Final week to collect summer and S2 2014 assessments | Law

Final week to collect summer and S2 2014 assessments

This will be the final week for UG and JD students to collect their Assessment and Exams for Semester 2 and Summer at the Student Services counter. Make sure you collect your papers by 4pm this Friday. Please note that in the past individual courses were allocated for collection on a specified day and papers were only able to be collected according to the specified schedule. Student Services has sorted all the assessment papers this time so that you can now pick them all up at one time (unless the teacher has not returned the papers to us).

Please see below summer papers available for collection:

• Communications Law


• Equity & Trusts

• Family Law

• Foundations of Intellectual Property Law

• Information Technology Law

• Law & Social Theory

• Sport and the Law

• Terror and Religion

• Understanding Human Rights

• World Religions: Laws & Customs

Please note the following:

• Assessment papers can be collected from level 2 student law counter in the Law Building. If there is a crowd at the time of collection, we suggest you come back later in the day or any other day until the end of Week 4. Papers not collected by the end of Week 4 will not be available for collection.

• Not all the papers are available for collection as the teachers have yet to return them to Student Services. You may need to come back later and request for the paper or you can email your teacher directly to check when it will be available for collection.

• If you intend to apply for Honours at graduation point, it is important that you collect your research assessments as you may need to submit them for Honours consideration later. • You will be required to present your Student ID Card when requesting for your papers.

• If you are currently on exchange and not able to collect your papers, please email and provide the following details – course/s, teachers’ names and your mailing address. We will arrange to post them to you.

Please note that we are trialling this new procedure of returning papers and would appreciate if you can provide any feedback.