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Current Research Candidates

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PhD in Law

Mohammad Abualrob, 'The role of the constitutional courts in democratic consolidation' (Theunis Roux/Martin Krygier)

Costa Avgoustinos, 'The implications of ecological limits: Climate change and the Australian Constitution'  (Ben Golder/ Gabrielle Appleby/Amelia Thorpe)

Armin Alimardani, 'Criminal responsibility and free will' (Marc De Leuuw/Gary Edmond/Allan McCay)

Dorothea Anthony, 'The ideological significance of contemporary developments around the Human Rights Doctrine of Indivisibility' (Andrew Byrnes/Ben Golder)

Abu Bangura, 'The development of the concept of protection of civilians' (Sarah Williams/Lucas Lixinski)

Sophia Bai, 'Reform of Chinese state-owned enterprises: What China can learn from the practice of competitive neutrality in Australia' (Leon Trakman/Mark Williams)

Ahmed Beshtawi, 'Managing water under occupation: The case of Palestine' (Theunis Roux/Anthony Billingsley/Abdallah M.Abu-Eid)

Holly Blackmore, 'Investigating the effect of emotion and information on public attitudes towards restorative justice' (Janet Chan/Jane Bolitho)

Lynsey Blayden, 'Is there scope within the Australian constitutional framework of judicial review of administrative action for a more relaxed standard of unreasonable review' (Andrew Lynch/Simon Halliday)

Stephen Bourne, 'Restoration in the children's court of New South Wales' (Anne Cossins/Nessa Lynch)

Chris Brook, 'Assessing the 'forensic' science of accident reconstruction and its role in the conviction of Robert Farquharson' (Gary Edmond/David Hamer)

Louise Buckingham, ‘Copyright and indigenous works: A comparative analysis (old –new: Interrogating international IP institutions: Neo-colonialism and the development of a culture of Indigenous-IP legal space’ (Kathy Bowrey/Michael Handler)

Sophie Burbidge, 'The regulation of stored value financial products: A comparative analysis of approaches in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and the EU' (Ross Buckley/Colin Picker/Douglas Arner)

Melanie Burton, 'The characteristics and classification of undetected child sex offenders' (Anne Cossins/Jesse Cale)

Lauren Butterly, 'Turning the tide of aspirations into legal implications: Exploring the way forward for indigenous governance of sea country in Australia' (Megan Davis/Sean Brennan/Bronwyn Morgan)

Amanda Carrigan, 'Corporate bond integrity and the changing relationship with management' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Anil Hargovan/Colin Picker)

Daniel Cater, 'Data Privacy and National Security Powers: The theoretical and practical impact of citzenship and location' (Janet Chan/Lyria Bennett Moses/Alana Maurushat)

John Chellew,'Financial Derivatives versus Gambling: Where Should Australia Draw the Legal/Regulatory Dividing Line? A Comparative Analysis of Australia's Law and Practice with that in the US and UK' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Scott Donald)

Shipra Chordia, 'Developing the doctrine of proportionality in Australian Constitutional law' (Andrew Lynch/George Williams)

Genna Churches, 'Government data surveillance: A necessary tool in the prevention of terrorism' (George Williams/Gabrielle Appleby)

Anna Cody, 'Justice in clinical legal education: How can clinics both teach students effectively and contribute to a larger justice agenda' (Alex Steel/Judith Welch Wegner/Andrew Lynch)

Stephen Dametto, 'Is the countering of terrorism financing through legislation an effective way to prevent terrorism?' (Jill Hunter/Vicki Sentas/Nicola McGarrity)

Jason Donnelly, ' Re-shaping separation of powers in Australia - the non-justicable nature of the national interest' (Greg Weeks/Daniel Joyce/Simon Halliday)

Emma Dunlop; 'Justice in exile: A study of UNHCR's legal obligations to ensure refugee access to domestic courts and dispute resolution mechanisms' (Jane McAdam/Melissa Crouch)

Souheir Edelbi, 'Arab regionalism and the limits of the universalist approach to international criminal law' (Sarah Williams/Fleur Johns)

Carolyn Evans, 'Accountability of the UN Security Council in public international law' (Christopher Michaelsen/Martin Krygier)

