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Intellectual Property


Catherine Bond

Kathy Bowrey

Alexandra George

Michael Handler

HDR Students

Louise Buckingham, ‘Copyright and indigenous works: A comparative analysis (old –new: Interrogating international IP institutions: Neo-colonialism and the development of a culture of Indigenous-IP legal space’ (Kathy Bowrey/Michael Handler)

Natalie Fowell, ‘Property, theory and copyright’ (Kathy Bowrey)

Marie Hadley, ‘Protection of indigenous cultural expressions by intellectual property law’ (Kathy Bowrey/Ben Golder)

Samuel Hallahan, 'The impact and role of international trade disputes in the development of intellectual property law' (Alexandra George/Colin Picker/Ross Buckley)

James Heller, 'Finance in the intellectual property world' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Colin Picker/Alexandra George) 

Susanne Lloyd-Jones, ‘From government to governance? Administering communications sector security in the era of convergence and global terrorism’ (Kathy Bowrey/Derek Wilding)

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