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Graduate profile

Justin Wong

Infrastructure Funds Manager, Macquarie Group
"I like the variety in my job – I might be looking at an airport one day and a wind farm the next."

My role

I work at Macquarie Group within the Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets division (“MIRA”).

A typical day

My work can be split into two categories: expanding the business and maintaining the existing business. I spend a lot of time looking at potential infrastructure asset acquisitions and performing the financial and other analysis required. My other hat as an asset manager involves driving the performance of the existing portfolio assets by influencing the strategy and direction of the asset both at a Board and senior management level.

What I like most

I like the variety in my job – I might be looking at an airport one day, a wind farm the next, and then thinking about how to raise money from investors the day after that. I also find infrastructure assets extremely interesting, as they are an integral part of everyone’s lives. What I appreciate the most in my job is the high level of responsibility and autonomy. I am responsible for one of our fund’s portfolio assets – the ability to influence the business based on my decisions is very rewarding. I’ve also had opportunities to do things that are out of the ordinary – from sitting next to a State Premier at a small, private dinner; to walking down a runway at a capital city airport as a part of a site inspection – those are experiences that I will always remember.

How I got here

I completed a summer vacation within Macquarie Capital when I was a penultimate year student. Following the summer, I was deciding whether to continue with Macquarie in a full-time role, go to another investment bank, or work in a strategy consulting firm. Macquarie enticed me by offering me an opportunity to complete a Masters degree at INSEAD, one of the world’s top business schools. It was always in my plan to complete a Masters so it was a “no-brainer” from then on.

Hours per week

A typical working week would be around 55 hours. However if there are new acquisitions on the table or significant events at the portfolio assets, then the hours could be much more.

Salary range

Macquarie has a performance-based pay structure. Total remuneration is broadly divided into two components: fixed remuneration, which is determined by the individual’s skills and seniority; and performance-based remuneration, which is discretionary in nature and variable dependent on the performance of both the individual and the firm.

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