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Student notices

Mishpatim Seminar in Israeli and International Law 12-30 January 2014

The Mishpatim Seminar in Israeli and International Law 12 to 30 January 2014

Julian Small Foundation Grant

Applications are sought from postgraduate and undergraduate students who are undertaking research and involved in the study of employment related law, industrial relations and media studies in Australia.

Adelaide Law School Photographic Competition

Adelaide Law School2013 Images of Justice Photographic Competition

After the success of the first Images of Justice Photographic competition in 2012 the Adelaide Law School is excited to announce a new competition for 2013.This year's theme is 'Images of Justice - Truth'.

U.S. Consulate General Sydney 2013-2014 Foreign National Student Internship Program

The U.S. Consulate General Sydney is looking for non-American undergraduate university students to experience working alongside the Consulate’s American and Australian employees as they work on the day-to-day business, political, media, and organizational issues of the United States and Australia, over the 2013-14 Australian summer holidays. This program aims to establish, promote and maintain relationships between young Australians and Americans as they become leaders in their respective countries.

Postgraduate Course in Litigation open to Undergraduate Students

The Postgraduate Course LAWS8064 Regulation Litigation and Enforcement has been made available to Undergraduate Students. Students must be in their final year to enrol and meet the relevant criteria. Please complete the PG Course open to UG Students Form (The form is no longer available). Further information about the course can be found below:

Semester 1 2013 Internal Exams Schedule

The Semester 1 2013 Internal Exams Schedule can be found here (This page is no longer available).

Any further queries regarding this can be directed to


KInd Regards

Law Student Services

International Internship Opportunities

International Law Internships

If you are successfully chosen, you may then apply for the UNSW LAW Internship Program (LAWS3308/JURD7308) and have the experience count towards your degree.


United Nations - Australia

Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations – New York


AustLII Internships available for S2 2013

AustLII Internship experience is eligible for inclusion in the Social Justice Interhips Program (LAWS3307/JURD7307).

Postgraduate Human Rights Internship

Please note this Internship can be counted towards LAWS8052.

The Centre for Refugee Research would like to invite all interested Masters students to one of the following Internship information sessions:

Date: Monday 20 May 2013
Time: 3-4pm
Location: Room 310, Morven Brown building


Date: Tuesday 21 May 2013
Time: 6-7pm
Location: Room 310, Morven Brown building

Marque Lawyers Seasonally Non-Specific Clerkships

Announcing the Marque Lawyers Seasonally Non-Specific Clerkships

More information on the Marque Lawyers website

Why exactly is it we do summer clerkships anyway?  It’s a stupid time of year to hire anyone.  The courts are closed, everyone’s either up the coast or wishing they were, and there’s bugger all work to do.  For Marque, it means hundreds of applications and only one job.  We can do better.