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Graduate Profile

Santiago Acevedo Ferrer, In-House Legal Counsel CMPC Celulosa S.A

Master of Laws (Environmental Law)
I enjoyed meeting classmates from all over the world.
Year commenced: 

1. What and where are you working on at the moment?
I am currently working as In-House Counsel at CMPC Celulosa S.A., a well-known pulp company, based in Chile and Brasil.
2. Why did you choose to do the LLM (Environmental Law) at UNSW Law?
I chose UNSW Law because it seemed to me that it would be a great combination between an enjoyable city and a high-quality university program. Looking backward, I am sure I was right.
3. What did you enjoy most about studying at UNSW Law?
Firstly, the opportunity I had to interact with my lecturers not only during the class but also afterwards. I emailed my questions and I always received a prompt and valuable response. I was also welcomed to visit them or had a coffee to discuss topics. Secondly, I enjoyed having had the chance to meet classmates from all over the world. And I have kept some of those contacts until now.
4. How has the Masters benefited your career?
It is undeniable that those eight courses marked me profoundly. I feel I am able to deal with difficult cases or problems in a more rigorous way, pondering the pros and cons of each situation. During my Masters I was trained to research thoroughly in order to ground all my opinions in tangible evidence. And this is what practising as a lawyer is all about: providing evidence for every advice you give.
5. Achievements
I believe I am in my current position because I was familiar with and had studied many of the environmental challenges the pulp industry faces. My masters taught me how to develop my ideas in a consistent way. This has allowed me to write an academic article on Nuclear Law and some other columns on Environmental Law in general and Water Law in particular. Additionally, next semester I will teach Water Law in the University of Saint Tomas in Chile.
6. Would you recommend the program to others who want to work in your field? Why?
I strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to work in the Environmental Law field. UNSW Law has cohesive team of devoted environmental law specialists who are ready to explore and provide sustainable solutions for current environmental challenges. Additionally, I experienced that by writing long essays in specific environmental topics, one feels empowered and encouraged to think about the solutions your country needs.

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