Leah Findlay, 'Be afraid - or very entertained: Media coverage of criminal trials and consumption of crime' (Jill Hunter/Alyce McGovern)

John Fitzgerald, 'Drawing and counting legislation - will it help?' (Lyria Bennett Moses/Thomas Britz/Gary Edmond)

Nana Frishling, 'Beyond the Audit: Multi-stakeholder Initiatives and the Challenges of Human Rights Protection' (Justine Nolan/Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Bronwen Morgan)

Madeline Gleeson, 'Refugee protection and shared state responsibility in the Asia Pacific: A conceptual framework for accountability under international law' (Jane McAdam/Guy Goodwin-Gill)

Doron Goldbarsht, 'Counter Terrorist Financing - A Study In Effectiveness and The Rule of Law In Global Administrative Law' (Chris Michaelsen/Rosalind Dixon/Andrew Byrnes)

Bradley Gooding; ‘The idea of value plurality in Australian law’ (Marc De Leeuw/Arthur Glass)

Tahlia Gordon, 'The social value of alternate business structures: An empirical evaluation on the impact of incorporated legal practices on access to legal services in NSW' (Justine Rogers/Bronwen Morgan)

Thea Gumbert-Jourjon, ' Unreasonable doubts? Improving juror decision-making and comprehension le legal procedures in child sexual abuse trials' (Annie Cossins/Jane Goodman-Delahunty)

Peng Guo, 'The principle of good faith in long-term relational supply contract under changed circumstances in the CISG and the UNIDROIT Principles' (Leon Trakman/Luke Nottage) 

Marie Hadley, ‘Protection of indigenous cultural expressions by intellectual property law’ (Kathy Bowrey/Ben Golder)

Mark Hamilton; ‘Restorative justice intervention in an environmental and planning law context: Multiple perspectives’ (Cameron Holley/Jane Bolitho)

Robin Hamper, 'The market for software vulnerabilities' (Alana Maurashat/Leon Trakman)

Lena Hanifah, 'Islamic inheritance law in Indonesia: The experience of women' (Prue Vines/Brendan Edgeworth/Cathy Sherry)

Tristan Harley, 'Overcoming impasse through innovation? The search for new comprehensive solutions to large scale refugee movements' (Claire Higgins/Guy Goodwin-GIll)

Samuel Hartridge, 'Coercive preventive measures in Australia' (Sarah Williams/Ben Golder)

Deborah Healey, 'How should competition law accommodate the rise of east Asian state capitalism?' (Ross Buckley/Michael Jacobs/Mark Williams)

Jarra Hicks, ‘The contribution of community-owned renewable energy to regional development and resilience in the face of climate change’ (Bronwen Morgan/Susan Thompson)

Janet Hill, 'Neoliberalism's ascent and the parallel rise of human rights: correlation, causation or coincidence' (Ben Golder/Daniel McLoughlin)

Khanh Hoang, 'Common goals with shared values: The transition of Chinese criminal justice' (Jane McAdam/Rosalind Dixon)

Ngoc Thuan Hoang, 'China's lawsuits against the double remedies issue of the US and practical applications for Vietnam' (Colin Picker/Lisa Toohey/David Dixon)

Harry Hobbs, 'Including Indigenous Peoples in the processes of settler state government: Evaluating an Indigenous parliament' (George Williams/Megan Davis)

Jessica Hudson, 'Understanding the Equitable VIndicatio' (Simone Degeling/Keith Mason)

Milda Istiqomah, 'Counterterrorism strategies in Indonesia: Effectiveness and long term implications' (Justine Nolan/Janet Chan/Melissa Crouch)

Melissa Jardine, 'Policing in a changing Vietnam' (Janet Chan/David Dixon)

Regina Jeffries, 'Reimagining refoulment: Developing an evidence-based strategy to esnure domestic compliance with international refugee law (Andrew Byrnes/Guy Goodwin-Gill)

Noah Jenkins, 'Commercial arbitrataion and its relations with the public function of the law' (Leon Trakman/Hen Wang)

