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Publications by Weihuan Zhou

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Edited Books

2. (2018) James Nedumpara and Weihuan Zhou (eds), Non-Market Economies in the Global Trading System: The Special Case of China (Springer, forthcoming 2018). 

1. (2018) Colin Picker, Heng Wang and Weihuan Zhou (eds),  The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: A 21st Century Model (Oxford and Portland, Oregon: Hart Publishing, 2018).

Book Chapters

6.  (2018) Hsu-Hua Chou and Weihuan Zhou, “Embedded Liberalism and National Treatment: the Case of Taiwan’s Mijiu Taxation” in Moon and Toohey (eds), 20 Years of Domestic Policy Under WTO Law: The Embedded Liberalism Compromise Revisited (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

5. (2018) Weihuan Zhou and Junfang Xi, “Breakthrough or Standstill? China’s Liberalisation of Legal Services under the ChAFTA” in Picker, Heng and Zhou (eds), The China Australia Free Trade Agreement: A 21st Century Model (Oxford and Portland, Oregon: Hart Publishing, 2018) 147-171.

4. (2017) Weihuan Zhou, Douglas Arner and Ross Buckley, “Regulating FinTech in China: from Permissive to Balanced” in Lee and Deng (eds), Handbook of Digital Finance and Financial Inclusion: ChinaTech, Mobile Security, Distributed Ledger, and Blockchain (II) (California: Elsevier, 2017) 45-64.

3. (2015) Ross Buckley and Weihuan Zhou, “China's Negotiation of the International Economic Legal Order”, in Picker, Toohey & Greenacre (eds), China in the International Economic Order: New Directions and Changing Paradigms  (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015) 151-169. (Google Books)

2. BG Williams, S Crowe, O Murray & Weihuan Zhou, "Some Selected Aspects of the Relationship Between World Trade Organization Law and General Public International Law", in Capaldo (eds),Global Community: Yearbook of International Law & Jurisprudence 2013 (I) (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014) 203-224. A draft of the chapter is available on SSRN.

1. Weihuan Zhou, “Fair Comparison – Australian Antidumping Law and Practice” in Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Bureau of Fair Trade for Imports and Exports (ed),Article Collections: China's Antidumping Law and Practice in Ten Years (China Commerce and Trade Press, 2009) 122-129. (MOFCOM - in Chinese)

Refereed Journal Articles

20. (2018) Weihuan Zhou and Delei Peng, EU - Price Comparison Methodologies (DS516): Challenging the Non-Market Economy Methodology in Light of the Negotiating History of Article 15 of China's WTO Accession Protocol” (2018)52(3) Journal of World Trade 505-534.

19. (2018) Weihuan Zhou, Appellate Body Report on EU - Biodiesel: The Future of China's State Capitalism under the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement” (2018)17 World Trade Review published online (3 January 2018). (Cambridge)

18. (2018) Huiqin Jiang and Weihuan Zhou, “China's Investment in Australia: A Critical Analysis of Australia's Foreign Investment Review Mechanism” (2017)10(2) Tsinghua China Law Review (forthcoming).

17. (2018) Delei Peng, Weihuan Zhou, Guohua Yang, "National Security in International Trade Law: An Analysis of the US Section 232 Investigation" (2018)34(5) International Economics and Trade Research 121-134. (CNKI) (In Chinese)

16. (2017) Weihuan Zhou, “China's Litigation on Non-Market Economy Treatment at the WTO: A Preliminary Assessment” (2017)5(2) Chinese Journal of Comparative Law 345-364. (Oxford)

15. (2017) Weihuan Zhou, “Chinese Investment in Australia: A Critical Analysis of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement” (2017)18(2) Melbourne Journal of International Law 407-435. (MJIL)

14. (2017) Weihuan Zhou and Junfang Xi, “China’s Liberalisation of Legal Services under the ChAFTA: Market Access or Lack of Market Access for Australian Legal Practices” (2017)51(2) Journal of World Trade 233-264. (Kluwerlawonline)

13. (2017) Weihuan Zhou and Shu Zhang, “Anti-Dumping and China’s Implementation of WTO Rulings” (2017)230 The China Quarterly 512-527. (Cambridge)

12. (2016) Weihuan Zhou and Andrew Percival, Debunking the Myth of 'Particular Market Situation' in WTO Antidumping Law” (2016)19(4) Journal of International Economic Law 863-892. (Oxford)

11. (2016) Stéphanie Noël and Weihuan Zhou, "Replacing the Non-Market Economy Methodology: Is the European Union’s Alternative Approach Justified Under the World Trade Organization Anti-Dumping Agreement?" (2016)11(11/12) Global Trade and Customs Journal 559-567. (Kluwerlawonline)

10. (2016) Weihuan Zhou and Andrew Percival, “Panel Report on EU – Biodiesel: A Glass Half Full? – Implications for the Rising Issue of ‘Particular Market Situation’ ” (2016)2(2) Chinese Journal of Global Governance 142-163. (SSRN) (BRILL)

9. (2016) Weihuan Zhou, “Fifteen Years on: Has China Implemented WTO Rulings? - A Perspective on ‘Trade in Goods’ Dispute” (2016)11(1) Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy 155-212. (AJWH)

8. (2016) Weihuan Zhou, “Circumvention and Anti-Circumvention: Rising Protectionism in Australia” (2016)15(3) World Trade Review 495-522. (Cambridge)

7. (2015) Weihuan Zhou, Douglas Arner and Ross Buckley, “Regulation of Digital Financial Services in China: Last Mover Advantage” (2015)8(1) Tsinghua China Law Review 25-62. (TCLR Online)

