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Regulation and Regulatory Theory

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Regulation and Regulatory Theory



Lyria Bennett Moses

Ross Buckley

David Dixon

Scott Donald

Brendan Edgeworth

Janice Gray

Cameron Holley

Fleur Johns

Dimity Kingsford Smith

Michael Legg

Bronwen Morgan

Marina Nehme

Cathy Sherry

Gabrielle Simm

Amelia Thorpe

Charlie Xiao-chuan Weng

Weihuan Zhou

Research Snapshots

Regulating in the Face of Socio-Technical Change

HDR Students

John Chellew, 'To investigate the increasingly problematic regulatory dividing line between the Australian Commonwelath's derivatives regime and the State's gambling regimes to find a more appropriate dividing line' (Ross Buckley/Scott Donald)

Karen Lee, ‘Legitimacy in the new regulatory state’ (Kathy Bowrey/Angus Corbett/Lesley Hitchens)

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