Sharyn Jenkins, 'The potential role for restorative justice to improve victim outcomes in situations where the perpetrator is or belongs to a non-legal entity' (Christopher Michaelsen/Jane Bolitho)

Amrita Kapur, 'The complementarity paradigm as a catalyst for national prosectutions of sexual violence: Preleminary examinations and their effects in Colombia and Guinea' (Andrew Byrnes/Sarah Williams)

Zsofia Korosy, ‘A critical analysis of the environmental regulation of the Pacific Ocean in international law’ (Bronwen Morgan/Fleur Johns)

Simon Lacey; ‘Success and failure in the race to coordinate domestic policies, regulatory frameworks and institutions to the realities of the 21 st century trading system:  Australia and its regional trade partners’ (Colin Picker/Heng Wang/Dimity Kingsford-Smith)

Huiyang Li, 'Copyright in the internet age: Access to information versus creator incentives' (Kathy Bowrey/Michael Handler)

Xun Li, 'Legal aspects of hedge fund regulation after the global crisis' (Xiaochuan Weng/Jeanne Huang)

David Lusty, 'Reconciling a fair trial under the accusatorial system of criminal justice with the use of evidence lawfully compelled from an accused' (Jill Hunter/Mike Grewcock)

Kayleen Manwaring, 'How Australian law does and should regulate the use of mobile and ubiquitous information technologies in commercial activities' (Lyria Bennett Moses/Leon Trakman/Roger Clarke)

Patrick Martin, 'Legal pluralism and property rights - A critical analysis of REDD+ in Papua New Guinea' (Cameron Holley/Gary Edmond)

Megan McElhone, 'Does the NSW Police Force's Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad compromise the implementation of community policing?' (Michael Grewcock/Vicki Sentas/David Dixon)

Chris McElwain, 'You are Free to Eat:  The Governance of Food Loss and Food Waste in Australia' (Cameron Holley/Simon Halliday)

Rebecca McEwen, 'The first female barristers in Australia' (Justine Rogers/Kathy Bowrey)

Sarah McGrath, 'The business of justice: The role of corporations in transnational justice' (Andrea Durbach/Justine Nolan/Kathy Bowrey)

Emily McMullan, 'Do the traditional contract model and exisiting theory extend to modern consumer law?' (Simone Degeling/Arthur Glass)

Barbara Mescher, 'Putting ethics into legal ethics: Studying the work of corporate lawyers' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Justine Rogers)

Paul Millar, ‘Finance and international human rights: socially responsible investment as a vehicle for the protection of international human rights’ (Justine Nolan/Leon Trakman)

Riona Moodley, '"Extraterritorial processing" of asylum seekers outside the European Union: A panacea for the future' (Jane McAdam/Justine Nolan)

James Morris, 'Regulating the Australian retail corporate bond market: Market leading or stifling development' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Jeff Coulton)

Sarah-jane Morris, 'Finality principles in administrative law proceedings' (Mark Aronson/Rosalind Dixon/Greg Weeks)

Mary Morrisroe, 'Profitability in the Russion oil industry: The effect of the rule of law' (Brendan Edgeworth/Martin Krygier)

Mihir Naniwadekar, 'Monetary remedies for breach of fidicuary duties: Limiting factors and concurrent liability' (Simone Degeling/Keith Mason)

Nahed Odeh, 'Constitutional design options for state formation in Palestine' (Theunis Roux/Arthur Glass)

Aya Omran, 'Incorporating gender inequality in the future criminal framework of Palestine to combat honour based violence: A comparative study' (Luke McNamara/Anthony Billingsley/Gary Edmond)

Malory Plummer, 'Theorising child sexual abuse: When does victim become offender?' (Anne Cossins/Janet Chan)

Christian Ponce Terrazas, 'The foreign law debate' (Arthur Glass/Daniel McLoughlin)

Luke Potter, 'To what extent can Local Government Authorities (LGAs) build durable solutions to protect against disaster displacement risk in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Pacific?' (Jane McAdam/Melissa Crouch)

Xiaomeng Qu, 'A comparative study of land appropriation' (Brendan Edgeworth/Cathy Sherry)

