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'Refugees' shortlisted for award

International Cultural Heritage Law at a Crossroads

HDR Students

Sophia Bai, 'Reform of Chinese state-owned enterprises: What China can learn from the practice of comepetitive neutrality in Australia' (Leon Trakman/Mark Williams)

Souheir Edelbi, 'Arab regionalism and the limits of the universalist approach to international criminal law' (Sarah Williams/Fleur Johns)

Carolyn Evans, 'Accountability of the UN Security Council in public international law' (Christopher Michaelsen/Martin Krygier)

Doron Goldbarsht, 'Counter Terrorist Financing - A Study In Effectiveness and The Rule of Law In Global Administrative Law' (Chris Michaelsen/Rosalind Dixon/Andrew Byrnes)

Peng Guo, 'Lex Mercatoria and the harmonisation of international commercial contract law -with a case study on China' (Leon Trakman/Luke Nottage)

Samuel Hallahan, 'The impact and role of international trade disputes in the development of intellectual property law' (Alexandra George/Colin Picker/Ross Buckley)

Bhatara Ibnu Reza, 'The development of the state-sponsored militia as the implementation of the total people's defence and security system in Indonesia' (Rosalind Dixon/Lucas Lixinski/Andrew Byrnes)

Amrita Kapur, 'Changing the paradigm of international criminal law to deliver justice on the ground: Complementarity as the mechanism to end impunity' (Andrew Byrnes/Sarah WIlliams)

Pervaiz Khan, 'Effective utilisation of WTO dispute settlement system by Pakistan: A public-private partnership approach' (Leon Trakman/Lisa Toohey)

Aya Omran, 'Incorporating gender inequality in the future criminal framework of Palestine to combat honour based violence: A comparative study' (Jill Hunter/Andrea Durbach)

Emma Palmer, 'International criminal law in South East Asia: Beyond the International Criminal Court' (Andrew Byrnes/Sarah Williams)

Fadi Rabia, 'Police corruption in Palestine: Challenges and remedies' (David Dixon/Janet Chan)

Suman Saha, ' The (in)visibility of sex workers and their rights in India' (Ben Golder/Christine Forster)

Chenxi Wang, 'WTO litigation and preferential trade agreement - two forces changing China's legal policy' (Leon Trakman/Lisa Toohey)

Tamara Wood, ‘In search of the African refugee – Article I(2) of the 1969 OAU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa' (Jane McAdam/Sarah Williams)

Shu Zhang, ‘China's approach in defining public policy in the recognition and enforcement of International Commercial Arbitration Awards and its impacts in international arbitration practices’ (Leon Trakman/Damian Sturzaker)

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