, Chung P and Austin A “Improving stability and performance of an international network of free access legal information systems”, (2007) 2 Journal of Information Law & Technology, Warwick University ISSN: 1361-4169
  • Greenleaf G, Chung P and Mowbray A, “Challenges in improving access to Asian laws: the Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII)” (2007) 9(1) Australian Journal of Asian Law 152, ISSN 1334-0738

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