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Publications by Shirli Kirschner

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'Strategic negotiation tips for lawyers'
Shirli Kirschner presented at the Armidale Conference at The CLE Centre (2013)
Available here

'Establishing alternative dispute resolution clauses in your project contracts'
Shirli Kirschner, Contract Slection & Risk for Major Players (2009) Tonkin Corporation
Available here

'ACDC Sample ADR clauses'
Shirli Kirschner, Contract Slection & Risk for Major Players (2009) Tonkin Corporation
Available here

'Quiet on the litigation front'
Shirli Kirschner, Lawyers Weekly (2009)
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Book chapters

'Choosing the Optimal ADR Process for Resolution of Conflict'
Shirli Kirschner, Dr. David Moore, The Future of Dispute Resolution (1st ed, 2012) Spi-Legg


Journal Articles

'The mirror of experience: Advanced Mediation Tools and Techniques'
Shirli Kirschner, Asian Journal of Mediation (2013)


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