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Emma Armson

Ross Buckley

Simone Degeling

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Deborah Healey

Jessica Hudson

Dimity Kingsford Smith

Michael Legg

Marina Nehme

Paul Redmond

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Charlie Xiao-chuan Weng

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HDR Students

Sophia Bai, 'Reform of Chinese state-owned enterprises: What China can learn from the practice of competitive neutrality in Australia' (Leon Trakman/Mark Williams)

Amanda Carrigan, 'Corporate bond integrity and the changing relationship with management' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Colin Picker)

John Chellew, 'To investigate the increasingly problematic regulatory dividing line between the Australian Commonwelath's derivatives regime and the State's gambling regimes to find a more appropriate dividing line' (Ross Buckley/Scott Donald)

Peng Guo, 'Lex Mercatoria and the harmonisation of international commercial contract law -with a case study on China' (Leon Trakman/Luke Nottage)

Deborah Healey, 'How should competition law accommodate the rise of east Asian state capitalism?' (Ross Buckley/Michael Jacobs)

James Heller, 'Finance in the intellectual property world' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Colin Picker/Alexandra George)

Ngoc Thuan Hoang, 'China's lawsuits against the double remedies issue of the US and practical applications for Vietnam' (Colin Picker/Lisa Toohey/David Dixon)

Huiqin Jiang, ‘The foreign investment review system in Australia: Its approach to foreign investments from Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in comparison to similar investors from other countries’ (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Colin Picker)

Katharine Kemp, 'Australia's rejection of the Effects Test for misuse of market power:lone genius or outdated anomaly?' (Ross Buckley/Rhonda Smith)

Barbara Mescher, 'Putting ethics into legal ethics: Studying the work of corporate lawyers' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Kristin Rundle)

Paul Millar, ‘Finance and international human rights: socially responsible investment as a vehicle for the protection of international human rights’ (Justine Nolan/Leon Trakman)

Dianne Miller, 'Whether revenue authorities can recover concealed cash assets on the basis of unjust enrichment' (Simone Degeling/Keith Mason)

James Morris, 'Regulating the Australian retail corporate bond market: Market leading or stifling development' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/ Jeff Coulton)

Chenxi Wang, 'WTO litigation and preferential trade agreement - two forces changing China's legal policy' (Leon Trakman/Lisa Toohey)

Shu Zhang, ‘China's approach in defining public policy in the recognition and enforcement of International Commercial Arbitration Awards and its impacts in international arbitration practices’ (Leon Trakman/Damian Sturzaker)

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