Summer 2017 Class Cancellations | Law

Summer 2017 Class Cancellations

Due to unforeseen circumstances some classes Summer 2017 classes are now cancelled. The full list of cancelled classes is available here (PDF).

Students enrolled in these classes would have received a message via myUNSW regarding the cancellation. Students who are still enrolled in one of the cancelled classes should log on to myUNSW and swap to another course as soon as possible.

CareerCategoryCourse CodeCourse NameSectionClass NumberDate of Cancellation Recommendation
GENLElectivesGENL1062 / LAWS3362Understanding Human Rights A1237 / 126917/11/2016Students are encouraged to enrol in the same course S1 2017 or other GENL courses in the Summer Session.
GENLElectivesGENL1021World Religions A123421/11/2016Students are encouraged to enrol in the online GENL course, GENL1022 Women and Religion or the same course in S1 2017.