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We are a small group of scholars dedicated to research on current and emerging environmental issues affecting the relationship of humans to their environment and its sustainable development and use at both the domestic and international levels. Our areas of interest include: water, environmental markets, unconventional gas, biodiversity, the marine environment, climate change, geoengineering, climate activism, sustainability, public participation, cities, high density and master planned development and urban farming.

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Janice Gray

Cameron Holley

Bronwen Morgan

Rosemary Rayfuse

Cathy Sherry

Amelia Thorpe

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Revitalising collaborative water governance

The Rise of the Regulatory State of the South

HDR Students

Costa Avgoustinos, ‘Reconciling climate change and social justice in earth jurisprudence’ (Ben Golder/Amelia Thorpe)

Ahmed Beshtawi, 'Managing water under occupation: The case of Palestine' (Rosemary Rayfuse/Janice Gray/Abdallah M. Abu-Eid)

Lauren Butterfly, 'Turning the tide of aspirations into legal implications: exploring ways forward for Indigenous governnace of sera country in Australia' (Sean Brennan/Bronwen Morgan/Megan Davis)

Gabriela Cuadrado, 'Governing the misunderstood and hidden natural resource. Implementing the principles of sustainability and participation in groundwater governance practice' (Rosemary Rayfuse/Cameron Holley)

Mark Hamilton, ‘Restorative justice intervention in an environmental and planning law context: Multiple perspectives’, (Cameron Holley/ Jane Bolitho)

Jarra Hicks, ‘The contribution of community-owned renewable energy to regional development and resilience in the face of climate change’ (Bronwen Morgan/Susan Thompson)

Anna Huggins, 'Evaluating compliance systems in Multilateral Environmental Agreements: Implications for the administration of global environmental governance' ( Bronwen Morgan/Rosemary Rayfuse)

Aline Jaeckel, ‘The International Seabed Authority and the Protection of Marine Biodiversity in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction.’ (Rosemary Rayfuse/Sarah Williams)

Geena Kordek, ‘Compliance with coal seam gas produced water regulations' (Janice Gray/Cameron Holley/Dimity Kingsford-Smith)

Rodrigo Sales, ‘Proposal for an emissions trading framework for Brazil which favours greenhouse gases – emission reduction trading and future integration with other national, regional and international emission trading and environmental schemes. Lessons from the Australian Trading Scheme development experience’ (Rosemary Rayfuse/David Freestone)

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