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Private law includes the legal rules and principles that govern the relationships between individuals in society, or between individuals and the state in those situations where the state is afforded no greater privileges than a private person. We take diverse perspectives on private law, from the analysis of legal doctrine to theoretical and empirical studies. We are particularly interested in highlighting research into policy and law reform in the area of private law.

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Impact of Compensation Run-out

Prue Vines and the Apologies (Scotland) Act

Leon Terrill - A community‐driven approach to Indigenous land reform  

Cathy Sherry Publishes New Book on Strata Title

HDR Students

Sophia Bai, 'Reform of Chinese state-owned enterprises: What China can learn from the practice of competitive neutrality in Australia' (Leon Trakman/Mark Williams)
Daniel Cater, 'Data Privacy and National Security Powers: The theoretical and practical impact of citzenship and location' (Janet Chan/Lyria Bennett Moses/Alana Maurushat)
John Chellew, 'Financial Derivatives versus Gambling: Where Should Australia Draw the Legal/Regulatory Dividing Line? A Comparative Analysis of Australia's Law and Practice with that in the US and UK' (Ross Buckley/Scott Donald)
Svetlana Collantes, 'The extent to which Australia’s current liability regimes for air operators and carriers provide a fair and workable means of compensating passengers in third parties for injuries and its place in the international legal realm’ (Prue Vines/Chris Michaelsen/Gary Edmond)
Anne Conway, 'Australia's National Mediator Accreditation Scheme (NMAS): Exploring the impact of NMAS accreditation on a Solicitor's professional identity development as a Mediator.' (Leon Trakman/Bruno Zeller)
John Fitzgerald, 'Drawing and counting legislation - will it help?' (Lyria Bennett Moses/Thomas Britz/Gary Edmond)
Peng Guo, 'The principle of good faith in long-term relational supply contract under changed circumstances in the CISG and the UNIDROIT Principles' (Leon Trakman/Luke Nottage)
Lena Hanifah, 'Islamic inheritance law in Indonesia: The experience of women' (Prue Vines/Brendan Edgeworth/Cathy Sherry)
Kayleen Manwaring, 'How Australian law does and should regulate the use of mobile and ubiquitous information technologies in commercial activities' (Lyria Bennett Moses/Leon Trakman/Roger Clarke)

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