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National Security and Terrorism


Lyria Bennett Moses

Fergal Davis

Andrew Lynch

Alana Maurushat

Dr Nicola McGarrity

Christopher Michaelsen

Vicki Sentas

Svetlana Tyulkina

George Williams

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Associate members

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  • May Fong Cheong
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HDR Students

Genna Churches, 'Government data surveillance: A necessary tool in the prevention of terrorism' (George Williams/Fergal Davis/Garbielle Appleby)

Stephen Dametto, 'Is the countering of terrorism financing through legislation an effective way to prevent terrorism?' (Jill Hunter/Vicki Sentas/Nicola McGarrity)

Doron Goldbarsht, 'Counter Terrorist Financing - A Study In Effectiveness and The Rule of Law In Global Administrative Law' (Chris Michaelsen/Rosalind Dixon/Andrew Byrnes)

Susanne Lloyd-Jones, ‘From government to governance? Administering communications sector security in the era of convergence and global terrorism’ (Kathy Bowrey/Derek Wilding)

Jennifer Norberry, ‘Law and national security crisis – contemporary Australian perspective’ (George Williams/Andrew Lynch)

Sangeetha Pillai, 'Citizenship and anti-terror laws' (George Williams/Fergal Davis)

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