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Four researchers at UNSW Law (Professor Janet Chan, Associate Professor Lyria Bennett Moses, Dr Alana Maurushat and Mr David Vaile) have been working with Deakin Law School and La Trobe Law School, as well as an extensive technical team from nine universities, users and policymakers from six government agencies and commercial vendors of data storage and analytic tools in the multi-million dollar Data to Decisions Co-operative Research Centre (

The first project in the Law and Policy Program, Big Data Technology and National Security: Comparative International Perspectives on Strategy, Policy and Law, led by Professor Chan, examined the policies, regulatory approaches, processes and strategies used by Australia, the UK and Canada to balance the management and exploitation of Big Data for national security and law enforcement purposes, while safeguarding confidentiality and security of sensitive personal information, as well as the accuracy of data sets.

Since then, Associate Professor Lyria Bennett Moses has been leading two projects: (1) to develop and articulate principles to guide technologists, policymakers and users in the design, regulation, implementation, governance and oversight of data-based decision-support technologies in law enforcement and national security, and (2) to develop policy and regulatory frameworks for specific business cases.

It is predicted that the Centre will help to build a substantial big data industry that will position Australia as an international exemplar in the development and use of big data capability, with UNSW Law and its partners helping clarify governance, accountability and transparency issues.