6. (2015) Weihuan Zhou, “Rethinking National Treatment and The Role of Regulatory Purpose: Lessons From The ‘Theory of Distortions and Welfare’ ” (2015)12(3) Manchester Journal of International Economic Law 243-269. (MJIEL Online)

5. (2015) Weihuan Zhou, “Australia’s Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Law and Practice: An Analysis of Current Issues Incompatible with Free Trade with China” (2015)49(6) Journal of World Trade 975-1010. (Kluwerlawonline)

4. (2015) Weihuan Zhou, “Assessment of ‘Material Injury’ and ‘Causation’: Recent Developments in Australia" (2015)10(9) Global Trade and Customs Journal 282-290. (Kluwerlawonline)  

3. Ross Buckley and Weihuan Zhou, “Navigating Adroitly: China’s Interaction with the Global Trade, Investment, and Financial Regimes” (2013)9(1) University of Pennsylvania East Asia Law Review1-40. (EALR)

2. Weihuan Zhou, “US – Clove Cigarettes and US – Tuna II (Mexico): Implications for the Role of Regulatory Purpose under Article III:4 of the GATT” (2012)15(4) Journal of International Economic Law 1075-1122. (Oxford)

1. Weihuan Zhou, “The Role of Regulatory Purpose under Articles III:2 & 4 – Toward Consistency between Negotiating History and WTO Jurisprudence” (2012)11(1) World Trade Review 81-118. (Cambridge)

Short Articles

7. (2017) Weihuan Zhou, "Implementing WTO Rulings: Fifteen Years of China in the WTO" (2017)2(1) China's World 76-81.

6. (2016) Weihuan Zhou, Douglas Arner and Ross Buckley, “China's Regulation of Digital Financial Services: Some Recent Developments” (2016)90(5) Australian Law Journal 297-300. (Westlaw AU)

5. “Free Trade with China - What Does this Mean for Australian Services Firms?”, Dynamic Export, 25 March 2015 (with A Lumsden and L Knight), available here.

4. “China’s Tariffs on Coal Imports Are Being Imposed To Australia’s Chargrin But Is This A Question of Throwing Stones in Glass Houses?”, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, 15 October 2014  (with A Lumsden and A Percival), available here.

3. “The truth behind China's ban on foreign consulting firms”, The Australian, 29 September 2014 (with A Lumsden), available here.

2. “Why now is the time to break through to an Australia-China FTA and a suggested step in the right direction”, HighBeam Research, 28 August 2013 (with A Lumsden), available here.

1. “Chinese Outbound Investment: The Growing Sophistication of China’s ‘Go Global’ Policy”, Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation, UNSW, 18 March 2013 (with A Lumsden and L Knight), available here.

Conference Papers & Presentations

"China's Litigation on Non-Market Economy Treatment at the WTO", Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Roundtable, 12 December 2017.

"Economic and Legal Integration in Asia-Pacific", International Bar Association Annual Conference, 10 October 2017.

"Appellate Body Report on EU-Biodiesel: Further Thoughts on the Issue of “Particular Market Situation”", Annual Conference on WTO Law, WTO Secretariat, 10 June 2017.

“China’s Liberalisation of Legal Services under ChAFTA: Market Access or Lack of Market Access for Australian Legal Practices”, ChAFTA Conference, UNSW Law, 18 June 2016.

“Debunking the Myth of ‘Particular Market Situation’: Unfinished Business from GATT/WTO to ChAFTA”, The Age of Mega-Regionals: TPP and Regulatory Autonomy in International Economic Law, Melbourne Law School, 19 May 2016.

“Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Law: Commercial Opportunities for Australian Law Firms”, Advising Clients - China - Australia Free Trade Agreement, 8 March 2016.

“China's Regulation of Digital Financial Services”, Regulating the Revolution Conference by CIFR, UNSW Australia and UNCDF, December 2015 (with Janos Barberis).

“Reforms of Exclusive Import Rights in the PRC - A case study on the WTO China Audiovisuals case”, 2014 Annual Workshop on Chinese Law, University of Sydney China Studies Centre (4 October 2014). (with Dr Brett Williams)

“US - Clove Cigarettes and US - Tuna II (Mexico): Implications for the Role of Regulatory Purpose under Article III:4 of the GATT”, School of Law, City University of HongKong (27 August 2012).

“The US – Clove Cigarettes Dispute – A Commentary”, Research Symposium on International Economic Law, ANZSIL & SCIL, University of Sydney (2 March 2012).  

“Whether and Where to Assess Regulatory Purpose: the Negotiating History and the Jurisprudence of the National Treatment Rule of the GATT”, Research Symposium on International Economic Law, ANZSIL & SCIL, University of Sydney (25 February 2011).

“The Role of Regulatory Purpose under the National Treatment Rule of the GATT - Toward an Applicable Approach”, Postgraduate Conference, University of Sydney (29 October 2010).

“International Trade and Energy Security – The Role of the WTO”, Commonwealth Roundtable on Energy Security and International Trade Law, Australian Pavilion, Shanghai Expo (11 August 2010).

“The Jurisprudence of the ‘Aim and Effect’ test”, Sydney Centre for International Law (SCIL), Seminar on WTO/Public International Economic Law, University of Sydney (11 June 2009).


“China’s Liberalisation of Legal Services under ChAFTA”, Submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, on request for submissions on the implementation of the China-Australian Free Trade Agreement, 4 October 2016 (with Associate Professor Junfang Xi).

“Inquiry into Australia’s Anti-Circumvention Framework in relation to Anti-Dumping Measures” (to House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture and Industry) (28 November 2014) (Drafted for the Law Council of Australia, with Andrew Percival).


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