Fadi Rabia, 'Police corruption in Palestine: Challenges and remedies' (David Dixon/Janet Chan)

Fleur Ramsay, 'Sovereign pleasures and prohibitions - Law and law breaking in the prohibition era in the USA (1919-1933)' (Ben Golder/Vicki Sentas)

Rachel Ravagnani, 'International legal regime on renewable energy: Environmental, economic and energetic challenges from the perspective of international law (Cameron Holley/Rosemary Rayfuse)

Paolo Remati, 'The digital dreaming dilemna: Australian intellectual property, expert opinion evidence and protecting ICIP rights' (Alexandra George/Gary Edmond)

Bhatara Ibnu Reza, 'The development of the state-sponsored militia as the implementation of the total people's defence and security system in Indonesia' (Rosalind Dixon/Lucas Lixinski/Andrew Byrnes)

Jemimah Roberts, 'Constitutional Interpretation in the High Court: Revisiting Genealogical, Genetic and Functional Comparison' (Rosalind Dixon/Gabrielle Appleby)

Rodrigo Sales, ‘Proposal for an emissions trading framework for Brazil which favours greenhouse gases – emission reduction trading and future integration with other national, regional and international emission trading and environmental schemes.  Lessons from the Australian Trading Scheme development experience’ (Rosemary Rayfuse/David Freestone)

Indriaswati Saptaningrum, 'From government to governance: The politics of Indonesia's digital content policies post 2008' (Melissa Crouch/Fleur Johns)

Elizabeth Sarofim, 'Effects of criminalisation of cartel conduct on the detection, investigation and prosecution of cartel conduct' (Tyrone Kirchengast/Jill Hunter)

Louis Schetzer, 'Domestic human rights charters and the outsourced State.’ (Andrew Byrnes/Andrea Durbach)

Stefan Skopelja, 'Rethinking causation: From theory to practice' (Arthur Glass/Keith Mason/Marc De Leeuw)

Shreeya Smith, 'Aslyum seekers, mandatory detention and constitutional limits on the exercise of non-statutory executive power' (Rosalind Dixon/Gabrielle Appleby)

Kathryn Smithers, 'Perceptions of NSW police officers about the approach, operation and effectiveness of the NSW Child Protection Register' (Anne Cossins/Julie Stubbs)

Nobumichi Termura; ‘Courts and international arbitration: A comparative and critical analysis’ (Leon Trakman/Luke Nottage)

Chenxi Wang, 'WTO litigation and preferential trade agreement - two forces changing China's legal policy' (Leon Trakman/Bruno Zeller)

Tamara Wood, ‘In search of the African refugee – Article I(2) of the 1969 OAU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa' (Jane McAdam/Sarah Williams)

Xhenyu Xiao, 'The Chinese approach to recalibration of international investment law' (Heng Wang/Xiaochuan Weng)

Dan Xie, ' The application and interpretation of grounds for refusal of recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards under the New York Convention: The consensus and confusion in the contemporary international arbitration practice worldwide and in China' (Lucas Lixinski/Jeanne Huang/Gary Edmond)

Zhuangsi Xu, 'Minority rights and the protection of minority languages in China' (Lucas Lixinski/Melissa Crouch/Janet Chan)

Seiko Yamamoto, 'The role of international law in bioethics of Japan and Europe' (Chris Michaelsen/Lyria Bennett Moses/Rosemary Rayfuse)

Courtney Young, 'Not guilty and yet not innocent: Bail reform in the era of mass incarceration' (Julie Stubbs/Vicki Sentas)

Stephen Young, 'Understanding consent: The history and practical challenges to implement FPIC in the transnational mining sector' (Ben Golder/Fleur Johns)



Bander Alsaif, 'Analysing and measuring effectiveness of the legal factors that might attract international investors to the KAEC' (Leon Trakman/Alexandra George)


LLM by Research

Gemma McKinnon, 'Can a right to housing protect tenants in NSW? A human rights and administrative law perspective' (Greg Weeks/Megan Davis/Jill Hunter)

Josh Pallas, 'Child pornography in New South Wales analysing the apellate jurisprudence' (Luke McNamara/Tyrone Kirchengast)