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Indigenous Peoples and the Law



Kathy Bowrey

Sean Brennan

Lauren Butterly

Anne Cossins

Kyllie Cripps

Megan Davis

Andrea Durbach

Brendan Edgeworth

Jeni Engel

Alexandra George

Lucas Lixinski

Melanie Schwartz

Leon Terrill

Prue Vines

HDR Students

Ngaire Brown, ‘Addressing disparities in Aboriginal child well-being: A human rights based, public health approach to Aboriginal child protection’ (Megan Davis/Kyllie Cripps/Lesley Barclay)

Louise Buckingham, ‘Copyright and indigenous works: A comparative analysis' (old –new: Interrogating international IP institutions: Neo-colonialism and the development of a culture of Indigenous-IP legal space’ (Kathy Bowrey/Michael Handler/Jane Anderson)

Lauren Butterly, 'Turning the tide of aspirations into legal implications: Exploring the way forward for indigenous governance of sea country in Australia' (Megan Davis/Sean Brennan/Bronwyn Morgan)

Marie Hadley, ‘Protection of indigenous cultural expressions by intellectual property law’ (Kathy Bowrey/Ben Golder)

Jacklyn Hartley, ‘Consultation, consent and the rights of indigenous peoples to their lands, territories and resources’ (Sean Brennan/Megan Davis/Theunis Roux)

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