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Transnational and Comparative Law


Andrew Byrnes

Melissa Crouch

Rosalind Dixon

Andrea Durbach

Bassina Farbenblum

Madeline Gleeson

Michael Handler

Claire Higgins

Fleur Johns

Michael Legg

Lucas Lixinski

Alana Maurushat

Jane McAdam

Christopher Michaelsen

Bronwen Morgan

Rosemary Rayfuse

Theunis Roux

Cathy Sherry

Leon Trakman

Heng Wang

Charlie Xiao-chuan Weng

Sarah Williams

Weihuan Zhou

Research Snapshots

'Refugees' shortlisted for award

HDR Students

Sophia Bai, 'Reform of Chinese state-owned enterprises: What China can learn from the practice of comepetitive neutrality in Australia' (Leon Trakman/Mark Williams)

Peter Blanchard, 'Government industry partnerships in WTO litigation - A comparative analysis: Australia and the USA' (Colin Picker/Lisa Toohey/Ross Buckley)

Hannah Harris, 'Transnational anti-corruption law in the Pacific' (Sarah Williams/Michael Grewcock)

Ngoc Thuan Hoang, 'China's lawsuits against the double remedies issue of the US and practical applications for Vietnam' (Colin Picker/Lisa Toohey/David Dixon)

Huiqin Jiang, ‘The foreign investment review system in Australia: Its approach to foreign investments from Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in comparison to similar investors from other countries’ (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Colin Picker)

Simon Lacey; ‘Success and failure in the race to coordinate domestic policies, regulatory frameworks and institutions to the realities of the 21st century trading system: Australia and its regional trade partners’, (Colin Picker/ Heng Wang/ Dimity Kingsford-Smith)

Bhatara Ibnu Reza, 'The development of the state-sponsored militia as the implementation of the total people's defence and security system in Indonesia' (Rosalind Dixon/Lucas Lixinski/Andrew Byrnes)

Nobumichi Termura; ‘Courts and international arbitration: A comparative and critical analysis’, (Leon Trakman/ Alexander George)

Tamara Wood, ‘In search of the African refugee – Article I(2) of the 1969 OAU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa' (Jane McAdam/Sarah Williams)

Seiko Yamamoto, 'The role of international law in bioethics of Japan and Europe' (Chris Michaelsen/Lyria Bennett Moses/Rosemary Rayfuse)


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