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Journal Issue

Robyn Carroll and Prue Vines (eds) The Place of Apology in Law  (2017) 7(3) Oñati Socio-legal Series ISSN: 2079-5971


Chapters in books


Prue Vines, 'Apologies, Liability and civil Society: where to from here?' in R Levy et al (eds)  New directions for Law in Australia: essays in contemporary law reform  (ANU Press, 2017)

Nicola Peart and Prue Vines ‘Family Provision in New Zealand and Australia’ in in  Kenneth Reid, Marius de Waal and Reinhard Zimmerman, (eds)  Comparative Succession Law: Volume 3, Family Provision  (Oxford University Press,  forthcoming 2018)

Prue Vines ‘Apologies as Canaries’ in Kit Barker et al (eds)Private Law in the 21st Century, (Hart Publishing, 2017 )
Genevieve Grant, Kylie Burns, Rosamund Harrington, Prue Vines, Elizabeth Kendall and Annick Maujean, ‘When Lump Sums Run Out : Disputes at the Borderlines of Tort Law, Injury Compensation and Social Security ‘ in Kit Barker et al (eds), Private Law in the 21st Century, (Hart Publishing, 2017 )
Prue Vines ‘Being a Resilient Law Student’ Blackbird  (University of Western Australia Student Law Society, 2016).
Prue Vines ‘Doping as Tort: liability of sports supervisors and the problem of consent’ in U. Haas and D. Healey (eds)  Doping in Sport (Hart Publishing, 2016)
Nicola Peart and Prue Vines, ‘Will Substitutes in New Zealand and Australia’ in  Alexandra Braun and Anne Roethel (eds), New Modes of Succession: The Phenomenon of Will-Substitutes from a Comparative Perspective, (Hart Publishing, 2016)
Vines and Morgan, ‘Contemplative Practice in the Law School: Breaking Barriers to Learning and Resilience’ in R.Field, J. Duffy and C. James, Legal Education and Lawyer Well-being: Evidence from Australia and beyond.(Ashgate, 2016.)
Nicola Peart and Prue Vines, ‘Intestate succession in Australia and New Zealand’ in  Kenneth Reid, Marius de Waal and Reinhard Zimmerman, (eds)  Comparative Succession Law: Volume 2, Intestate Succession  (Oxford University Press,  2015

Prue Vines, ‘Putting Apologies in their rightful Place’ in Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party (ed)  Justice Matters: Essays on Improving Scotland’s Justice System 2015.

Vines, P,  Working Towards the Resilient Lawyer’ in  L Wolff andM  Nicolae (eds) the First Year Law Experience: a new beginning  Halstead Press,  2014

Donella Piper, Tina Cockburn, Bill Madden, Prue Vines, Janine McIlwraith , ‘The role of law in communicating patient safety,’ in Rick Iediema, Donella Piper, Marie Manidis (eds),Communicating Quality and Safety in Health Care, (Cambridge University Press 2015 ISBN 9781107699328)

Dominic Fitzsimmons, Prue Vines and Julian Laurens, ‘The Authentic Lens: a comparison of using narratives in First Year Core and Final Year elective courses’ in Kathryn Coleman and Adele Flood, Disciplines: Lenses of Learning, Common Ground Publishing, 2013

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Vines. Prue, Chapter 1 'Introduction'. Chapter 6 'Negligence: introduction'; Chapter 8 'Duty of Care' (with Handford and Harlow), Chapter 17, 'Animals', Chapter 27 'Abuse of Legal Procedure' and Chapter 29 'Domestic Relations' in  Sappideen and Vines(eds) Fleming'sThe Law of Torts,  10th ed, Thomson Reuters (2011)

Vines , Prue 'The Power of apology: mercy, forgiveness or corrective justice in the civil liability arena? in M N Bhavani (ed) Corrective Justice to REstorative Justice:paradigm shift, Amicus Books, Icfai University Press, Hyderabad (2008)

Vines Prue and Croucher R, 'Law and Religion: Religion and Death in the Common Law' in P Radan, D Meyerson and R Croucher (eds), Law and Religion: God, the State and the Common Law,  Routledge Studies in Religion, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, and New York, 2005, pp 295-320 

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Vines, Prue  'Bodily Remains in the  Cemetery and the Burial Ground: a Comparative Anthropology of Law and Death  or  How Long can I Stay?' in D Manderson,  Courting Death, Pluto Press, London, 1999, pp 111-127.

