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UNSW Law Impact Fund

We are looking for partners at the forefront of innovation in their fields to collaborate with UNSW Law to continue to pursue this endeavour. To this end, UNSW Law has launched its Impact Fund.

UNSW Law has a long and proud history of engaging with the wider community and using its research to assist in finding creative solutions to complex real-world problems in the worlds of business, government and society more broadly.

The UNSW Impact Fund will fund two distinct schemes:

  1. Knowledge Exchange Grants: These grants will support the translation of academic research for business, government and the wider community. This could, for example, include grants to develop and deliver proposals for regulatory change; to run a symposium for regulators; or develop legal empowerment materials for marginalized communities.
  2. Research Impact Fellowships: Two fellowships will be offered annually, to support early or mid-career researchers at UNSW Law to develop an initiative – together with student collaborators – that operationalises legal research for societal impact. Fellowship projects could include developing plans for strategic litigation; designing legal architecture for a new social enterprise; or writing a white paper that approaches an entrenched or emerging problem in a novel way.

Fields and projects that the Impact Fund will support:

  • development of research-based reforms in areas such as takeovers, finance and superannuation;
  • leveraging emergent technologies for legal services;
  • legal strategies for new sites of systemic risk;
  • developing legal and institutional responses to systemic rights abuses;
  • improving outcomes for vulnerable children in the law;
  • Indigenous legal innovation;
  • alternatives to prison;
  • diversifying the courts and legal dispute resolution systems;
  • low carbon legal designs;
  • tax and economic reform options; and
  • the regulation of distributed ledgers.

Benefits from being a UNSW Impact Fund sponsor

Benefits will be dependent on size of donation. Potential benefits include:

  • early access to the work and research that is produced by researchers supported by the Fund through exclusive seminars and publications;
  • access to researchers supported by the UNSW LAW Impact Fund to speak at your organisation and to your clients;
  • invitations to be involved in the generation and translation of research where relevant;
  • recognition in outputs that are supported by the UNSW Law Impact Fund;
  • recognition on the UNSW Law website that you are supporting this important project, as well as branding on future UNSW Law Impact Fund events;
  • representation on the selection committee for the two schemes mentioned above; and
  • an opportunity to host and speak at UNSW Law Impact events showcasing researchers and research to the wider community.

Naming rights for the Research Impact Fellowships and the Knowledge Exchange Grants will be available to donors offering significant levels of support (over $100,000). To learn more about becoming a partner with UNSW Law, please contact our Development Officer, Nicky Jacobs.