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Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminology

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Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminology

We are a group of researchers interested in the study of criminal law and procedure, theory and practice of criminal justice, theories of crime, and processes of criminalisation. Our research approach is multidisciplinary, including doctrinal, sociological, political, science and technology, and cultural analysis. Current research projects include critical studies of prisons, justice reinvestment, state crime, policing, jury studies, sentencing studies, victims and forensic evidence. The group is linked to the Crime and Justice Research Network.

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Lyria Bennett Moses

David Brown

Janet Chan

Anne Cossins

David Dixon

Gary Edmond

Michael Grewcock

Jill Hunter

Dr Nicola McGarrity

Professor Luke McNamara

Mehera San Roque

Melanie Schwartz

Vicki Sentas

Alex Steel

Julie Stubbs

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Research Snapshots

Joint Trials vs Separate Trials: Child Sexual Abuse

HDR Students

Armin Alimardini, ‘Criminal responsibility and free will’ (Gary Edmond/Allan McCay)

Holly Blackmore, 'Investigating the effect of emotion and information on public attitudes towards restorative justice' (Janet Chan/Jane Bolitho)

Melanie Burton, 'Masculinties and the careers of sex offenders' (Anne Cossins/Jesse Cale/Gary Edmond)

Stephen Bourne, 'Restoration in the children's court of New South Wales' (Anne Cossins/Nessa Lynch)

Stephen Dametto, 'Is the countering of terrorism financing through legislation an effective way to prevent terrorism?' (Jill Hunter/Vicki Sentas/Nicola McGarrity)

Leah Findlay, ‘Be afraid – or very entertained: Media coverage of criminal trials and consumption of crime’ (Jill Hunter/Alyce McGovern)

Thea Gumbert-Jourjon, ' Unreasonable doubts? Improving juror decision-making and comprehension le legal procedures in child sexual abuse trials' (Annie Cossins/Jane Goodman-Delahunty/Julie Stubbs)

Hannah Harris, 'Transnational anti-corruption law in the Pacific' (Sarah Williams/Michael Grewcock)

Michael Holohan, 'Admissibility of forensic comparison evidence' (Gary Edmond/Mehera San Roque)

Melissa Jardine, 'Policing in a changing Vietnam' (Janet Chan/David Dixon)

Sharyn Jenkins, 'The potential role for restorative justice to improve victim outcomes in situations where the perpetrator is or belongs to a non-legal entity' (Christopher Michaelsen/Jane Bolitho)

Megan McElhone, ‘Does the NSW Police Force’s Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad compromise the implementation of community policing in NSW’ (Mike Grewcock/Vicki Sentas/David Dixon)

Katherine McFarlane, ‘An examination of the trajectories and drift of children in care to the criminal justice system in NSW’ (Julie Stubbs/Eileen Baldry)

Aya Omran, 'Incorporating gender inequality in the future criminal framework of Palestine to combat honour based violence: A comparative study' (Jill Hunter/Andrea Durbach)

Malory Plummer, 'Theorising child sexual abuse: When does victim become offender?' (Anne Cossins/Janet Chan)

Fadi Rabia, 'Police corruption in Palestine: Challenges and remedies' (David Dixon/Janet Chan)

Kathryn Smithers, 'Perceptions of NSW police officers about the approach, operation and effectiveness of the NSW Child Protection Register' (Anne Cossins/Julie Stubbs)

Scarlet Wilcock, 'How to catch a welfare cheat: Policing welfare fraud in Australia' (Julie Stubbs/Alex Steel)

Amanda Wilson, ' A recipe for inequality? Gender and therapeutic jurisprudence in criminal justice' (Julie Stubbs/Eileen Baldry)

Courtney Young, ‘Not guilty and yet not innocent: Bail reform in an era of mass incarceration’ (Julie Stubbs/Vicki Sentas)

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