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Vines, Prue,  'Succession' in R Baxt and A Moore (eds)  An Annual Survey of Australian Law , Adelaide Law Review Association, 1995, pp 445-468



Prue Vines ' Just and Equitable distribution on Intestacy according to Aboriginal tradition- the first use of the Succession Act 2006 (NSW) Part 4.4 (2017) 11(1) Journal of Equity 113-131
Prue Vines,  'Testamentary Freedom and Customary Law: the impact of succession law on the inheritance needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia'  (2017) 91 Australian Law Journal 360-364
Prue Vines, Matthew Butt and Genevieve Grant, ' When Lump Sum Compensation Runs Out: Personal Responsibility or Legal System Failure?' (2017)  39 Sydney Law Review 365-397
Prue Vines, 'The Value of Apologising within a Moral Community: Making apologies Work' (2017) 7 (3)  Onati Socio-Legal Series: the Place of Apology in Law 370-389
Robyn Carroll and Prue Vines, 'Introduction', (2017) 7(3) Onati Socio-Legal Series: the Place of Apology in Law  365-369
Prue Vines, 'Apologies as corrective Justice in tort Law: Reparation and Compensation as (partial) redemption in a torts system' (2017) June Amity Law Journal
Prue Vines ‘Giving a voice to Aboriginal people: why Aboriginal people in Australia need wills more than everyone else’ (2016)  10 Court of Conscience 80
Prue Vines, ‘Problems of Authority in Law and Anthropology: a case study on Aboriginal Australian Inheritance’ (2016) May Law and Method 1-15:  DOI: 10.5553/REM/.000018
Prue Vines, ‘Annie Ludford, Postmistress: the Married Women’s Property Acts and Public Service Employment in 1890s NSW’ (2015) 2 law&history 146-176
Prue Vines and Nicola Kozlina, ‘Using the Wider Common Law as a baseline to defend subversion by statute? The case of the professional negligence ‘defence’ in New South Wales’ (2015) 22(3)  Torts Law Journal  250-273.
Vines, P, ‘ Apologising for Personal Injury in Law: Failing to Take Account of Lessons from Psychology in Blameworthiness and Propensity to Sue’ (2015) 22(4)  Psychiatry, Psychology and Law 624-234 DOI: 10.1080/13218719.2014.965295 1-11.

Vines and Butt, ‘Running Out of Compensation Money: whipping away the social security blanket?’ (2013) 7 Court of Conscience 17.

 Vines, P  ‘The usual sources: historical surprises in letters and wills ‘  [2013] ANZLH E-Journal, Refereed Paper No 7

ISSN 1177-3170

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Vines, Prue ‘Apologising for personal injury and other civil harms – changes in Queensland’ (2011) 8(2) Australian Civil Liability 162- 164

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Prue Vines, Mehera San Roque and Emily Rumble , 'Is "nervous shock" still a feminist issue? The duty of care and psychiatric injury in Australia' (2010) 18(1) The Tort Law Review 9-32

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Tani and Vines 'Law Students attitudes to education: a pointer to depression in the legal academy and the profession?'  (2009) 19(1) Legal Education Review 3-39

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Major Reviews:Vines, Prue , Report : Bleak House Revisited? Disproportionality in Family Provision Estate Litigation in New South Wales and Victoria, Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration Incorporated, 2011.

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